Who even am I?


Recently I have seen a couple of conversations among bloggers about our “niches”. In what kind of category do we fit? Parenting? Food? Design? Interiors? And if we had to sum up our blog in one sentence, what would you say?

I can never answer these questions. I literally have no idea what this blog has evolved into, or where it might go from here. From the early days four years ago when it was nothing but recipes and the wack-job stories that accompanied them, to now, it’s grown into quite a different beast. I tentatively blogged about being a mama when I finally became one, and then people would ask what I fed my children, what resources I liked, where I bought things, and came to connect in sleep-deprived solidarity. So I blogged about those things.

I was filling out an online bio for Veggie Mama recently when I realised it mentioned laundry and peanut butter sandwiches. And then it hit me – am I a mummy blog?

If I’m not a food blogger any more, but still write about recipes alongside the posts about travel, kid food, toddler activities, mum stories, and crochet patterns, THEN WHAT THE HELL AM I? Pretty much all of those things revolve around the kids – travelling with them, feeding them, keeping them entertained, learning from them, and making them hats.

I am usually of the opinion it doesn’t really matter. If I don’t fit into a niche (although the vegetarian angle is pretty nichey, I guess), it hasn’t seemed to be an issue.

The other day blogger friend said “our readers are mums, so that probably makes us mummybloggers”, but not all of my readers are mums. But I also don’t know WHO a lot of my readers are, so I can’t accurately gauge the accuracy of that statement! All I know is that I blog what I like and what people request, and it’s like a party every single day. I break the rules and enjoy this space we’ve created.

What I’d like to know though, is this: Who are you? Would you describe Veggie Mama as a mummyblog? What do you like on this site? What would you like to see more of? Can you make me a cup of coffee?

Yours in deep confusion and existensial crisis,

Veggie Mummy Blogger x

  • http://www.missandmisters.me/ Bridie @ Miss And Misters

    Hmmm. I think there is a bit of a stigma attached to the term ‘mummyblogger’ (which FYI gets autocorrected to ‘mummy logger’ – geesh autocorrect, you too??). It’s like once there’s that label, there’s the assumption that all that matters to you is kids and you have nothing else to contribute (and that even if that was the case, that that’s a bad thing). But here’s the thing: we don’t have to take on that stigma. It can mean whatever we want it to (to us). Most of the ‘mummy blogs’ I follow offer a range of things, from recipes, to crafty crochet stuff, to gardening, to thoughts on ethics, on faith, etc an so on – but the mummy stuff is our common thread. Our connection. So mummy blogger it is. I don’t mind the label, question is how do you feel about it?

    And now to make coffee. If you wanna hop a plane to Sydney I can make you some, but I suspect it’s more trouble than it’s worth ;)

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      I couldn’t care less! I know the reality of mum blogs are far more diverse, interesting, creative, inspirational, and thoughtful than the clueless detractors make out. If I am a mummyblog, I’m gonna rock that shit!
      As for the coffee, let’s make a date one day x

  • http://lilybettandboy.blogspot.com/ Lilybett and Boy

    I don’t care what you call it as long as you keep doing it. Personally, I like watching blogs change as people do. I’m a mum, though, and like reading blogs by other mothers (or dads) because they tend to have a wide range of interests and concerns. I also read food blogs and craft blogs and play blogs, writer blogs, blog blogs and organisational blogs, etc – but I don’t get persnickety when they break from regular scheduled programming. So I don’t need to see more of anything in particular… although… I’d like someone somewhere to do a post on decaf coffee and how to make a nice one at home given the limited selection and general deriding of decaf products. All that’s to say, I make a pretty crap cup of regular coffee, sorry.

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      You sound like you read the same kinds of blogs I do! And thank you, your lovely support means the world. As for decaf, I could probably do that! I started drinking it when breastfeeding, because damned if I was gonna have wired babies up all night long! Xx

  • http://www.scarlettesthread.com.au Bec Lines

    I’m new here just checking things out around the blogging world as I am a beginning blogger (blogging for 12 months or so). I find it frustrating when sites tell you that in order to be successful at blogging you have to narrow it down to a specific niche market! I write about all sorts of things including my life, my kids, my faith, funny stuff, serious stuff. I love the look of your site and I enjoy different perspectives on life. I am not a vegetarian but I appreciate different ways of looking at the world and trying new things!

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      I know what you mean! And I know what they mean too, it IS very useful to have a specific niche. But lots of personal blogs write about all sorts of topics without sticking to something in particular. But its true, only a handful of them will be super-successful. Gotta have something you’re known for, I guess. Hope you’ve been enjoying blogging so far :)

  • http://www.littlewolff.com/ Lila Wolff

    I’ve popped the kettle on when will you be around?
    I call blogs like mine and yours that have a bit of everything Family Lifestyle, because you’re not just talking about having a family but obviously having one influences what and how you write, lifestyle is tacked on the end because it’s nice and broad!

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      haha i’ll start walking now! Family lifestyle is a good one, I’ve not heard of that before. I sort of say personal or lifestyle, but I can’t really say lifestyle as I’m not really aspirational. I have some pretty shitty floors, to tell you the truth! Let’s toast to utter confusion and blog anyway x

      • http://www.littlewolff.com/ Lila Wolff

        Oh god,lifestyle is supposed to be aspirational? I’ve been using that label wrong then! Oh well.
        Maybe I’ll change my answer to “I’m me and these are the things I like blogger” that’s a niche right?

        • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

          I know, I’m confused too. I thought lifestyle was people doing vignettes and styling stuff. And eating at cafes and being gorgeous. No eating cheerios from under the kid table, like me ;-)

  • Josephine

    Hi Stacey! I’m a mother, I’m a wife, I’m a book designer. I’m a reader, not a writer, of blogs – food, parenting, sewing, interiors, general-musing-on-life blogs. I love your blog ‘coz I’m in the same life ‘season’ as you, and your thoughts and experiences expressed though your writing are reassuring/relevant/intelligent. Are you worried about being described as a mummy blog? The label does get thrown around with a bit of scorn, but I wouldn’t be afraid to wear it – mothering encompasses so many aspects of life and makes for fascinating reading.
    I would always offer you a coffee, how do you have it? Although, if you called on me after 4pm I’d be more likely to offer you something stronger ;-)

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      Oh I’ll take that! And my favourite coffee is (horror of horrors) a percolated coffee with one sugar and half-and-half. So American. I seem to read the same sort of blogs as you (minus the sewing ones because I’m not quite there yet!). You must have excellent taste, haha. Definitely not worried about being labelled a mummyblogger, I just never considered myself one before. But it would seem that’s exactly what I’ve evolved into without me realising!

  • http://craftyrie.blogspot.com/ Marie Biswell

    Who am I? I’m me.
    Who are you? You are you.
    Why do I read your blog? It’s about you, your life, your ups, your downs – all you.
    I don’t see why we have to keep falling into the ‘blog categories’. Yes, I’m a mum, yes you’re a mum. Yes, I eat, yes you eat. Yes, I cook, yes you cook. Yes, I crochet, yes you crochet. You are you. I am me. You have a blog & that blog is good (which is why I read it).
    Simple pimple. Easy peasy. :)

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      Ha I pretty much feel like that too. It’s honestly never been a problem. But I do find I stumble around like an idiot trying to explain it to people! I thought narrowing it down might make it a bit simpler ;-)

  • Jane @ Hesitant Housewife

    I’m a vegetarian Mummy with a vegetarian kid. So I like the ‘mummy’ stuff, and the ‘vegetarian/recipe’ stuff. You could literally BE a new niche, “veggie mama bloggers’. I like it ;)

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama


  • https://148percent.wordpress.com/ Chelsea Sutherland

    32, live in Qld. Definitely not a vegetarian, not a parent, don’t drink tea and definitely don’t crochet! Marketing & PR consultant, clean(ish) eater, fitness fanatic. But still kind of want to be you. I read your blog because I like you, your writing style and your 90′s references.

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      That is so funny! I knew there were people out there total opposites to me hanging around, but I wasn’t sure who. I’ll teach you to crochet if you can make me care about fitness. Or we can just watch Reality Bites and eat some pizza (you can have the shit ones with the cauliflower crust) x

  • Ayla

    I’m not a Mummy, a coffee drinker, a home owner, a blogger, a gardener, a vegetarian, in my ‘above twenties’ or married – but I LOVE your blog. Because of you. You’re honest, and real, and hilerious! You keep shit real & don’t fluff around with pushing products, and making your life sound so perfect that I feel inadequate. And you use swear words (because sometimes it’s just fucking necessary) which is cool with me. Keep it up, whatever it is. *fist bump*

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      haha you’re fucking awesome. I do have a pretty rad life, because I made some good choices after I made some REALLY BAD ones. At your age I think I was being a legitimate twat, so I wouldn’t feel inadequate – there’s still time! Besides, you’re miles ahead of where I was at that age. Thanks for being on this crazy ride with me though. While I don’t know how to describe it, I love it to bits.

  • Reannon Hope

    I think I’ve commented enough times that you know who I am. As for what type of blog you are can you not just be a life blog? I love that you cover so many topics! Even stuff that I think isn’t my bag I find interesting because I like the way you write, I like that you personally interact with your readers & that you actually seem to give a shit! Just keep on doing what you’re doing Stacey, it’s awesome & I love it xx

    P.S I told my kid ” yeah that lady I know from the internet totally knows the Amity Affliction- that’s pretty cool hey?!” & he was all ” whatever, you’re not cool” man!!! I can’t bloody win with him :p

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      I totally do, and getting to know you and other readers has been the absolute highlight of these whole shenanigans. It unites us, you know? Makes our friend circle bigger and entertains us at the same time. Best ever. I’m the same with other bloggers, even topics that are a bit of a change are still interesting, because I’m interested in the PERSON, not just the topics. Does that make sense?
      meanwhile, TEENAGERS. you’re so brave.

      • Reannon Hope

        Ha! Totally not brave I have no choice but to stay & try & raise this teenager into a decent adult!! Most days I’d rather run away from it because it SUCKS BALLS!!

        • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

          Yep, Isn’t it crazy how much it can put you through the wringer but there’s no-one else to do it. No-one can love those kids like you do, so you’re the best person for it. But a FIFO wife? HATS OFF TO YOU, MA’AM. I can’t even.

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    You are a lifestyle blogger I think that is a big enough umbrella it covers food,craft,travel and children and what ever else you want to blog about ,love your blog Stacey xx

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      I think you’re right! I’m just not entirely sure what a lifestyle blogger is, so didn’t know if I could call myself one. But I do anyway!

  • http://danniellecresp.com/ Dannielle

    I’ll admit, I did initially see your blog as a mummyblog, but I don’t mean it as a bad thing. I love that your writing is accessible and friendly to everyone. I don’t have any kids yet, but I’d like to one day. I enjoy reading your blog because you almost always make me laugh and you just don’t take things so seriously and that’s really refreshing. Just keep being you. x

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      haha I am not offended in the slightest. It came as a shock to me that people would view it as such not because I didn’t want to be one, but because it had kind of snuck up on me! But I still don’t know what to call it. Maybe I should just tell people I write good food and sarcastic stories on the internet ;-)

  • The Plumbette

    You’re a life blog inspiring others (especially mums) to eat healthy (or vegetarian) and feed healthy meals to their kids. And the recipes you share aren’t bland. I have noticed not as much food blogging of late but I love everything you share on your blog. I found with my own blog I diversified from just talking about plumbing stuff to include bits and pieces of my personal life. Readers want to connect with the blogger and sharing personal stuff does this. You’re relatable too. So many mums can relate to the sleep deprivation. At the end of the day it’s your blog and if people have fallen in love with you and trust you, you can write about what’s important to you.

    • The Plumbette

      And I’m a non vegetarian but a mum to two girls with another bub on the way. I started reading your blog to motivate me to cook more non meat meals that were tasty. I don’t crochet but I enjoy a cup of tea and would love to share one with you one day.

      • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

        Oh I’d love that! Let’s do it next time we’re at the same place at the same time. I have cut back the food blogging to about once a week because I was so excited to talk about other things and needed to find time for it all. But then I wondered if it was annoying the people who were only coming for the food. But I’m also not sure how many people actually come and read every day versus the people who see a recipe they like pop up and come back to it later. I’m not fussed either way, but it’s an interesting thought. My kid food sure is healthy, but my regular recipes sure aren’t! Sorry about that, haha

        • The Plumbette

          Well I correlate healthy food with organic and veggie laden meals. I loved when you shared what you’d eat for lunch like the rice and veggies or noodles and think crap, I need to stop eating cheeseburgers. X

  • http://lifeloveandhiccups.blogspot.com Sonia@ LIfe Love and Hiccups

    I think Personal & Lifestyl blog kind of sums it up as you blog about your personal life and the lifetyle you live. I hate labels. I have no idea who I am either :)

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      haha screw labels. let’s just be rad x

      • http://thewindmillpaddock.blogspot.com.au/ elisha hayes

        You are both certainly RAD!!!

  • MotherDownUnder

    You are Veggie Mama. Plain and simple. No labels necessary!
    I like everything on your site.
    Viva the Veggie Mama party!

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      I like YOU on my site x

  • Lauren

    I’m not a mum either but plan to be in the near future. I’m a similar age full time worker living in the inner north of Melbourne. I am interested in your recipes and I was also interested in seeing how you tackle feeding your children as a ‘Veggie Mama’. My husband is not vegetarian so i don’t know how we will handle this when the time comes. I like the way you write and how you put a positve spin on things. I think most of my ‘mummy friends’ always talk about how hard it is blah blah it almost scares me off, but I think you’re approach seems refreshing, realistic and creative. Plus I’m glad you moved to Melbs and decided to live Northside!

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      Oh northside is the best! I probably wouldn’t survive anywhere else. I used to read mum blogs before I became a mum, I found it fascinating. I also found it really relieving, as they did say it was hard and I thought how great it was to be able to admit that with no shame and to help someone else finding it rough. I DO find parts of parenting hard, but I overwhelmingly find it wonderful and amazing and hilarious and special. I hope you find your way with that whole what do we feed the kids thing. That will be quite the conversation!

  • Jacqui

    I am 28, married, kidless for now and a nurse. I see your blog as a bit of everything- mum stuff, food, lifestyle, and other random stuff. You make me laugh, and seem honest and don’t take yourself too seriously. You are normal (as far as I can tell), and tell it how it is. I like that, and will continue to read because of it. Thanks.

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      You are so rad, Jacqui! Thank you. I like to think I’m normal, but I eat jam and cheese together. That can’t be right ;-)

  • Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo

    you are a dirty stinking mummy blogger.

    And I love you.

    (me I am my own niche – broken sweary awesome princess blogger. Duh)

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      I said on facebook I wanted to be in the “taking the piss out of yourself” category. I’d own that shit.

  • Laney | Crash Test Mummy

    If you’re looking for a label, try ‘awesome’. But we don’t really need labels, even though they can be handy in marketing land. We are what we are to the people who read. I think their needs are what defines us.

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      “What’s your blog about?”
      “It’s about awesome”.
      Will be my new standard answer ;-)

  • LastBornNormal

    Who wrote this? A second grader? My god the grammar is atrocious (I’m being kind). Let’s start with the headline alone. In the first paragraph I count nearly a dozen grammatical errors.

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      Oh gosh I hope you’re spam. If you aren’t and this is an actual person with a life… I just rolled my eyes REALLY hard.

      • Sue

        Shouldn’t God have a capital?

  • http://www.applebeelane.com.au Mrs Organised @ AppleBee Lane

    Quite simply … you are you! Having only just started my own blog, I’ve really grappled with this statement I keep hearing … find your “niche”. While I know people can be very passionate about one thing in particular, I’m passionate about a lot of things. So, for the moment, I’m a bit like you … I write about everything … a bit of this and a bit of that because there are so many facets to me. I’m not one colour but more like a rainbow with many colours and many shades. Will that mean I have less potential to be successful or will I have more potential because of it? I have no idea … time will tell and I guess I’ll just have to let my readers be the judge of that!

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      The conversation around niches does come up fairly often. I think in your case if you’re writing about a bit of everything, it would be a personal blog. No rules in that niche! I do try to keep it to mostly food, travel + kid stuff so I was wondering if that then fit neatly into the mummyblogger category. I’ve given it four years and still couldn’t come up with the answer, so as you say, I’ve let the readers be the judge of it – and I don’t think we’ve nailed it yet!

  • Renee Hartwig

    Im a mummy. Mummys have to be a variety of things. It’s kinda hard to keep us in a niche when one day we are a nurse the next a taxi driver! But I think veggie mumma is a good name : ) My blog is mainly a beauty blog but im reworking it into a cruelty free beauty blog. Come and stop by. and yes ill make you a coffee while you sit and read. Hahaha!

    . http://reneehartsthis.blogspot.com.au/

    Renee x

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      Would love a coffee right now! thanks renee x

  • Renee at Mummy, Wife, Me

    You were one of the first blogs I followed because I’m a vegetarian and needed recipe ideas. Turns out I’m a crap cook, so I just ogled over your recipes and wished you’d come over one day to cook some of them for me. I quickly came to love the edginess of your blog and how you don’t play by the rules. I loved getting to know more about your background in that blog every day of the month thing. I was fascinated how you came from a tough background to be where you are today. As someone who also loves to learn and is obsessed with education, I loved hearing about everything you’ve studied. There’s no need to pigeon hole yourself into a particular category. We are just enjoying coming along for the ride on whatever path you take.

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      That’s so heartening, thank you Renee! I was wondering how those posts would go down. They really threw my regular topics for a loop! I REALLY had no clue how to describe this blog after that caper. But if you’re happy to come along for the ride, then I’m happy to ride in my own kooky style x

  • Tina Lacy

    I’m 28 hope to be a mother one day, love to cook (and eat) and make things with wool, I think i found you blog when looking for a crochet pattern then I saw all the food and was hooked. I’m not sure how to describe you other than the fact your my favorite blogger! so just keep doing what you are doing! as for the cup of coffee I would love to make you one however due to my geographical location if may be cold by the time you arrive :)

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      I’ll take a cold coffee, Tina! I’d love to sit and have a chat with you one day. Isn’t it cool that we can still be friends despite our geographical locations. blogs are a wonderful thing x

  • Maxabella

    LIfestyle. They’re all lifestyle blogs to me… x

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      I’m so confused I stopped caring ;-)
      (ps I like your new makeover x)

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  • Elle

    Maybe we need a new term like “Life Blogger” blogging about all things in our own lives, we might be mums or not, cooks or not, crafters or not but we are all blogging about whatever of those things play a part in our own lives.

  • http://www.tullyandmishka.com.au/ Tully & Mishka

    I’m stumped by the whole niche/label thing as well! In fact, when I read that I’m ‘supposed’ to identify one, and describe my blog in one sentence, it feels quite off putting. Like I’m not doing it right, ‘cos I got no idea how to. Then I figure I’ve just got to keep writing about things I want to, so it’s fun for me! Glad to read I’m not the only one who finds it hard. And anyway, a niche of RAD would totally suit your blog!

  • Michelle Lisle

    You are Stacey veggie mama and you write about whatever on your mind at the time and that’s why I love visiting your blog. I don’t know why we need a niche really….. I’ve been bogging for almost three years now and it’s so very slow going getting followers but I love it so I keep doing it……I have no idea what my niche would be I write about my life, revamping I do, recipes, kids and whatever else is on my mind but to me I’m simply Michelle who loves her blog and all those that I follow. You are you Stacey that’s what makes you unique xo

  • http://thewindmillpaddock.blogspot.com.au/ elisha hayes

    I wouldnt say you are a mummy blogger. Just a grouse mouse blogger. I love your wit and humour, that I can relate to heaps of what you write about on the mum front, just general life and the recipes you share. Especially the sweet stuff. Shit you are funny. Keep on doing what you are doing. Niche smeesh!!!

  • http://www.dancingthroughsunday.typepad.com rebecca

    I am NOT a mumma, (Can’t wait) but I’m 21 and a vegetarian. I come here for 2 reasons – veggie recipe’s and I love hearing about people being mums because I’m super excited for that time of my life.

  • Jo (down to earth mother)

    Lol… I’ve been having a similar existential crisis of late. What am I? Is it worth it? Where are my shoes?
    I started reading your blog because I met you in person and, to me, your blog is you, minus a dimension. I think that makes you a Staceyblogger.
    I like the recipes, I love the existential crises, I want to know what your kids eat so I can find out ways to expand our meat-free meals. And I wish I could crochet. Beginner’s guide? Please? xx

  • Jacinta M

    It’s a “OMGosh this is what goes on in my head too, but better, and expressed in a much more articulate way” blog! A “I must keep checking for new blogposts, even though she just posted 2 seconds ago” blog. You don’t need a niche just keep blogging what you blog! Love it!