An April Retrospective

I have a calendar on my wall that is made up of pictures of our travels to New Zealand last year. I have been looking at it lately, remembering it was Easter Sunday the day after we arrived and we barely registered it. I did eat a chocolate egg though, never fear.

I looked back over my posts from that week, and found the one I wrote on this day in 2013 – describing our two days in Queenstown and the surrounding area.

IMG_0824-blog-682x1024 IMG_0894-flickrI’d REALLY like to go back (and just saw Jetstar had a sale Melbourne – Christchurch for $139! wah) and teach the kids how to ski. Well, have them taught because I did it twice in Japan in 2008 so clearly I’m an expert and can totally show them how.

I wondered what else I’d been getting up to on this here blog on April 18s past, so had a look-see.

April 18, 2012? I was sharing five kid breakfast ideas, and guest posting on Just B about the things I wish I knew at 15.

April 18, 2011? I’d only posted twice that month. The first was to announce the long-awaited arrival of Veggie Baby, and the other was to make Prince William’s favourite dessert (banana flan) in honour of the Royal Wedding (and snuck in a pic of my own wedding for kicks).

April 18, 2010? I had been blogging a month, and I was sharing a recipe for Space Curry. Which is exactly what it sounds like – curry that some Astronauts took into space in 2006. Not a Space Stick to be seen, unfortunately.

So what were you doing in April long ago? Care to share?


  • Rah!

    No space sticks?! That’s an outrage, they would be awesome in a curry

    I went through my April archives and this is the least embarrassing, haha

    • Veggie Mama

      Would add that necessary fake-chocolate undertone…

      • Rah!

        and enhance the nutty aftertaste

  • Lilybett and Boy

    I wonder how they dealt with curry burps in space, how long they linger and float around in zero-grav?

    In April last year, I was pondering the things I learned working in a chicken factory -

    In April 2012, my boy was 15 weeks old –

    And in April 2011, when my blog was relatively new and my photos terribly sized, I was celebrating my birthday –

    • Veggie Mama

      Oh wah, did you get all mush when you read that one about your dear little baby?! I often am surprised when I read my girls’ little baby books and realise I’ve forgotten their baby-isms. Meanwhile: agree with physical labour jobs, they’re good for the soul. Double-agree with Trivial Pursuit. NOBODY beats me!

      • Lilybett and Boy

        I have to stop myself from clicking on the other Dear Boy posts that appear beneath them. Serious mush going back over them all.

        • Veggie Mama

          Fifteen weeks, too! We’re even such rookie mums at that age.

  • Lynda M O

    April 2000 I settled into my new home in northern California. Coming from thirty years in the tropics, it involved physiological changes I was unprepared for: No humidity created sinus issues heretofore unheard of in my realm; walking in hills forced muscle groups that hadn’t been activated in years to come to life and get Busy. Totally new road fun: freeways with ten and twelve lanes; bridges with toll plazas made me wary of driving; public transportation invited me to go everywhere with little to no hassle; urban youth and their lifestyle choices took some getting used to. It was an experience I treasure now and I love living here. Nothing I can foresee would convince me to go back to the life I had in south Florida; there is no comparison with how I feel making my home here.

    • Veggie Mama

      I too have made a similar move recently – from tropics to cold (no humidity here and my nasal passages are quite angry!) and lots of hills have meant my childbearing body has undergone quite a change. Public transport here is the best in Australia. Hell, it’s the best city in Australia! I love it and I’ll never go back.

  • Tina Lacy

    You should totally come back, I’ll make you a coffee!

    • Veggie Mama

      haha it’s a date!