Big Pimpin’

Let’s let HOVA get us in the mood: Ugh why can’t it be summer alreadyOver the last couple of weeks on Instagram and Facebook I’ve been working with Maggi to create some pimped out noodle dishes with your nostalgic favourite Two Minute variety, which now come in wholegrain – didn’t want all y’all to miss out on the…

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A peek behind the curtain

Well hi there. What’s up? What’s been happening? Things have been pleasantly busy at VMHQ, much domesticity and a little working and such making and many happy vibes all round. I have missed this space though, which has fallen by the wayside a bit. On the upside, my house is super tidy. School holidays were…

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Degrassi Junior High

The 42 Best Bits of Degrassi Junior High

Everybody’s favourite Canadians were an after-school institution for me. Who didn’t marvel at Spike’s hair, giggle at Joey Jeremiah’s class clown antics, and wonder about French kissing boys a la Heather and Erica? I sure did. I also learned about mono and adoption and epilepsy and how to sneak cooler clothes out of the house when…

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Greek-Style Spinach and Cheese Rolls

Congrats Reannon!Hot damn do I love pastry. Funnily enough, not necessarily sweet pastries, but anything hot wrapped in flaky pastry that I can cover in sauce and I’m a happy lass. Spinach and feta pastries are a veg staple the world over, and yes – can get boring pretty quick. I find a boost of…

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My favourite Snapchatters

For some reason, Snapchat is EVERYWHERE at the moment. I did a post about it on ProBlogger recently for people with blogs who want to follow other bloggers, because among the blog world it’s the new darling of social media and everyone’s getting on it. Folk who previously dismissed it as not useful are now…

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Ugh, the dreaded ex. Tai, this is Josh

The Dreaded Ex

Ok so I don’t have an ex-stepbrother like Cher from Clueless (although I do have a dreaded ex in there somewhere) and also while we’re on the subject, how can Alicia Silverstone still look so amazing even though her eyes are looking at her brain? I roll my eyes on the daily and it is…

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Which Lunch Box is the Best?

This post contains affiliate links. The question of lunchboxes is one I see a lot (byproduct of being in various Facebook lunch box groups I suppose!) and since I share my kid’s plant-based lunch boxes on Instagram every day, I’m often asked what I use, how I like it, and which lunch box is the…

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