Spicy Black Bean Quinoa Bowls + Win a Global Takashi Knife Set Worth $1199


Congrats to Louisa G!

Spicy Black Bean Quinoa Bowls

I’m in Queensland at the moment, eating all the fresh fruit and drinking all the cold beer, because it’s WARM, y’all. Spring is sprung and all that. A very nice respite from winter’s end in Melbourne, which still won’t properly end until about December. The day before I left, it was heading into the 20s so I forced everyone outside in shorts and a t-shirt to finally get some sun on our skin. Glorious, I tell you!

When I made this burrito-style bowl for lunch the other day, and popped it on my cheery yellow outdoor mat, I could see my future: long, hot days; taking all meals outdoors, and eating colourful crunchy veg like my life depended on it. Cold beer too, probably. If you’re in good weather already, or you can feel it’s on its way, this one is for you.

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WIN! A Limited-Edition Box of 10 Loving Earth Chocolates [ended]

Congrats Rant Casey! (although that condensed milk one was swaying me! oh man why has nobody done that before?!)Loving-Earth-New-Packaging


This morning the postman arrived bearing a delivery of the chocolate kind – and if you’re lucky they could be hitting up your place too!

My friends at Loving Earth have been busily working alongside the people at Round to design the brand-new packaging for their much-loved chocolate (and they stuck in a secret new flavour to boot! One I’m fully thumbs-up about). I loved the old packaging, but I love this new getup even more. So colour-blocked! Much modern.

And I’m not the only fan – apparently it’s been flying off shelves since it was released a few days ago, and as I was reading their newsletter this week I gave a mental high-five to Loving Earth founder Scott Fry for what he had to say: “It was about catching up with where the product was at – the chocolate has come through so much innovation and evolution but the actual packaging has just become more and more confusing … there’s a depth to it that’s not obvious at the start, but there’s this visual imagery that’s not just artistic but is symbolic – it tells a story. There’s a system there, everything serves a purpose, it’s functional – and I love that, how form is function. I think what we’ve got now is brilliant. I like the stripped-back feel, I like the feel of the board, I like the colours, the way it sits in different light and the three-dimensionality of it.”

That’s a man who’s pleased!

You can be pleased too, if these chocolates end up on your doorstep. When Loving Earth released a couple of new flavours earlier this year (shoutout to that mandarin and gubinge situation), I asked you to guess what you thought they might be – and some of you came up with the gnarliest flavour combos! So I’m going to ask you to come up with a great new chocolate flavour and the one that sounds the most delicious next Thursday June 18 at 5pm will be the winner!

In the meantime, there is a huge stocktake sale going on over at Loving Earth if you just can’t wait another minute for chocolate. For newsletter subscribers, they have 20% off all products at the moment, and a 35% discount on the stash of chocolates they still have with the former packaging. If you haven’t read your recent missive from them, hop to it and get the code. There’s free shipping on all orders over $50 for all.

Please enter by commenting below your chocolate combo and I’ll be in touch with the winner next week. Residents of Australia only (sorry!) and only one entry per person. Thank you kindly, and good luck!

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WIN! a $150 voucher to Oliver’s Twisty Tales

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 2.02.11 pm

I don’t know where I’d be without online shopping  – I loathe shopping with the fire of a thousand suns at the best of times, so if I don’t have to get dressed/referee and monitor a toddler and a preschooler/leave the comfort of my own home (or bed, if I’m being honest), I’m all over it.

I’m often on the lookout for slightly-out-of-the-ordinary gifts for kids, both mine and my friends’ little ones who are having birthdays. I always find something at Oliver’s Twisty Tales – and if I’m honest (again!) – several somethings.

Giving to yourself is still giving, right?

Well today we’re giving to you – enter the draw to win yourself a $150 voucher to spend at Oliver’s Twisty Tales online shop. You will find everything from wooden toys to multicultural dolls, to clothes, and all kinds of pretty interior goodies.

Olivers Twisty Tales

cute, huh?!

To be in the running, fill out the form below. One winner will be chosen at random, and the giveway ends May 15, 2015 at 5pm. One entry per person, and residents of Australia only, please (sorry). Terms and conditions can be found here.

Good luck! And feel free to share if you know someone who would love to win something special.

Oliver’s Twisty Tales are also on Facebook // Instagram – tell ‘em I said hi!

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Does your home need jewellery? (Who am I kidding, of course it does). A giveaway with Down That Little Lane

LOOK AT THAT PLANTER!!!andyANDmollyFor real. Look at it. How effing cute! And if any of the other organically-designed home beads from Down That Little Lane seller andyANDmolly designs strike your fancy, then do please pop over to enter the giveaway here. (but do hurry, it ends in TWO DAYS).


or here!

andyANDmolly jewellery is made in gorgeous rural Victoria, and is known for understated bohemian glamour. Such pretty purses, scarves and bracelets (the turquoise nugget one, oh mah GAWD) at such reasonable prices make it a wonderful place to go for that something special. And if you’ve not acquainted yourself with Down That Little Lane yet – get thee moving! I waxed poetic about Tess and her internet baby here a little while ago, and am always in awe of how hard-working and professional she and her team are. I’ve just joined their little Blogging Family and I couldn’t be prouder. I can’t wait to share more of their things with you, and you might even see me pop up in their newsletter every now and then.

Enough waffling. Go enter!

*Disclaimer: As part of the Down That Little Lane band of bloggers, I’ll be sharing this kind of love from time to time. It is not a paid affiliation. Party on!

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Be your own cafe – win one of two Caffitaly Coffee Systems! {ended}

Congratulations Jody and Jazzy K!

This is a sponsored post for Woolworthscaffitaly-5

Coffee lovers usually fall somewhere on the spectrum of coffee types – from a steaming mug of instant, to a top-of-the shelf cat-poo $15-dollars-a-cup brew. Me? Well I’m nowhere near the top of the chain, but I do appreciate a good, strong, full-flavoured cup of joe from time to time (while also hanging out with the instant drinkers. I’m sorry! It’s a nostalgia thing).


I remember a friend’s parents spent a small fortune one year to buy themselves an espresso machine for their home. I marvelled at its shiny prettiness, before thinking it was never going to be something I could afford for myself. I did buy my caffeine-craving husband an espresso machine for his birthday several years ago, and that poor thing has been hammered daily (often several times a day) until it now groans in protest when we so much as even look at it sideways.


Everywhere I look, people have moved into the future with the pod-type coffee machines – no mess, perfect portions every time, freshness sealed right in those little capsules, etc. I wasn’t really into them – too much packaging, and the pods were only available online. That’s hardly convenient. What if you’re in a severe coffee emergency? You couldn’t just run to the shop and grab a bag.


Well, times have changed. The coffee machines of the future are here, and they want to be in your kitchen. Pods are here and they’re in you’re supermarket. Woolworths have stepped into the coffee game with the Caffitaly Coffee System and a range of coffee capsules to go with it. They have everything from decaf to Colombian Espresso, and there are also Lavazza and Gloria Jeans brand capsules available. I still think there’ s too much packaging for the individual pods though, and I look forward to there being a recycling program similar to other brands of coffee capsules.


If you’re into making cafe-quality coffee at home without the hassle and the high cost, well you’ve come to the right place. I like to make a coffee in a reusable cup before I head out, and the times I do buy a coffee out and about, I’ve been known to wince at the price! You might want to buy a Caffitaly to make your own coffee in your own home, or pop it in a Christmas stocking for a coffee-loving loved one (they are currently half-price at $49 – bargain). You might also want to enter our competition to win one of two machines for yourself!

caffitaly caffitaly-3 caffitaly-4

I found the machine super-simple to use, and that there were a variety of coffee strengths and flavours available at Woolies. I was of course skeptical of the Woolworths-brand coffee, but it held its own. Nice and strong with a good flavour.

I also saw that Twinings had tea pods for the machine, and you’d better believe I tested that with my stringent tea tests. If you’re meant to brew tea for three minutes, how does it compare coming through a 30-second coffee pod machine?

caffitaly-6 caffitaly-7 caffitaly-8Not bad, actually. Not as hot as I’d like, but the flavour was certainly strong enough. Not bad at all.

Now to the fun part for you guys: two winners will each receive a Caffitaly Coffee System worth $99.

For entry, you must leave a comment telling me your earliest coffee memory. I remember at seven years old when my nana was making me a cup of tea, I asked for a coffee (I wanted to be like my mum). My nana very cheekily told me that coffee kills little kids and I could only have tea. I’m not sure when I was brave enough to put her theory to the test, but I was an established coffee drinker by the time my little brother was born when I was 10. Sure it had about 25 teaspoons of sugar in it, but it was delicious nonetheless!

Two winners will be chosen on Saturday, December 28 at noon, on the basis of their comment. They will be notified by email and named on this post. Australian residents only, please.

Good luck! May the coffee be with you.


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Veggie Mama x Windfall Jewellery giveaway – get some pretty metal in your life {ended}

Congrats, Danika!


I’m always so inspired by people who have a passion and turn that into a way to make a living. It’s so easy to think “oh one day I’d like to”, but never actually do anything about it. Too much work, too risky… we all make a ton of excuses.

When I heard my friend Lani Williams was creating amazing handcrafted jewellery from her Melbourne home, I was so excited for her. When I saw it was all elegant but also edgy (to this day I am obsessed with the Wu-Tang Ring), I was excited for ME. and everyone who wants Australian-made, locally-sourced items made into fun and funky jewellery.

It takes guts to takes something you love and make it a business, and Lani has plenty of that. (Quite literally – she’s about to have a baby in the next few months!) So I asked her a few questions, and she very generously offered some of her treats for a giveaway. What a legend.

What started as a little tradition of collecting jewellery from her travels soon turned into a hobby and then a passion. Lani met a couple in India who lived in Tibet and handmade sterling silver jewellery in the tourist off-season, then sold it when they all came to visit. “They were just so humble and happy, and lived a life they were so happy about, that it inspired me to quit the job I hated and start doing something I love,” she said. And so she did.

On her return to Australia, she took some courses, taught herself, and developed her style. But there’s always something a bit special that makes us get out of our comfort zone and make a proper go of the thing that we love. When I asked how she pushed past the doubt to make her dream a reality, she said: “my dad has always said to me ‘if you think about something long enough, you will find a reason to talk yourself out of it’. I think about this every time I start to question what I’m doing, push it behind me, and persevere”. Wise words, dad! sometimes the best decisions are bold ones you haven’t over-thought.

Creating her jewellery by supporting Australian businesses is also one of Lani’s main priorities. She sources her materials sustainably and locally wherever possible, and most of her supplies come from small businesses that are family-run and who have been in the industry for generations. “I don’t see the point in sending our money offshore when we are more than able to keep it all in-house within Australia,” she said. “I think there’s something beautiful about making something from start to finish with local materials, especially when it is specifically for someone that is going to cherish it for a lifetime.”

With the amount of Windfall Jewellery output, you could be forgiven for thinking it’s a multi-person operation. In reality, it’s just Lani putting long hours in her Melbourne studio, doing everything from making the bespoke pieces to selling them, fielding enquiries, packing, shipping, keeping accounts and answering questions like these! It’s a one-woman army (occasionally with the help of her husband, the equally-talented husband, Matt).

With everything from anchor rings to fang necklaces and custom designs, you’d be pretty hard-pressed to name a favourite. Especially if you were the person making them, and can make whatever you want! But Lani’s favourite piece is the wedding ring she made for her husband, which was created from melting down the yellow gold of a ring of her mother’s, a yellow gold band of her father’s, and set with a diamond given to her by her sister. “I really like melting down old pieces that I have accumulated from family over time, and reworking them into new, modern pieces I would actually wear,” she said.

The next step for Windfall will be creating a line of engagment rings (swoon), which Lani is super-excited about (and makes me want to get married again) – “big, sparkly, girly wedding rings with a bit of Windfall style”, she said. SO up my alley!

And how does she fit it all in? “It’s really hard when you work for yourself to find the perfect balance,” she said. “It’s also hard when you love what you do and the work doesn’t stop so you just keep going. My husband has a cool roster, 2days on 2days off an they are long 13 hour days. So if he is working so am I. When he is off then so am I. Which gives us this perfect balance of work and life ad gives us heaps of time together. I also travel as much as I can to recharge the soul. So when I work I work my butt off but then I take a lot of holidays to balance it out.”

So if you’re interested in collecting a couple of crazy, sustainably-sourced, handmade pieces made in a Melbourne studio to a hip hop and reggae playlist, then simply leave a comment telling us which of Lani’s pieces (found here) you totally love, and why. We will choose a winner based on their answers next Tuesday, December 10 at noon AEDT. One lucky winner will receive a Full of Love ring ($79.95) a Baby WF crescent moon ring (69.95), and an Under The Skies Above necklace (84.95), all in sterling silver.

Any questions, please ask! You can also find Lani on Instagram at @windfalljewellery, Facebook here, Twitter here, and Tumblr here.

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Giveaway: Cosima Skincare Pure Radiance Rich Hydrating Creme

Competition has ended. congrats to Mary and Roslyn!Radiance richHi there! Do I have a goodie for you today or what!

I’ve been using this gorgeous natural and organic hydrating creme from Cosima Skincare for almost a month now, and it is utterly divine. So smooth, rich and creamy (without being greasy, SUCH a bonus) and leaves my skin soft and nourished. The lovely Angela has insisted I give a pot to TWO lucky readers so they too can have luxurious skin. Just because we think you’re awesome.

Rich in coconut water, coconut lipids and a fermented algae extract, this is 50ml of anti-ageing goodness in a little glass jar. It has the same ingredients as a very popular anti-ageing and replenishing skin cream, but retails at much less than the wallet-melting $440 a pop. If you’d like to win one for yourself, please leave a comment below telling me what your secret naughty skin behaviour is. Don’t protect your skin from the sun? Forget to drink enough water? Fail at taking your makeup off before bed? (eep, just realised I do all of these things!)

Entries close next Tuesday July 16 at 5pm AEST. One entry per person (Australian residents only). This is a game of skill, not chance. The sky is blue. I like you.

Winners will be notified by email, so make sure you’re contactable. Good luck! Your face needs you :)


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A moment to myself – and a $500 giveaway for you!

This competition is now closed. Thank you to all who entered, and congratulations to Cynthia, Eleise, Shae, Kerry and Peta, who won a coffee gift pack, and Lila, who won the Amazon gift card!

This is a sponsored post for Moccona


I will take any moment to relax when I get it. I often create little pockets of time to escape for a bit before the reality of a filthy floor and third load of washing to be hung out hits me again. When the baby is napping and Abby is out, or quietly playing, I will grab a cup and something to read and zone out for a few minutes.

As I bake a different goodie every week, depending on my mood, I have a little something to indulge in when I’m sitting down to relax. Sometimes it’s healthy, sometimes it’s a bit of a treat, but it’s always delicious.


Recently I had a morning meeting with the organic farmer who grows my fruit and veg, and I made a lovely orange cake with oranges from my delivery that week. Later on that afternoon, I found myself with half an hour spare and I dived straight for that cake, put a callout on Facebook for some blog posts to read, and settled back with a cup of vanilla-infused Moccona coffee.  I’m very partial to vanilla, and Moccona is great at giving me a little boost in the afternoon without wiring me til midnight (caffeine and I are NOT FRIENDS).


I’m actually very keen to try all three flavours (vanilla, hazelnut and caramel) and I think the caramel one would be divine in a caramel-frosted coffee scroll… oh man. I like that it is a ‘hint’ of flavor, not a sugary overload. It just adds that extra level in a subtle way and the vanilla was perfect alongside the orange cake. Hell, vanilla is perfect alongside anything, but I’m biased.


If you’re into afternoon (or anytime!) mini-breaks to indulge, then you might like a something from the flavor-infused Moccona range. Orange cake optional! I have five packs to give away (each pack contains a Vanilla, Hazelnut and Caramel flavor), and one grand prize of a Amazon Gift Card for $500. Six lucky coffee-loving readers are going to be very happy!

Please leave a comment (30 words or less) telling me what you’d have with your favourite flavor.  Did the orange cake sway you? Perhaps an apple tart, or coconut muffin? Something else you love to make?

And is there room at your table for me?

Entries close May 10, 2013 at 10am AEDT.

Full terms and conditions are here.

Good luck!

Coordinated by The Remarkables Group


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