A Very Vegetarian Valentine’s Day

We totally do Valentine’s Day here at VMHQ. Any excuse for a food theme! But really, although we give gifts and show our love and appreciation the rest of the year when it isn’t expected, it doesn’t hurt to have one extra day to make an effort. My husband is a good dude, and I’ll spoil him if I damn well want to!

Anyway, if you do Valentine’s Day, or want to start, I’ve got a couple of menu ideas up my sleeve for a nice home-cooked (and hopefully candle-lit) dinner. Whether you make it for your loved one, or you print it off and pin it somewhere in the hopes they’ll make it for you, it doesn’t matter. One of the nicest Valentine’s Day dinners we’ve ever had was when we made a full three-course meal at home and felt very fancy. Go buy the ingredients, some candles, some nice wine if you’re into that sort of thing and take all the crap off your dining table. You can cheat and share a box of chocolates for one of the desserts, as long as the intention is there!

Feel free to mix and match, or substitute any of my other recipes, but here is a general guide to two types of romantic meat-free dinners. Served with a kiss or it doesn’t count!

goat cheese risotto

Very Veggie Valentine #1

Baked Ravioli Bites {here}

Roasted Heirloom Tomato and Goat Cheese Risotto {here}

Eton Mess {here}

quick sundried tomato ravioli copy

Very Veggie Valentine #2

Spinach and Mint Dip {here} with grilled ciabatta

Sundried Tomato Ravioli with Cream Sauce {here}

Decadent Chocolate Mud Cake {here}

So there you have it. My three-step guide to Veggie Valentine romance. The rest is up to you!

(Do you Valentine? Say you do!)

Made a Veggie Mama recipe for yourself? I'd love to see it! tag #veggiemamafood on social media and let me know!

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  • Mother Down Under

    I tried to convince Daddy R that it was Valentines last night so he would go out and get me some chocolate.
    It didn’t work.

    Maybe I will get chocolates tonight!

    Happy Valentines Day!

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama


  • Cybele @ BlahBlah

    So up for V Day. I’m going to see if I can swindle me a shoulder massage.

    The risotto and tomato looks to die for x

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      Did you get one?! I bloody hope so.

      The risotto is ridiculously good. So simple, but so good.

  • thelifeofclare

    We had a lovely fresh homemade dinner for valentines day and went out for lunch, it was lovely! I’m all for celebrating our love!

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      Ah now see, that’s the best of both worlds! I love going out for dinner, but lunch can be fun too!