Veggie Mama

Crying at the Kinder Disco

It was as I was standing among 20 three-and-four year olds going nuts on the dance floor under handcrafted toddler decorations when it happened – I got a lump in my throat. “I’m not going to cry, am I?” I thought incredulously. “Ok, apparently I am“. Fortunately it was a bit of an anti-climax and…

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Gratuitious Jon Snow pic because Jon Snow. Image from here.

Veggie Mama Loves

Lunchbox was showing me last night pictures he found on his phone of the girls when they were tiny – some I’d never seen before because #twoundertwo haze and also that he’d just snapped them and moved on. Ohhhhh my heart they were so cute. Little videos of Biggie mumbling her way through the ABC…

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Such a hooker

I have a terrible habit of never sticking to crochet projects until they’re done, unless there is a deadline. I just can’t resist the urge to make something new (especially if it will work up quickly) and so here I find myself in the last few weeks trying to remember which thing is what and…

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PicMonkey Collage

Taking Stock

Joining in with Meet Me at Mikes, not stealing brothqqqqqqqq1qqa. Extra letters courtesy of the 3yo banging a Little Live Pet on the keyboard, which I only noticed once I pressed “publish”. Making : An absolute mess – I tried sewing with fake fur yesterday. I’m still picking it out of my eyelashes. I’m also slogging away…

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The most mum day ever

Today I took the vacuum cleaner in to be fixed, which seems about the most responsible adult thing I’ve ever done. Young’uns buy or borrow vacuum cleaners, but it seems like only grown ups who make a (considerable) investment in household appliances and then spend money on the service and maintenance of said items. Truth…

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The Secret to the Best Homemade Playdough Ever

When Smalls first started at kindergarten, she was still in full playdough phase. Truth be told she still is, but it was at peak excitement at the start of the year. I’d often walk her over to the playdough area on dropoff and she would happily sit and squish, waving me off with a distracted…

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