Free Crochet Pattern: Easter Bunny Baskets


Isn't he a cutie? I thought it would be fun to knock up a sweet little bunny for each of my girls this Easter, to hold some tiny eggs or one medium-sized one. I could imagine the look on their faces Easter morning! Cute crochet would have to be the best thing ever invented. These don't take long at all, and are very beginner-friendly. I do … [Read more...]

Free crochet pattern: Little pompom bags

crochet handbag for kids with pompoms

I love this bag. So little, so cute, so pom-pommy. Much like my earlier kiddie crochet handbag, this one is a cinch to make. It takes no time at all, and the only real difference is the flap over the top, rather than leaving it open. Let me know how you go! You will need: 4.0mm crochet hook 4 balls 8ply yarn - one colour for the bag, … [Read more...]

Free crochet pattern: little handbags for kids


A little while ago, Biggie told me she was going "to the shops". She came back with an armful of wooden eggs, a couple of wooden milk bottles, and a felt lettuce. As she struggled to hold it all and show me her goodies, I realised she needed a little shopping bag of sorts, so she could trot around to her heart's content. Not having a sewing … [Read more...]

DIY dolly bed + crochet dolly blanket pattern


  I'm pretty eager to provide things for my kids when I can see they have an interest in something. Both of them are smack-bang in "little mother" territory, each having a little doll and related paraphernalia for them to feed, change and clothe them. But when I had to get rid of the miniature cot because it was too easy to take apart and … [Read more...]

Crochet: ripple blanket

pink and black crochet ripple blanket closeup

Now we've chatted about crochet here on this blog before. And it's still my life's purpose to explain to those who think they might like to try it, that its EASY. I promise. Once you get the hang of it, it's very repetitive and really rather soothing. I should be doing it right this minute as about 45 babies are due this year and time is not my … [Read more...]

Free crochet pattern: vintage-style scarf

crochet scarf

This be a bit cute, no? I made it for the lovely Nikki at Styling You, who you may or may not know is my ACTUAL neighbour. here she is, modelling it next to the fence that separates us... stupid fence. She stands on those logs when goodies get passed over and chats need to be had. One day we will tear the fence down, and East + West … [Read more...]

Free pattern – chunky crochet scarf

chunky crochet scarf free pattern

Are you one of those people who are all "oh crochet looks hard"? I keep forgetting that you're out there! To me, crochet is a breeze. Once you know one stitch, you can pick anything else up super-fast... and can make the most complicated-looking things with ease! Honestly. Would I lie to you? If it wasn't easy,  I totally wouldn't do it... *cough* … [Read more...]