Toddler Activity: Under the Sea Week


Sometimes, in an effort to think creatively when it comes to keeping kids amused (what do they say - the days are long but the years are short? amen!), I like to have a bit of a theme. That's suddenly when I think of 50 things to do - I seem to work better with a few parameters. Abby mentioned … [Read more...]

Gift Guide: shop for little ones at Spiral Garden (and support local business this Christmas!)

spiral garden gift guide

When I'm looking for natural, handmade, ethical and sustainable items for my kids, the first place I go is Spiral Garden. Run from Tasmania by the lovely Lauren + Oberon (and their delightful little trio of owlet ladies), the store is a wonderful collection of natural and fair-trade goodness for … [Read more...]

The clueless mum’s guide to a nature table


I like pretending I'm down with the natural parents. We have modelling beeswax and blocks made from sustainable artisan wood sources, our play kitchen is made from eco-friendly materials and painted with non-toxic paint. A lot of our stuff is handmade, homemade, op-shopped and recycled. I really do … [Read more...]

Win two 3-month subscriptions to Bizzy Box *ENDED*


Congratulations to Jodes and Danyoolsan - both excellent winners from a bunch of very worthy competitors! This was a hard one. How much fun is stuff in the mail? How much fun is stuff in the mail that is crafty, fun, and fully set up for little kids to amuse themselves? All of the funs, that's … [Read more...]

Six tips for taking your tikes to Tokyo

Tiny tots in Tokyo

If you've been reading here for a while, you most likely have a fair idea that I don't shy away from travelling with toddlers. Or babies. I like to think it can be survived, nay, enjoyed, and it's like my personal mission to shake people by the shoulders and say "IT'S REALLY NOT SO BAD, I PROMISE, … [Read more...]

Kid food: Breakfast


Feeding two children has become very interesting. One not very interested in food, one very interested, but only in a handful of things. I'm out of the safe and predictable rut I was in and back in the challenge of seeing how far I can go with what goes on their plate. This has been breakfast … [Read more...]

My favourite travel snacks for kids.

travel snacks for kids

We're a humble bunch, we don't want a great deal. Nothing really... except world travel. Well, that and popcorn. (Priorities, man.) Although our eldest is only two and a half, we have not been afraid to get started on our world-domination plans. So far we have been to Japan, New Zealand, … [Read more...]

WAHM in the spotlight: Down That Little Lane

tessa and fam

I like to shine a spotlight on small businesses and work-at-home mums where I can. Sometimes they are advertisers, sometimes it’s just stuff I have found and want to share. Let’s high-five them, shall we? If you've traipsed around the internet in Australia, you most probably have come across … [Read more...]

The Veggie Mama Community – Kid stuff we love

The Veggie Mama Community

It's that time again, folks, where we pool our resources and create a list. This time, it's cool places to get kid stuff - clothes, toys, shoes, whatever! Got a shop? let us all know! I've started with a list of sites I use, and also from the list we came up with on Facebook last week for kids' … [Read more...]

WAHM in the spotlight: Bean and Me {and 10% off for you!}


I like to shine a spotlight on small businesses and work-at-home mums where I can. Sometimes they are advertisers, sometimes it’s just stuff I have found and want to share. Let’s high-five them, shall we? Y'all, stop what you are doing right now and go check out these kiddo sweaters: Are … [Read more...]

super-healthy wholefood snacks for kids

meg kiddo

Guys and dolls! Please welcome a bit of a hero of mine - Meg from My Wholefood Romance. As I learn about creating healthy and nutritious meals for my family, I find Meg to be inspirational. A thrill to have her sharing here at Veggie Mama today! When I was pregnant, I was adamant that my … [Read more...]

Abby turns two


And it was a very relaxed, fun affair. I had hoped to spend more time organising party things, but I realised as time got closer that I'm still spread too thin. And making a fun party is one of those things I want to have time for. So I am in the process of amending that. But overall, we had a good … [Read more...]

Spoiling my kids


How do I keep from spoiling my kids? I mean this in a very materialistic sense - with things, not with love and affection. How do I find the line between giving them what they would love, and going overboard? It's been on my mind a lot since Christmas, and then this morning I saw this bed: Image … [Read more...]

Learn To Tell The Time With Noddy


This is far and away Abby's favourite book at the moment. "Poddy, mum?" she asks. I oblige. Not only do I want to encourage reading, but I want an excuse to pile everyone on my lap so I can sniff their heads and kiss their cheeks while I read them a story. Anytime. As many times a day as I … [Read more...]

WAHM spotlight: Petit Armoir {and free shipping for readers!}

Petit Armoir what I bought

I like to shine a spotlight on small businesses and work-at-home mums where I can. Sometimes they are advertisers, sometimes it's just stuff I have found and want to share. Let's high-five them, shall we? Miriam from Petit Armoir was one of the very first advertisers on Veggie Mama when I opened … [Read more...]