Kid Food: Snacks


Snack time, y'all! Where I eat everything + cheese, and the kids lick a banana and run off to play. Sigh. Fruit kebabs. They wanted me to take the fruit straight off. Then one asked for just a banana on a stick. Homemade apple pie with a Miffy cheese. Nope and nope. We had a bit of apple action, but not much else. Sneaky chocolate chips … [Read more...]

Kid food: Snacks

little lemon cakes

Writing these posts always make me hungry. Sultanas, yogurt drops, goji berries, cheerios, chocolate-covered sultanas (for something different!) and blueberries, back from when they were in season and weren't $9.99 a punnet (my hot tip? Get blueberries from Aldi. Great quality, lowest price I've seen!) Raspberry and coconut muffins Boiled … [Read more...]

Hidden Veggie Pizza Scrolls


I won't bore you any more today with tales of my non-eating children (although the eldest is getting a bit more adventurous), and while I serve up veggies in their natural form every day, I also sneak in the ones they're not eating. Balance is everything, haha. I've been using hidden veggie sauce on pasta, in sandwiches, on pizza, basically … [Read more...]

Kid food: Lunch


A throwback picture from our old house - the deck was so warm outside! I daren't step foot outside just yet. Too damn cold. Anyway, we had egg sandwiches (Bigs had peanut butter because she was going through "the phase"), and fruit. My best egg sandwich of all time rules here. Greek yogurt with homemade strawberry preserves. Quorn nuggets, … [Read more...]

The fussy kid food battle continues…


This is a sponsored post for Cenovis One of the first things I realised when Biggie embarked upon a career of picky eating was: I wasn’t alone. Plenty of mums and dads were right there with me knowing their kid wouldn’t touch a spear of broccoli with a ten-foot-pole, or would scream the house down when presented with a piece of cheese. While I … [Read more...]

Kid Food: Mini Yogurt Pancakes

Mini Yogurt Pancakes :: The Veggie Mama

Ever since the kids were born, I've found it hard to make pancake-sized pancakes. The girls were so little, and had tiny mouths, it seemed more useful to make them more like silver-dollar pancakes than anything else. Smaller than pikelets even (although every time I make them, most people are like "what's a pikelet?"). I really enjoy tiny food … [Read more...]

The Fussy Eater: How far we’ve come

kid food snacks

While I'm not sold on labelling kids, the truth of the matter is, my kid is not an enthusiastic eater. Ever since that day when she was 13 months old and refused her lunch, she has been wary of new food. For the longest time, she point-blank refused to eat anything except peanut butter sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, and weetbix. I kept trying new … [Read more...]

Kid food: snacks

Snack ideas for kids

We were getting back into the swing of things snack-wise before the move, and I relished the chance to get creative with kid food. Then we moved, and I was throwing peanut butter sandwiches and handfuls of sultanas at them at regular intervals. I think it's time to step it up a notch! Anyway, before we moved, this was what was happening at toddler … [Read more...]