“Loads of websites just clogging up the internet by people just doing websites about themselves. ‘My name is Rupert. This is my cat. Here are my favourite Cure songs in order’ Who gives a fuck?”Ricky Gervais

Hi. I’m Darlene Conner.

Ok so not really, I’m Stacey Roberts, and I’m one of those people Ricky mentions up there clogging up the internet “doing websites” about myself.

VMextraBWwI am a mama, book-reader, and laundry-avoider, who can often be found eating. I have a First Class Degree in Sarcasm, and I’m working on a Ph.D in Dry Humour.

I like British comedy, American politics, and Japanese stationery. I am nostalgic for the 90s, and I haven’t slept in two years. I am also vegetarian, and quite frankly the thought of chewing some flesh now makes me gag, so it seems you can turn a committed carnivore into a lentil-loving freak with a minimum of fuss. Just don’t ask me to love tofu.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, with a husband and two kids who are the cheese to my macaroni. Biggie is three and a half, and Smalls is two. They are hilarious. And I’ve no idea what I’m doing, but I’ve realised I am a hardcore CTFD mum. My style of parenting is best described as “Half Attachment, Half Everything I Learned While Watching Roseanne”.

I love bento, cheese, and stuff that smells like vanilla. Including vanilla.

What will you find at Veggie Mama?

  • food  (vegetarian recipes, kid food ideas, lunchbox baking, and the occasional cheese-filled cheese dish)
  • stories (usually embarrassing)
  • kid stuff (activities, food, games, items, and stuff I would like but could never afford)
  • travelling with kids (I’ve been thrown up on in three countries now)
  • things on the internet I find funny/useful/interesting
  • Sneaky Wayne’s World quotes and references from Kevin Smith films.

Welcome aboard! If you have any questions (or funny memes, those email days were the best), you can catch me at stacey@theveggiemama.com.

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*Nicole Collier took all of these beautiful photos of my babes and me. She is on the Sunshine Coast, if you’re into that sort of thing x