Hi. I’m Darlene Conner.

Ok so not really, but imagine if Darlene grew up, took up crochet, got married, had babies, and drank a lot of tea. But kept that damn sassmouth.

VMextraBWwI am a vegetarian, mama, crochet lover, vintage collector, and a tea enthusiast. Fluent in sarcasm and a solid appreciator of dry humour.

I like the ’90s and British comedy and lace tablecloths and pretty teacups. Quite frankly the thought of chewing some flesh now makes me gag, so it seems you can turn a committed carnivore into a lentil-loving freak with a minimum of fuss. Just don’t ask me to love tofu.

I also have two kids who are the cheese to my macaroni. Biggie has just turned three, and Smalls is one and a half. They are hilarious. And I’ve no idea what I’m doing. But I practise the CTFD method of parenting.

I love bento, cheese, and stuff that smells like vanilla. Including vanilla. We’re going to travel the world. I have a bookshelf in every room and probably won’t be your friend any more if you dog-ear pages. Or if you don’t like Kevin Smith films.

Welcome aboard!

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*Nicole Collier took all of these beautiful photos of my babes and me. She is on the Sunshine Coast, if you’re into that sort of thing x