Best of Veggie Mama 2014: Food, craft, and weary indignance

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It's usually around this time of year I have a look at what have been my most popular posts, and I'm usually always surprised. Posts I wrote years ago are still the top picks, although I have forgotten them over the years. It seems you guys haven't! A couple of my all-time favourites made it, too. FOOD The top three food posts this year were also … [Read more...]

The Planning Frenzy and The Important Question


  A little while ago, we did a survey here on VM, and we asked you a million and one questions. The ones I was mostly interested in were the ones about content - what do you come here for? One day I will show you the results (I had 200 respondents, blew my mind!) because I find them utterly fascinating. It seems most of you come for the … [Read more...]

That time I wrote a confession a day for 31 days

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This time last year, I was well underway with a writing challenge. Myquillyn of Nesting Place had a thing where you wrote every day for 31 Days in October , about one topic. I mixed that up with 50 writing prompts from Fat Mum Slim and came up with a confession a day. Y'all, I will never write every single day for 31 days ever again. But it … [Read more...]

I had Lunch with Seth Godin and This is What he Taught Me

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Seth Godin is an entrepreneur and marketing guru. He encourages people to think outside the box. To eschew the restraints of society and authority, and be creative in your endeavours. As we all know, I'm not particularly creative. I also rarely think outside the box. Not because I don't want to, but because it doesn't come naturally to me. So … [Read more...]

Your First Blog Post

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I am seeing a lot of anguish on the interwebs lately from people who are hemming and hawing over their first blog post - they want to get it just right. They want to get it so perfect that they're not even starting. I've heard of people writing and re-writing... I even talked to a gal at PBEVENT who has held off for a whole year because she's just … [Read more...]

Highlights from the ProBlogger Training Event Conference


1. Actually being part of the conference team It was so much fun. I met so many more people this year as I worked at the registration desk and around various other things. I apparently also talked so much I lost my voice. The other good thing about being part of the team was watching everyone learn how to use Facebook stickers in our Team Facebook … [Read more...]

Headed to The ProBlogger Event? Here’s a Heads-Up…

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While this is only my second ProBlogger event, I learned so much last year that I thought it pertinent to share this time around. I'm heading there today (see you at the Registration Desk from 3.30!) and will try and remember all this myself... 1. DON'T BE SHY! For real. You will regret it. Just say hi. I've only ever had one blogger be rude to … [Read more...]

Tell Me Everything // Win a $150 Booktopia Voucher


Veggie Mama the blog has been in existence for four and a half years. Older than both those brats up there. And it's time for me to stop yabbering about my damn self for a second, and find out more about you. I have a wee survey (wee = little, not wee = wee) that I'd love for you to fill out if you have five minutes to spare. There's a $150 … [Read more...]