An April Retrospective


I have a calendar on my wall that is made up of pictures of our travels to New Zealand last year. I have been looking at it lately, remembering it was Easter Sunday the day after we arrived and we barely registered it. I did eat a chocolate egg though, never fear. I looked back over my posts from … [Read more...]

And the verdict is…

And not a single fuck was given about niches that day.

Um! I still don't know. So I'm going back to the land where niches don't matter and I'mma keep doing my thing. For the record, we came up with: food: 2 mummyblogger: 8 life or lifestyle: 9 second-grader with atrocious grammar (and they were being "kind"): 1 personal: 2 who gives a … [Read more...]

A trip through my blog statistics – from beginner to now.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 12.57.57 pm

I think we all go through a phase when we realise blogging can be so much more than you talking to yourself on the internet. Some might want to turn it into a bit of income to help out the family while staying at home, some might want to go the whole ProBlogger hog and rule the web. Some might want … [Read more...]

If you love someone, send them to Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat


As I write this, I am sipping a cup of Gwinganna's signature tea, hand crafted using premium Australian lemon myrtle and aniseed myrtle. For a moment, I can imagine I'm back here: Instead of surrounded by toys and toddler ephemera. Although it is quiet here today, so there's that. Back in … [Read more...]

My top 5 blogs of all time


I have SO MANY favourite blogs. And as I was just saying to someone this morning, my tastes change as my life does, so what I loved a few years ago might not be what I love today. But there are a few that I always, always come back to for whatever reason. Oh and I'm ruling out Fat Mum Slim … [Read more...]

Blogging as an alternative to a traditional media career – my hints and tips!

starbucks cafe hour

  There's no denying that media is experiencing a shift toward online publishing. Even as a journalism student, we were always told that multimedia skills were so important for getting jobs once we'd graduated. If you could not only write a story, but shoot video, create infographics, … [Read more...]

That thing that happened in high school that changed my life forever

16 me

Ermagherd, it's the first day of my 31 Days challenge! (This is what I am doing). Deep breath, here goes! Being brutally honest, I had a really shit time in high school. I never fit in, rarely had proper friends, and was always ostracised and bullied. Having zero backbone and a deep … [Read more...]

31 Days of Confessions


This month, I'm going to do something a little different. I read Fat Mum Slim's post about 50 blog post ideas and thought that would make a great series, but that 50 was probably too many to do in a row. Then I came across The Nester's 31 Days in October challenge, where you write about the same … [Read more...]

How to recover a document saved to Office 2011 AutoRecovery

No Library. WTF.

Recently I was writing an article for a client, and 20 minutes before deadline, I went to upload the file. And it was not there. I looked in the recent documents file. Nothing. I searched in Finder… nothing. I obsessively looked through every folder I could see… still nothing. Yet I knew it … [Read more...]

What not to do when attending a ProBlogger conference.


Today I am in a cocoon of replenishment after a whirlwind four-day ProBlogger conference extravaganza. It feels remarkably like the fallout from four days of tequila shots and cold pizza, only without the tequila shots and cold pizza. I am tired, yo. Tired and dehydrated. Just like my early 20s, but … [Read more...]

Piggy in the middle


Last week I made a Hershey Bar cake for my husband's birthday. The ridiculously gorgeous Stephanie had posted it on her instagram many moons ago, and then the recipe on her blog. I pinned it for later, and when it was time to bustle about in the kitchen trying to look useful in the department of … [Read more...]

Veggie Mama hearts Etsy – my top Australian and New Zealand picks

etsy 20

Etsy is seriously a rabbit-hole of genuine awesomeness, and I can get lost for hours scrolling through the incredible handmade items or retro gear. I leave either thinking I need to get a third job to fund my addictions, or I need to learn how to be more creative, STAT! I was pretty psyched to … [Read more...]

The Veggie Mama Community – Posts we’re proud of.

The Veggie Mama Community

To be entirely grammatically correct, that headline should really say "posts of which we are proud"... but it doesn't have quite the same ring to it! So do please accept my apology and my occasional need to kick syntax rules in the face. I'm a rebel, goddammit. This gang we have here is growing at … [Read more...]

Where I blog – the good, the bad and the oh my god what is wrong with you?


The other day, Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim asked her readers to post a picture of where they blog. Was it outside in the sunshine? Kitchen table? on their phones? Me? Well, I blog in a corner of the lounge and I couldn't bear to post a photo, because there was nothing cute about where I blog. … [Read more...]

Our Growing Edge: the roundup


Hey gang! Did you cross a culinary experience off your bucket list this month? Plenty of people around the world did, so let's peek into their kitchens, shall we? First up, in a move that will please nutella-lovers everywhere, Nom Nom Ally has made a healthy homemade … [Read more...]