Share your childhood fashion memories! {ended}

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Congratulations Kaite – not sure we could go past that innovative use of a bikini bottom!

My mum used to get so excited about dressing my sister and I as kids. I distinctly remember some fashionable tartan skirts, cute tights and the obligatory ‘80s leg warmers. I also remember going through a boy phase in yellow tracksuits with skating knee and elbow pads sewn in. Accessorised with the latest in children’s binoculars.

Not being much of a frou-frou mum, I tend to buy my kids funky rather than frilly – but I get just as excited as my mum did when decking out my babes. I mean for real, WHO can say no to a kid in overalls?


Even she’s stoked.


I remember corduroy pants, black patent leather shoes, hair ribbons and brown sandals.


A pink parka,


A hand-beaded dress,


And a shirt that said “I love my Grandpa”.


I like to think my girls will have their own fun memories from their early fashions. I hope there’s something as definitive as leg warmers to laugh about in their older years, or at the very least, a Hypercolour T-shirt.

Marquise has a beautiful winter range available at the moment, and most likely won’t give my kids a complex when they’re teenagers. They’ll thank me, I’m sure.

Nothing but cute polka dots, crisp whites, fun dresses for cooler weather, and an array of pants, bodysuits, and cosy sweaters.

Since 1932, Marquise’s classic luxury pieces for kiddos have been the first choice for many parents. Their core collection for babies is absolutely divine, and I’ve eyed off a couple of pieces for new mamas in the coming months. Quality clothes that can be passed down to smaller peeps are something that I look for, and polka dots don’t go astray either…

Marquise are giving away $250 worth of clothes to a reader who shares a memory from their own childhood fashion choices. We’d love for you to bust out the old photo albums and give us a glimpse, if you feel so inclined!

All you have to do is share a memory in the comment section (and add a pic if you like) and we’ll choose a winner from there.

Open to residents of Australia, the contest will end next Thursday, May 1. This is a game of skill, and prizes are not transferrable.

Good luck!

  • Kaite Fitzgerald

    This is me wearing my sisters bikini bottoms as a one piece. I was very forward thinking with the mankini trend.

  • Cat_BeLoverly

    For me it was the hair especially! This is one of my fave photos where I was wearing red cords and a mustard yellow dress over the top….nice choice 3 year old me!

  • Kaite Fitzgerald

    This is me wearing my sisters bikini bottoms as a one piece. I was very forward thinking with the mankini trend!

    • Reannon Hope

      Love It!! So funny!!

    • Nikki | Styling You

      Just spurt out my tea!

    • Rachel @ Mother Far from Home

      Pahaha. This is too funny! Could she fit in them after this?

      • Kaite Fitzgerald

        Yeah I’m pretty sure they were still wearable haha!

  • Reannon Hope

    Oh gosh I have some great ( or not so great) fashion memories from when i was a kid. I remember tie dyed pants with pippi shells hanging from the waist, lots of corduroy pants & overalls but what i remember most of all was my mum dressing me & my little sisiter Jemmina in matching clothes that were different colours- even though we were about 2 years apart!

    In the first pic you can see me ( with the dark hair) with my siblings. My sister & i have the exact same nightie, Santa bought them for us & we loved them. We also had rah-rah shirts ( mine in pink hers in peach- that had matching blouses but I can’t find a pic of those.

    In the second pic is me in one of my favourite photos! It’s my 4th birthday ( yes I was TINY!) & I just love that little dress!

    I already look back at some of the photos I have of my big two, especially my 14 year old, & think WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING dressing him like that? It seems I was very fond of skivvies when he was a toddler…With our first daughter due I am quite excited about finding cute stuff for her but I’m not a pink gal myself so i’m finding it hard to buy her stuff because EVERYTHING IS PINK for girls. I’m not totally adverse to it but I just dont think because she’s a girl she has to wear everyting pink ;)

  • Lily (A Rhubarb Rhapsody)

    Unfortunately all of my photos are on the other side of the country. My favourite clothing as a kid would be: A bright yellow tutu, covered in sequins. My white, tassled roller skating leotard which I wore for one of my birthday parties at a roller skating rink. Bike shorts, I pretty much lived in bike shorts for years. Scrunchies, I had so many damn scrunchies, the bigger the better. To be honest though, I was a nudie rudie kid as often as I could be!

  • Angela Hogan

    My mum used to dress me and my sister in the same red polka dot dress, she never gave an explanation why but I think she just thought it was cute

  • Rachel @ Mother Far from Home

    I think I was around 5 here. My mother was inspired in her choices because today, at 32 years old, half my wardrobe is navy and white, stripes, polka dots and solids. However, I was not always so traditional. I loved tie dyed, that drip pastel paint look, and Blossom hats. You know the ones!!

  • Lana (Sharpest Pencil)

    I remember a lot of scratchy materials from my youth….. clearly I was more tactile than my mum

    PS That picture of you and your mum is insanely gorgeous. It looks just like you and your own big girl xx

  • Marie Biswell

    Remember boob tubes? My mum used to love putting me & my sister in them! Oh and mum knitted me a pair of leg warmers too but my favourite thing of all time was when my mum knitted me a Twisties jumper – yep, I used to walk around the town & farm with my bright, bright yellow jumper with the red twisties logo on it – I was the coolest chic in town! (ps, the jumper was worn & washed so much that it eventually stretched to a massive size & my big ole dad used to wear it then!)

  • Julie

    For me the choices that Mum made still scar me. But I think the worse was the matching outfits. Mum would wear the same thing as myself and my two sisters. Exactly the same. NO, no and no.

  • Bree @ Twinkle in the Eye

    I remember skivvies, corduroy pants, terry towelling shorts, plastic sparkly shoes, hair bobbles and scrunchies that matched my outfits. Being the baby of five, I also got a lot of hand me downs which I thought were tremendous!

  • MotherDownUnder

    Oh I wish I had access to my mother’s albums!
    We have a “wear what you get” policy at Christmas and I remember one Christmas my sister wore a bathing suit on top of pjs, a helmet of some description and ice skates! I will have to see if I can track down the photo!

  • Lilybett and Boy

    Ahhh plastic pilchers and stripey socks. And my sister’s paint (nom nom).

  • Reemski

    I love these pics! So funny. I used to wear the most random stuff but love this pic of me and the 70′s Canberra background, the hair hacked to bits because of chewing gum, and the Huey, Dewey and Louie t shirt!

  • Daneyl Green

    As the eldest of three girls (and no cousins!) I luckily receive any hand-me-downs, but my Mum used to make all of our clothes to save the extra pennies. I clearly remember a bikini set Mum made when I was around 10. It was black cotton with rainbow dots all over the material, complete with pink frills on the waist! Every time I wore it, it stretched just that little bit more!!

  • Jenny Swift

    Loving all the hilarious and adorable photos! :-)

    For me and my little brother it was matching tracksuits all the way. Mine were pink and his were blue, as if to make it clear to people that he’s a boy and I’m a girl! For some unknown reason mine were always far too small and his far too big…

    But the icing on the cake for our fashion offences was the side parted bowl cut for my little bro and my side ponytail inspired by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on Full House.

    (I don’t have access to any photos so have attempted to recreate this fabulously fashionable look on two of my own children. My daughter was not very impressed with her outfit!)

  • Guest

    There’s always over the shoulder strap to navigate and plenty of shades of brown to wear. lots of stripes and overall too. Always accessories ie. handbags and prams.

  • Kirrily

    There was always over the shoulder straps to navigate and two tone different shades of brown skivvies. Lots of strips and overalls. Always accessories ie. handbags and prams

  • Karina Lee

    I remember going to the park every Saturday and riding on a Yogi Bear see saw with my dad.

  • Alison

    In high school Mum knitted me a blue jumper with the Superman logo embroidered on the front. Kids actually thought I was Superman!! It was one of a kind! Thanks Mum!!

  • Maggie Westbrook

    I was a big fan of the pretty party dress. This is a Laura Ashley dress worn on Christmas day 1988. I used to get so excited when I had a party coming up, not because of the games or the food but because I got to wear this dress. Check out the umbrella and the necklace– they were in my Santa stocking that morning.

  • Katrina Corbett

    Oh the party dresses… and those socks!! I remember loving those socks lol!!

  • Emily Mclaughlan

    This is me in my favourite dress as a child which was covered in sunflowers Still loving bright floral prints today :)