Does your home need jewellery? (Who am I kidding, of course it does). A giveaway with Down That Little Lane


LOOK AT THAT PLANTER!!!For real. Look at it. How effing cute! And if any of the other organically-designed home beads from Down That Little Lane seller andyANDmolly designs strike your fancy, then do please pop over to enter the giveaway here. (but do hurry, it ends in TWO DAYS). andyANDmolly … [Read more...]

Gift Guide: shop for little ones at Spiral Garden (and support local business this Christmas!)

spiral garden gift guide

When I'm looking for natural, handmade, ethical and sustainable items for my kids, the first place I go is Spiral Garden. Run from Tasmania by the lovely Lauren + Oberon (and their delightful little trio of owlet ladies), the store is a wonderful collection of natural and fair-trade goodness for … [Read more...]

THE 2013 THANK YOU VEGGIE MAMA READERS GIVEAWAY! $1200 worth of prizes {ended}

thank you

Congratulations to: 90 Kaite, 364 Tanya, 189 Darien, 68 Phoebe, 19 Jesse, 182 Emily, 143 Melanie, 203 Leah, and 43 Mrs Sharp You guys are the bee's knees, and at this time of year when thoughts turn to gift-giving, well I thought about giving you some! I thoroughly appreciate you reading here, … [Read more...]

Every little one’s a winner with Big W – you might be too!


This is a sponsored post for Big W. I’m a thrifty gal who grew up in a penny-watching household and learned all the tricks of the trade. The thing that’s stuck the most with me though, is the need to get as much value for my dollar as I can. I became an expert at dinners for 4 under $5 as a … [Read more...]

Veggie Mama hearts Etsy – my top Australian and New Zealand picks

etsy 20

Etsy is seriously a rabbit-hole of genuine awesomeness, and I can get lost for hours scrolling through the incredible handmade items or retro gear. I leave either thinking I need to get a third job to fund my addictions, or I need to learn how to be more creative, STAT! I was pretty psyched to … [Read more...]

The Veggie Mama Community – Posts we’re proud of.

The Veggie Mama Community

To be entirely grammatically correct, that headline should really say "posts of which we are proud"... but it doesn't have quite the same ring to it! So do please accept my apology and my occasional need to kick syntax rules in the face. I'm a rebel, goddammit. This gang we have here is growing at … [Read more...]

Our Growing Edge: the roundup


Hey gang! Did you cross a culinary experience off your bucket list this month? Plenty of people around the world did, so let's peek into their kitchens, shall we? First up, in a move that will please nutella-lovers everywhere, Nom Nom Ally has made a healthy homemade … [Read more...]

Our Growing Edge – a month of culinary fun!


Do you have a food-related something you've always wanted to try? Wanted to have a go at making your own butter, or perhaps eating a scorpion? Well, Our Growing Edge was created to boost us out of our culinary comfort zones and actually tackle that which has been kept at the bottom of our to-do … [Read more...]

The Veggie Mama newsletter {and how to keep up on blog posts without getting overwhelmed!}


Oh hai. You might remember me from such blogs as ... this one. Anyway, I've sorted you out with a lovely little fortnighly newsletter full of bits and things, and is a pretty fun way of following what we get up to around here. I'll also be including meal plans so you'll never be stuck for what … [Read more...]

WAHM in the spotlight: Down That Little Lane

tessa and fam

I like to shine a spotlight on small businesses and work-at-home mums where I can. Sometimes they are advertisers, sometimes it’s just stuff I have found and want to share. Let’s high-five them, shall we? If you've traipsed around the internet in Australia, you most probably have come across … [Read more...]

I’ll show you my mum truth if you’ll show me yours


This post is sponsored by Kidspot Man, parenting is one of those things you just CAN'T fathom until you do it. You can read all the advice in the world, but the reality is unrelenting, and usually sticky. The folk at Kidspot agree, and have created his handy tool to make your own mumtruth, where … [Read more...]

The Veggie Mama Community – Kid stuff we love

The Veggie Mama Community

It's that time again, folks, where we pool our resources and create a list. This time, it's cool places to get kid stuff - clothes, toys, shoes, whatever! Got a shop? let us all know! I've started with a list of sites I use, and also from the list we came up with on Facebook last week for kids' … [Read more...]

Do a good thing today.


You might know my mate Cate has an orphanage in Bali. This blog helps to raise money for that when and wherever I can. But around this time of year, Foundation 18 needs a bulk injection of cash to help fund the Education Outreach program Cate runs - enough money to send 70 children to school. These … [Read more...]

WAHM in the spotlight: Bean and Me {and 10% off for you!}


I like to shine a spotlight on small businesses and work-at-home mums where I can. Sometimes they are advertisers, sometimes it’s just stuff I have found and want to share. Let’s high-five them, shall we? Y'all, stop what you are doing right now and go check out these kiddo sweaters: Are … [Read more...]

The Veggie Mama Community: our favourite natural parenting blogs

The Veggie Mama Community

We're in the VMC (yeah you know me!) We're in the VMC (yeah you know me!) We're in the VMC (yeah you know me!) We're in the VMC - everybody! Ha now that will be stuck in my head all day. Naughty by Nature, not 'cos I hate ya! Anyway... today's episode of the VMC is a roundup of all our … [Read more...]