Nostalgia TV


Do you know what's been on high rotation around here? This: So much so, that I've had to make the big sister a Rainbow Brite costume because it's not 1984 and I can't just buy one from the shops. It all began when we were all hanging out in my bed one Saturday morning. Too young for regular Saturday cartoons, I showed my kids a YouTube video … [Read more...]

Kids Live Here


Tiny tyrants have taken over the house. It's kinda fun. But I'm not gonna lie, I can't wait until they can pick up their own tipped-out pencils twelve times a day. What's it like at yours? What are you sick to death of doing for the eight-millionth time?   … [Read more...]

Rah! Win a leopard-print onesie for your tiny tot


If your kids are anything like mine, they are on the floor a lot. I see it as a sign of a day well-spent if my kids can get as messy as they possibly can - but then I am a little bit wigged out that the pants I just bought them yesterday are ruined. HOW cute is this little waterproof onesie/pants situation to solve that very dilemma?! Now … [Read more...]

Share your childhood fashion memories! {ended}


This is a sponsored post for Marquise Congratulations Kaite - not sure we could go past that innovative use of a bikini bottom! My mum used to get so excited about dressing my sister and I as kids. I distinctly remember some fashionable tartan skirts, cute tights and the obligatory ‘80s leg warmers. I also remember going through a boy phase in … [Read more...]

Toddler Activity: Under the Sea Week


Sometimes, in an effort to think creatively when it comes to keeping kids amused (what do they say - the days are long but the years are short? amen!), I like to have a bit of a theme. That's suddenly when I think of 50 things to do - I seem to work better with a few parameters. Abby mentioned something recently about a boat, so I thought it … [Read more...]