Be your own cafe – win one of two Caffitaly Coffee Systems! {ended}


Congratulations Jody and Jazzy K! This is a sponsored post for Woolworths Coffee lovers usually fall somewhere on the spectrum of coffee types - from a steaming mug of instant, to a top-of-the shelf cat-poo $15-dollars-a-cup brew. Me? Well I’m nowhere near the top of the chain, but I do appreciate … [Read more...]

Our Growing Edge: the roundup


Hey gang! Did you cross a culinary experience off your bucket list this month? Plenty of people around the world did, so let's peek into their kitchens, shall we? First up, in a move that will please nutella-lovers everywhere, Nom Nom Ally has made a healthy homemade … [Read more...]

Veggie Mama cold and flu tonic


Sob. It's that time again where I have felt like I was coming down with something. And it ain't cool. I find I get a bit wobbly with the change of seasons, and the coming of autumn here has been heralded by four days of rain. Four days of a tender throat and a general feeling of malaise which … [Read more...]

Drink some tea, save some animals.

Australian Afternoon tea closeup

 Update: Congratulations to winners Katie, Seana, Kat, Sarah, and Michelle! This post is sponsored by Nuffnang. No-one is as fussy about tea as me. They can’t be, surely. Over 25 years I have honed my tea concoction to a fine art. There is a delicate balance of tea to milk, and nothing makes my … [Read more...]

Banana-berry smoothie with Loving Earth

 Pin ItSo, as you already may know, I've been working with Loving Earth, making recipes from their amazing products and then GIVING THEM ALL AWAY!Not the used ones, that would be mean. Brand new packages of goodness headed straight to you!And let me tell you - this next prize pack is huge and … [Read more...]

Dark Mint Spanish Hot Chocolate

Pin ItIt was a sunny mid-semester afternoon and I was meeting an American friend for coffee. I had randomly sat next to her in our local courthouse a few weeks earlier, both of us there to cover stories for our News Rounds class. I was nervous as hell, and always had visions of being stalked outside … [Read more...]

Fourth of July Coney Island Hot Dogs and a Cherry Coke Float

This is what I was doing this time last year - watching the fireworks over the National Mall in Washington, DC.I could feel the heat rising through the blanket I on which I was sitting from the concrete below. It had been a super-hot day, the news stations and papers filled with pictures of children … [Read more...]