So I've been getting more sleep lately, which is awesome because I'm now almost a functioning member of society, but is also really weird because my dreams are apparently those of someone on the wrong … [Read More...]

Ginger Pear Cake - very simple and delicious way of using up pears that are about to turn // www.theveggiemama.com

Recipe: Ginger Pear Cake

Another weekday lunchbox/afternoon tea offering. Simple, delicious, cup of tea mandatory. Unless you're my kids, in which case you'll want milk in a Peter Rabbit cup and then fight over which Peter Rabbit cup you get. You can ice, but I don't bother. I don't even dust gently with icing … [Read More...]

Coal Valley View

Taking Stock

Joining in with Meet Me at Mike’s, not stealing broth. Making : Waves Cooking : Bliss balls (also known as "bribe balls" owing to making them for our Tasmania trip in case of child behaviour emergency) which were actually pretty awesome, Laura Bush's choc-chip cookies (again for travel … [Read More...]


Kid Food: Snacks

Snack time, y'all! Where I eat everything + cheese, and the kids lick a banana and run off to play. Sigh. Fruit kebabs. They wanted me to take the fruit straight off. Then one asked for just a banana on a stick. Homemade apple pie with a Miffy cheese. Nope and nope. We had a bit of apple … [Read More...]


Blueberry Banana Breakfast Smoothie

This is a sponsored post for V8 Fusion Just like every other mother in the Western world in 2014, we do a lot of smoothies around here. Sometimes it’s because there’s a lot of fruit to use up, sometimes it’s just because it’s easy, sometimes it’s because I can bump up the fussy butts’ … [Read More...]


Win a Copy of Green Kitchen Travels Cookbook {x2!}

Ohhhh if I was ever to write a cookbook, I think one like Green Kitchen Travels would be my absolute dream. Travel, eat amazing vegetarian food, come home, and translate those experiences into recipes for you. Luise + David from Green Kitchen Stories has made the most utterly gorgeous … [Read More...]