Vanilla Bean Baked Cheesecake


What's better than a baked cheesecake? Well, a vanilla bean baked cheesecake, of course! Courtesy of when I stocked up on vanilla beans at Costco so I could make my own extract. I saw on instagram that my mate Ruth had made her very delicious baked lemon and lime butter cheesecake and figured I would make it on the spot. But then I remembered … [Read more...]

Sorta-Healthy Pear Cake


I do apologize. I set out to make a normal cake, and found myself sorely lacking the required butter and sugar amounts. I had to make adjustments, and while they would make Katie180 proud, they fly directly in the face of my belief that cake should be cake and not a health food. Anyway, if you dig coconut oil and sugar other than white, welcome! … [Read more...]

Vintage Apple and Cinnamon Tea Cake


Sometime around 1950, someone by the name of Wynwode Reid edited, compiled, and tested 100 recipes in a book called Cakes, Scones and Biscuits. The aforementioned recipes were approved by Sarah Dunne, then the Cookery Expert to the Melbourne Herald. Their first recipe was for a Delicate Lemon Cake, and sometime in 2014, Stacey Roberts (expert in … [Read more...]

Kid Food: Mini Yogurt Pancakes

Mini Yogurt Pancakes :: The Veggie Mama

Ever since the kids were born, I've found it hard to make pancake-sized pancakes. The girls were so little, and had tiny mouths, it seemed more useful to make them more like silver-dollar pancakes than anything else. Smaller than pikelets even (although every time I make them, most people are like "what's a pikelet?"). I really enjoy tiny food … [Read more...]

Three-Cheese Scrolls


I got a bit overexcited when I received a breadmaker as a Christmas gift. While I still haven't nailed a good loaf of bread in it, I have been totally putting it through its paces kneading endless amounts of dough for me. We've been making pizza on the regular, and these scrolls too. I've taken them to meetings when it's my turn to bring a plate, … [Read more...]

Tea with me! #VMteaoftheday


hello there, fellow tea nerds! I thought it would be cool to have a little collaboration - much like Chantelle's Photo A Day, or Nikki's Everyday Style, only with tea! If you're sipping a cup, why not snap a picture and add the hashtag #VMteaoftheday? That's what I'll be doing (on Instagram, mostly). And we can chat and share our loopy tea love … [Read more...]

Little lemon cakes and some wholefood rebellion


Did you ever get made fun of in the playground for what was in your lunchbox? I did. We were pretty poor, so I didn't get anything exciting... ever. Peanut butter sandwich and two biscuits, or a no-frills muesli bar. Frozen cordial occasionally in my water bottle. Sometimes $2 for the tuckshop. I remember very clearly one day pulling a Flake … [Read more...]