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  1. What an absolutely delightful post. All that talk of hot chocolate and cake, unscheduled days in the sun and that gorgeous childhood photo and snuggly cat. Your kids are so lucky to have you as a mama. I know what you mean about pets and bathroom mats. I’ve had to throw several in the bin.

  2. That fringe is killer alright! Our cat is much the same, he’s from the RSPCA and had a rough start to life. I’ve been nursing sicks kids for the past few weeks, they are all taking turns which I think it taking the sharing is caring thing a TAD too far. Sunny and delicious here but I have a wee man who isn’t well so I’m taking breaks from work to cuddle him on the couch! x

    • I don’t even know how they do it, but the kids have sailed through winter with the slightest of runny noses, but now I’m struck down with a stupid head cold JUST after I got over bronchitis! I mean really. I’m taking the afternoon off. Hope your little dude is feeling better <3

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