Au Revoir


Today I’m going on a little sojourn for the next few weeks: first up – Bali with my love to celebrate 10 years together. The girls will be with their grandma, who is BY FAR the most excited person about this arrangement. And I’m absolutely beside myself, so that’s saying something.

The week after that, I’ve got a conference in Portland that has come up unexpectedly. Well the trip has come up unexpectedly, the conference has been around for ages. It will just be me solo, so that means quite a bit more time away from the girls than I am used to. Eagle-eyed watchers could have found me at any given moment these last few days watching my children like a lovestruck fool, getting emotional over their tiny socks, and squeezing them until they beg to get away. I really, really love being with my kids. They’re awesome company and incredibly cute. They also let me eat the bulk of the chips.

I also love travelling so it’s quite the conundrum.

I have no idea how I’ll handle it, so I’ll head into it like I do most things: assume it will all be ok until proven otherwise. Plan on crying less than a handful of times. Try to stick to that.

So you don’t cry while I’m gone I’ve got some little things planned here, but on the whole I’m going to go be.

Au revoir!

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Got the Sniffles? Bingewatch these shows on Netflix…


As I mentioned in my gingerbread pancake post yesterday, I DO have the sniffles (code for I’m totally wiped out), and I would totally be watching these shows  if I didn’t have to work my caboose off so I can go on holiday for two weeks. Ok, one week – the following week is a work trip so it won’t be total vacation time, but it’s in Portland so everything’s a holiday if it’s in another country, right?

Ok so picture yourself on the couch/in bed/somewhere comfortable, warm, and with arm’s reach treats.

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Gingerbread Buckwheat Pancakes

Gingerbread buckwheat pancakes - so yum!As I sniffle into yet another tissue this morning,  I am both nostalgic for the weekend we made these beautiful, warming little winter breakfast pikelets and yearning for next week when I step out of the plane into the welcoming warmth of the Bali sun.

Winter gives me all the feels.

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Welcome to Vegan Paradise, Otherwise Known as Smith & Deli


My love for Mo and Shannon knows no bounds, so it won’t come as a surprise to you guys to hear that their new venture, a little inner-city deli full of all your good food needs, was going to shoot to the top of my favourites list.

All bias aside, though, let me tell you why you’re going to love Smith & Deli, too:

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Easy Mac and Cheese

A very simple way to get the most flavoursome mac and cheese ever!

I always want to call this thing a one-pot dinner, totally forgetting that it’s definitely not. It just really seems so easy? Boil pasta, make a simple bechamel, chuck in the oven.

I’m also one of those people who overdo the cheese sauce situation because it’s a pretty devastating affair to have a dry macaroni cheese. I mean, I’ve had it, and I didn’t die – but I’m all about cheese sauce. The saucier, the better.

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The Queen’s Teatime Favourite: Dundee Cake

dundee-cakeOk so in the week that was everything I ever baked ever, I made Dundee cake, as well as the Queen mother’s favourite cake that just happened to be a gingerbread sort of business. I have no idea where this came from (I think I was googling royal recipes?) but all of a sudden I was going to make Dundee cake although I’d never heard of it before – if the Queen never leaves home without a slice, it must be GOOD.

And so it’s a fruit cake. I don’t normally get excited about fruit cake, but here we are. There’s meant to be mixed fruit and currants and peel and whisky and orange marmalade and dark muscovado sugar and that combination is nowhere near as frightening as I’ve been led to believe.


This made SUCH  a hefty cake. I ate a ton, and then I took it to a work meeting and we merrily hacked away at it there, and then I ate more, then I took what was left to Rushworth recently to see my fam and it was STILL GOING WHEN I LEFT. This cake is apparently the magic pudding of cakes.

So, put the kettle on. No wait – you’re meant to bake this cake and then wrap it in foil for three days (it gets better with time, I’m told) so make it before you need it. It will smell so good you will cry and have to make the Queen Mum’s gingerbread concoction to get through the agony of waiting. But yeah, go here, make the cake, and then put the kettle on.



Have you ever had it before? Got a legit nana recipe I can borrow?!


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Staying Healthy this Winter: the Kitchen

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How we fight off colds and flu at our house - starting with the kitchen /

Nobody wants to get sick, but it’s usually pretty inevitable – especially for me, who has an immune system like a doily. But rather than just assume that at some point I’ll be buried under a mountain of tissues and crying into my soup three days in a row, I like to get a bit of a head start when it comes to keeping germs on the outside, where they belong.

I thought I would share some of the things we do to keep on top of it, starting with my favourite room in the house!

This is how we party in the kitchen:


I like to keep the kitchen in reasonable shape and I do that with the help of this dish brush situation. I like that the head is replaceable, and that it’s made with all-natural recycled bristles, and a biodegradable bamboo handle. It also apparently can keep up pretty well with my daily kitchen assaults (unlike some other sorts of dish brushes I’ve tried that are beautiful but crumple like paper when faced with a cast iron frying pan).

I have a motley collection of tea towels that appear to do the job (and have just been given some proper grandma Irish linen from a lovely friend), and I bought a bunch of these dishcloths after seeing them on Jodi’s blog. They work like a charm, are affordable, and are 100% organic cotton. SCORE!

I usually just spray the benches with a concoction I make of vinegar, water, a squidge of dish soap and eucalyptus oil, but if I’m feeling fancy, I buy something that smells pretty. This multi-purpose spray and wipe is really good, and has the added bonus of being excellent on CRAYON-COVERED WALLS. Thank goodness. The method ones are also pleasantly scented.

Floors are taken care of with super-hot water, bulk Costco vinegar (bless you, Costco!), and a dash of eucalyptus oil (I get this organic one).

These biodegradable bin bags for takin’ out the trash are also pretty rad, and good for the environment too. Win/win.

And for food storage/leftovers, I use Ball Mason jars (seriously, my collection is epic): these The 440ml (pint size) ones for juices, smoothies, small leftovers and all my preserving stuff, the larger 950ml (quart size) for larger leftovers, soups, storage (popcorn, nuts, lentils, that sort of thing, and the half-gallon/2L situation for flours, sugar, breadcrumbs, etc. I also have the little jam jars for bits of leftover sauce, fruit, and to feed the kids custard and yogurt in – they think it’s a party. Oh, and there was that time I couldn’t get any of my regular ones and instead bought a box of the 340ml quilted ones and ran out of them within a day. Cannot speak highly enough about them! I love the seals, they keep everything fresh, and I’m not using plastic containers or cling wrap.

Do you have a cleaning thingo you just love? 

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