Raspberry Jam Cake

raspberry jam cake

AW YEAH I'M BACK WITH CAKE! Raspberry jam cake, to be precise. Hello lovely. Thou art delicious. This incarnation is based on the same recipe as this one, but changed up just a bit for shits and giggles. And, well... whatever was in the cupboard. Enjoy!   … [Read more...]

Nostalgia TV


Do you know what's been on high rotation around here? This: So much so, that I've had to make the big sister a Rainbow Brite costume because it's not 1984 and I can't just buy one from the shops. It all began when we were all hanging out in my bed one Saturday morning. Too young for regular Saturday cartoons, I showed my kids a YouTube video … [Read more...]

Nutrition information, I’m breaking up with you.


  + If you are using wheat bread, it absolutely must be quality sourdough. + Gluten is bad for everyone, whether you are coeliac or not. Avoid bread. + Our bodies aren't designed to digest grains, which means traditional bread is out. + Sandwiches aren't a nutritious choice for children and should be given sparingly. + Children … [Read more...]

Four tips to survive flying with a hangover


Exhibit one: A young girl tagging along on a band tour. You start drinking on an 8am flight on tour. My drink of choice was gin. Exhibit 2: I have no idea what day of the tour this was. It was clearly pre-children. Exhibit 3: Whatever day it was, eventually turned into a night. Well, it was probably 4pm, I was a bit of a rookie in this … [Read more...]

Standard pantry items


I have an awesome worrying habit of looking in people's pantries (note the "r") when visiting their homes. What kind of cereal do they buy? Are their herbs past their use-by date? What junk food crap are they trying to hide at the back behind that jar of barley? Mostly I just do it to get ideas so I can go home and make something different. I … [Read more...]

People you need to follow on Twitter

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In October 2008, I created a Twitter account. In January 2010, I created another one, for my blog. Sometime in late 2012 I mostly abandoned it in favour of Instagram. So many people had joined Instagram by then, and I had plenty of things to look at. Given I'd just had two children 18 months apart, I had very little brain capacity over and above … [Read more...]

Taking Stock

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This post contains affiliate links. Joining in with Meet Me at Mike's. Making : A poncho from some alpaca yarn I got from Bendigo Woollen Mills on my roadtrip with Kate from Foxs Lane.Cooking : Apple and Cinnamon tea cake, Raspberry Jam cake, Jammy Pecan and Oat Biscuits from Wholefood for Children, Spinach Alfredo Pizza, cheese … [Read more...]