Summer weekending

I’m intrigued by the word “weekending”. Like it’s a verb. Like it’s a rich person’s verb.

“What are you up to this weekend, Genine?”

“Oh, we’re weekending at that little place in the Hamptons. You know, the usual.”


Sure Genine, we get the picture. But our weekending usually involves less waitstaff and more finding sand in our hair. We like to play outside where we can, and while Pepper is still too little to even know she’s out of the house, let alone frolic in the sandpit, Veggie Dad has taken over the role of chief playmate (hell, chief everything at the moment, he’s been forty different kinds of helpful wrangling these girls) while I sit back and get my fill of chubby baby. And chubby baby drool.

abby-picnic little-lip little-lip-gone

That lip. That lip strikes me to my blackened core and I want to scoop her up and kiss her face off and protect her from every bad thing in the whole world ever and oh my god, that lip. I’m upset mama, help me!

joel-and-bel-parents-2 joel-and-bel-parents-3 joel-and-bel-parents

What also is hilarious and terribly adorable is watching these two sneak moments where they pretend Pepper is theirs. I can’t wait for them to hurry up and have a baby. Once he stops touring the world, that is. I’m going to be the best damn aunty there ever was!

baby-feets abby-skateboard abby-skateboard-big-kid

And this one… so desperate to be grown up and want to do what the big kids are doing. Always looking for the action, if someone’s running, she’ll run too. If it’s dance time, she’s leading the pack. She shouts and giggles and throws herself totally into the moment. Wanting so badly to be older.


But she’s still so little. She’s not even two. Is it wrong to want her to stay like this?

I bet Genine’s husband isn’t as hot as mine.




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  • Emma Elliott

    Lovely pic they seem to grow so quickly right in front of your eyes. :)

    • Veggie Mama

      Yes I do wish they’d slow down a tad!

  • Katie Rainbird

    Dear Blackened Heart Weekender,

    Thanks for letting us in on snippets of your happy life. Your girls are lush, how’s that sad face? OMG, get it on a Tee shirt!
    Yesterday my 3YO said to me “I want to be grown up!” Boo, sob. I said to her “You are grown up, 3 is so much bigger than 1.”

    May your husband be hot for always and may Genine have saggy boobs. x

    • Veggie Mama

      Only if she doesn’t let me weekend in her weekend hideaway x

  • Eva Iezzi

    My favourite non-verb-as-verb is very similar, “summering”. As in, where do you summer? I feel like it reaches its full potential when said by someone named Bitsy or Mitsy or Bunny or Muffy. (Maybe not Muffy. That might be something else.) And the Bitsys of Australia probably “summer” right where you live all year long.

    I love your babies. Bye

    • Veggie Mama

      Buffy Summers!

  • Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo

    That lip… I didn’t just ovulate, I went into full term labour.

    Make me one?

    • Veggie Mama

      Sorry man, oven’s off. way off!

  • Nikki | Styling You

    But my friend Genine is so not like that :)

    • Nikki | Styling You

      And her husband is hot. And they just had a baby.

    • Veggie Mama

      I bet she isn’t. I bet she also doesn’t live in New York like my imaginary Genine does, and I bet she doesn’t work in finance. That’s nice the real Genine has a hot husband though!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I bet Genine’s husband is not as hot as yours,and your girls are adorable,and so is your little family,keep the girls babies as long as you possibly can cause bfore you know it they will be getting tatoos and driving your car.
    Yes you do want to protect them from every little thng,that is what a Mum’s job is and looks like your doing a damn fine job x

    • Veggie Mama

      Aw thank you. I try so hard! I want them to be tough and independent and take no shit, but I also want to walk ahead of them in life and punch all the nastiness away before it gets to them!

  • Christie Connelly

    You’re so, like, American ;)

    BTW, read this on my phone earlier and had to do the double take on the picture with the couple with Pepper – I thought ‘hang on, that’s not her hubby, hang on that’s not her… or is it?’… *squinty face* Then I read the copy. Lesson: read the copy before straining your eyes Christie.

  • Reannon Hope

    cute,cute & more cute!

  • Mother Down Under

    I love weekending! I also love lunching!
    Let me know next time you want to lunch!

    And my favourite Downton Abbey quote has to be Maggie Smith asking what a weekend is…wouldn’t that be the life!