Our Growing Edge – a month of culinary fun!


Do you have a food-related something you’ve always wanted to try? Wanted to have a go at making your own butter, or perhaps eating a scorpion?

Well, Our Growing Edge was created to boost us out of our culinary comfort zones and actually tackle that which has been kept at the bottom of our to-do lists for far too long.

I am terrified of the work that goes into making croissants from scratch, and therefore have never done it. Maybe I will now. Maybe I will make my own tofu, drink grass jelly tea or finally eat a chia pudding. Who knows?!

This monthly event aims to connect and inspire us to try new things and to compile a monthly snapshot of what food bloggers are getting up to.

To enter, you must blog about achieving a food related challenge that you have meaning to do (or redo). It could be easy, like tasting a new food or difficult, like cooking a life long nemesis recipe. It could be building or growing something an edible garden, or successfully preserving food.

As long as it is food related and new to you, you can share your newly learned knowledge with the group.

I’m pretty keen to see what you all get up to, and to be inspired by all the cool things you’ve challenged yourselves to do.

You can find out more here, including the rules, previous challenge round-ups, and to put your hand up to host a month.

And to take part, just enter the link to your blog post below sometime this month. Have fun and I’ll see you for the round-up post at the start of August.

It’s taco time, bitches!


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    Sourdough starter, fermenting cabbage etc & making my own mustard pickles. And a gazillion other things! Feed me Seymour!

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    Thank you for hosting Stacey! I’m looking forward to some new faces this month. I’ve managed to tick off something on my culinary bucket list already this month so will be linking up soon.

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