VM vs Online Education: Making Time For Learning


This is a sponsored post for Open Training Institute. I’d like to say I’ve always been disciplined when it comes to study. I enjoy it and it comes easily – so it was rarely a problem fitting it in all those years when I was younger. Nowadays with so much on my plate, it has required a bit of juggling and specific blocks of time to ensure … [Read more...]

Kid food: Snacks

little lemon cakes

Writing these posts always make me hungry. Sultanas, yogurt drops, goji berries, cheerios, chocolate-covered sultanas (for something different!) and blueberries, back from when they were in season and weren't $9.99 a punnet (my hot tip? Get blueberries from Aldi. Great quality, lowest price I've seen!) Raspberry and coconut muffins Boiled … [Read more...]

Sorta-Healthy Pear Cake


I do apologize. I set out to make a normal cake, and found myself sorely lacking the required butter and sugar amounts. I had to make adjustments, and while they would make Katie180 proud, they fly directly in the face of my belief that cake should be cake and not a health food. Anyway, if you dig coconut oil and sugar other than white, welcome! … [Read more...]

Headed to The ProBlogger Event? Here’s a Heads-Up…

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 3.57.58 pm

While this is only my second ProBlogger event, I learned so much last year that I thought it pertinent to share this time around. I'm heading there today (see you at the Registration Desk from 3.30!) and will try and remember all this myself... 1. DON'T BE SHY! For real. You will regret it. Just say hi. I've only ever had one blogger be rude to … [Read more...]

Shy People Problems

obsessed much?

The other day, I was reading an article about problems British people have when interacting with their fellow man. I could not stop laughing. If you've got all the time in the world, you can read the original reddit thread, but there's something about seeing those quotes superimposed on funny pictures that just made it 100x better. I … [Read more...]

Cushions that Don’t Suck

cool cushions

Following on from #Cushiongate the other week, the fact remains - no matter how boring I am or how shit I am at buying cushions (and talking about them), I still need cushions. And my problem is I live in such a specific house that wild cushions will probably be more eyesore than the look I'm going for. I tried the sedate stripe from Ikea, but … [Read more...]

Just Ace

Add text

A few things I think are just ace lately. With apologies to Grinspoon. Sooooo nobody told me that pyjamas that feature leggings are far superior to baggy trousers (not these baggy trousers though, just so you know). I bought a set from H&M and was so disappointed when I put them on and found them rather legging-like. Then when I got into bed … [Read more...]

What John Hughes Movie is Your Favourite?


What a question, huh? It's a tough one. Although I was technically a '90s teen and not an '80s one, I find that the themes of John Hughes movies are pretty timeless. I just watched Pretty in Pink on Monday and it still hit me right in that bit in my chest that feels things. And his comedies are never not funny. I still watch Planes, Trains and … [Read more...]