Starting Kindergarten – The Essentials


Shut up, I can't believe it. Yesterday I was giving birth to her, and now she's on the verge of trotting off to four-year-old kindergarten three mornings a week. MY BABY! She's been dying to go since last year, and often makes me drive past so she can see it. She pays no attention to the fact it's closed and nobody is in there, she wants to … [Read more...]

Nostalgia TV


Do you know what's been on high rotation around here? This: So much so, that I've had to make the big sister a Rainbow Brite costume because it's not 1984 and I can't just buy one from the shops. It all began when we were all hanging out in my bed one Saturday morning. Too young for regular Saturday cartoons, I showed my kids a YouTube video … [Read more...]

Kids Live Here


Tiny tyrants have taken over the house. It's kinda fun. But I'm not gonna lie, I can't wait until they can pick up their own tipped-out pencils twelve times a day. What's it like at yours? What are you sick to death of doing for the eight-millionth time?   … [Read more...]

Rah! Win a leopard-print onesie for your tiny tot


If your kids are anything like mine, they are on the floor a lot. I see it as a sign of a day well-spent if my kids can get as messy as they possibly can - but then I am a little bit wigged out that the pants I just bought them yesterday are ruined. HOW cute is this little waterproof onesie/pants situation to solve that very dilemma?! Now … [Read more...]

Share your childhood fashion memories! {ended}


This is a sponsored post for Marquise Congratulations Kaite - not sure we could go past that innovative use of a bikini bottom! My mum used to get so excited about dressing my sister and I as kids. I distinctly remember some fashionable tartan skirts, cute tights and the obligatory ‘80s leg warmers. I also remember going through a boy phase in … [Read more...]