A Day in the Life: The Work Edition

Lots of people give me a real blank stare when I answer their question: “so what do you do?”.

I totally understand. It is a pretty new arena, after all. A blog? What’s that? You work for someone else’s blog too? What does that entail?

Well, today, I thought I’d give a play-by-play of what a Friday looks like in my life, a checkin each hour. I’m a work-at-home mum, and my girls go to day care twice a week. Mondays I work at home, Fridays I work from a shared office across the city. Everything else I need to do has to fit in around naptimes, nights, times when the girls are out with their dad, or one-handed while breastfeeding. I never get everything done I need to every week (hell, every day), so I’ve learned to not try. Blogging to-do lists never end. I do what I can and I make my peace with it.

Fridays are great, as we have a meeting with the ProBlogger team and we get to talk, workshop ideas, collaborate, rock out to ’90s jams and eat cake. Today is one of those days.

photo 1


Eat breakfast and read the news. Ignore teastains on the nightstand. Feed the baby.

Wrestle small children into jumpers and socks. Wrestle hair. Wrestle teeth. Wrestle faces.

photo 28am

Time to head out to day care. The last thing I need to do before we leave is change my shoes. Tempted to leave these babies on today, it’s very grey outside.

The drive to work is about 35-45 minutes, and usually I listen to a podcast or spotify on my phone (my car radio is broken). Today I listen to the TripleM app, and am devastated that Mick Molloy has the day off. He’s the only reason I was listening. Humph.

Get every red light in an 8km stretch.

photo 3


Arrive at the clubhouse for our meeting. Laugh because we’ve all brought that day’s morning tea as nobody knew who’s turn it was. Make a cup of tea and some small talk.

During the parts of the meeting that don’t directly relate to me, I’m moderating comments, reading emails and responding to some, co-ordinating guest posts, editing posts for spelling, grammar, formatting etc, sourcing images, and checking in on the ProBlogger.com forums.

This hour I also check Veggie Mama emails but don’t respond to any. I also check in on the Facebook page.

I open my to-do list, and promptly forget about it.


More tea and a lemon tart.

Much of the same as the previous hour, except I also check twitter. Retweet Darren’s twitpic about our overabundant morning tea. Eat grapes, strawberries, and a mini caramel slice. Delete some of the emails in the VM inbox that has been sorely neglected while I was sick. It is mostly newsletters and affiliate stuff that I just won’t get time to read.

photo (1)


More treats.

Moderate new comments that have come in. Respond to emails from people who wish to guest post on PB. During my portion of the meeting, we workshopped some upcoming themes, post topics, and sewed the seeds for the next week of posts that I will then go ahead and co-ordinate. Discussed some names of people we wanted to feature. Added 10 things to my to-do list that need to be covered off over the next few weeks.

I danced unapologetically to Baby One More Time.


Decided to stop taking pictures because all it would be is my laptop and food. I’ve moved on to the smoked almonds, you’ll be interested to know.

Installed a plugin.

Discussed how much I loathe the Live song Lightning Crashes.

Back to the ProBlogger.com forums to see what’s new, who’s chatting where, and if anyone needs any help.

Respond to a couple of VM emails.


Edited three widgets.

Uploaded more ProBlogger.net posts. Edited for spelling, grammar + formatting.

Jotted down some notes about themes and shuffled my editorial calendar.

Sourced images.

Wrote a ProBlogger post.

Checked my online to-do list that others provide. Make a note to get to the most pressing of them ASAP.

Check Facebook again. Laugh at this.

Continue with emails. Respond to the ones who’ve responded to me during the morning.


Write another post.

Have another cup of tea.

Text Katie180.

Text husband.

Wish there was more smoked almonds.

Edit two images.

Google Matt Corby because my colleague says she wants to marry him. Feel old.

Provide feedback via email on some of the posts submitted.

Schedule three posts.

Workshop some new ideas I have for presenting content. Google some things.

Check Twitter again.


Laptop dies.

Figure I can swing a quick trip to Costco for (among other things) smoked almonds before I have to pick up the kids.


Get to Costco. Buy a 5-kilo bag of rice for $6.


Squeeze two small, grubby children who have had a wonderful day. It was someone’s birthday and they had cake.


Dinner. It is an epic tray of nachos. It is delicious.


The bath/bedtime hour.


Skype meeting with A Mother Far From Home as we work on a collaboration.


Pass out.


(PS: See what I was doing on a day in the life almost exactly two years ago)

  • The Plumbette

    So much goes on behind the scenes when you manage your own blog and you’re employed to help someone else’s. Thanks for sharing what you do. I think some people will still read this and have no clue what it’s all about but us bloggers understand. And that lemon tart looks delicious! Hope you’ve been feeling better since your week of being sick last week. X

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      Oh yeah, if I tried to actually describe what I do for the Veggie Mama blog, it would make about zero sense! I now just tell people I’m a website manager or website editor. The word “blog” makes people think of personal journals about cats, haha xx

  • cath @mybeardedpigeon

    Im going to do this too, people look at me the same when I tell them I sell online, like it just involves popping a cushion into an envelope. Ha!

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      haha everyone always over-simplifies things! It’s way harder than it looks x

  • http://www.missandmisters.me/ Bridie @ Miss And Misters

    Oh the wrestle! Why is it that all kids clothes are either so big they look like they’re wearing their dad’s shirts, or too small to actually fit?

    Ps haven’t tried smoked almonds, but absolutely obsessed with tamari almonds. So addictive. X

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      I know! And when you buy online, you’ve got NO CLUE if the sizing will work. Drives me mental.
      Tamari almonds are great! I’ve made them. But smoked… ermagherd. delightful.

  • Workingwomenaus

    I love reading these types of posts. Makes me realise that ‘we’re all in this together’ (now I’m singing a High School Musical song in my head)

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      haha I was just thinking this morning about when I used to be an after-school-care teacher and the kids were all into High School Musical – we’d rock out to that soundtrack every day :)

  • Michelle Lisle

    Why is it when you say you do anything from home you end up with that blank stare that says, ‘oh so you really do nothing and watch Ellen all day.’ I run a house hold, raise children, sell my own creations online, am an Avon Rep and that’s just to name a few things I do in a day…… Great post by the way Stacey and how do you get a gift as a guest Blogger just out of curiosity. ? Xo

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      Haha totally, there’s still laundry and goodness knows what else to do on top of all this! Not sure what you mean about a guest blogger gift?

      • Michelle Lisle

        Oops bloody auto correct……I meant a gig as a guest Blogger writing a post….. been up since 5:30am my brains not 100% with it lol

        • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

          oh! haha yeah I know how you feel. It depends on who you’d like to guest post for, but all you need to do is send them an email :)

  • missfoxslane

    such a great post.
    i feel like i was probs one of those blank starers the other day when i asked what you do. now i understand. kinda. xx

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      Haha no, I know you’ve got a fair idea of what blogs entail. This is just one step further. The real blank starers get a watered-down version that usually ends up me mumbling something about websites :)

  • http://thelittlemumma.typepad.com/ Angie@TheLittleMumma

    Going somewhere to work seems cool. Especially this morning tea business. Also, 90′s music, HELLO!

    But getting from A to B with two kids in tow seems gruelling. Well done, you.

    Also, I am old but I totally knew Matt Corby was a stone cold fox.

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      I am very fortunate that it’s only one day a week, and there’s excellent coffee in the office! Although sometimes I take my detox tea because Katie says the fennel in it is great for reducing my eye-bags haha. Thank you very kindly for saying so though. And yeah, Matt Corby, schwing!

      • http://thelittlemumma.typepad.com/ Angie@TheLittleMumma

        Fennel, you say? Eyebags, you say? Just making notes.

        • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

          haha yep. feel ya.

  • Sandie @ AppleBee Lane

    Wow, what a crazy, busy day … you should definitely pat yourself on the back for getting to the end of it still in one piece with your sanity intact!

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      It’s kind of fun, so that makes all the difference :)

  • coalvalleyview

    Not fair, you are eating way more cake than me! Great to see what you get up to, I had no idea of your actual involvement with Problogger, sounds fun! Mel x PS I love your new profile pic :-)

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      Oh you are lovely, thank you! Everyone should have more cake :)

  • Katie Rainbird

    MAKEOVER! I fekken hate that song tooooo! Busy day dude. Lucky you had ALL those treats.

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      It is the worst. Under no circumstances should anyone sing about plancentas.

  • http://www.motherdownunder.com MotherDownUnder

    Nachos! With pepper jack?
    And I totally agree about Lightening Crashes! As much as I think placentas are really cool organs, I don’t think people need to sing about them!
    For some reason now I have Two Princes in my head?
    Anyhoo, you are one busy lady…glad you have all that cake and all those almonds to keep you going!

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      haha me too now! IF you want to call me, baby – just go ahead now.

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    You make me fell very tired and OLD xx

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      haha you’re beautiful x

  • Alli @ ducks on the dam

    I’ve heard about those morning teas…… great run down. Thanks for sharing

    • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

      Ha they’re pretty epic!