Three-Cheese Scrolls


I got a bit overexcited when I received a breadmaker as a Christmas gift. While I still haven't nailed a good loaf of bread in it, I have been totally putting it through its paces kneading endless amounts of dough for me. We've been making pizza on the regular, and these scrolls too. I've taken them … [Read more...]

Kid food: snacks

Snack ideas for kids

We were getting back into the swing of things snack-wise before the move, and I relished the chance to get creative with kid food. Then we moved, and I was throwing peanut butter sandwiches and handfuls of sultanas at them at regular intervals. I think it's time to step it up a notch! Anyway, … [Read more...]

The Quick Lunch: Green soba noodle stirfry for one


You know what I suck at? Eating lunch. Like, a proper lunch. Often the girls have rest time from 11.30 onwards, and I use that time to work. So I don't eat until they get up (sometimes hours later) and by then I'm so hungry I'm about to punch my own self in the face. And then I don't want anything, … [Read more...]

Caramelised Apple and Cinnamon scrolls (make ‘em heart-shaped for Valentine’s Day!)

apple scrolls

These caramelised apple and cinnamon scrolls are a happy accident. Want to take regular apple and cinnamon scrolls that one step further? Well, have some toddlers who distract you from keeping an eye on the apples stewing on the stove. That should do it! I was having the wonderful Ruth (Gourmet … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday – Lemony sprouted lentil salad


When I saw Aldi were selling little sprouters for $5, I thought it was high time I delved into the world of sprouting. I think I grew sprouts as a kid with a jar and some cheesecloth, but I've never tried sprouting anything else. I wasn't entirely convinced it was necessary, and it looked a bit too … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday – Orange-roasted beet and haloumi salad


Last week I had to fly to Melbourne for the day, leaving at 4pm and not getting there until almost 10pm. Knowing it's pretty slim pickin's for veggies on flights (the budget airlines, anyway!) I decided to pack a hearty salad for dinner that would see me through, wouldn't stink out the plane, could … [Read more...]

Little lemon cakes and some wholefood rebellion


Did you ever get made fun of in the playground for what was in your lunchbox? I did. We were pretty poor, so I didn't get anything exciting... ever. Peanut butter sandwich and two biscuits, or a no-frills muesli bar. Frozen cordial occasionally in my water bottle. Sometimes $2 for the tuckshop. I … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday – Greek-style risoni salad


Hello there my fine Meatless Monday friends! I hope you didn't feel too neglected in the daily slog that was the 31 days challenge. I had nary a molecule of motivation left in me to write after I got through all that, so the food fell by the wayside somewhat. Well, no more! I briefly considered … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday: Quick sweet chilli tofu and rice


This is one of my favourite lunches, and if you've got leftovers in your fridge then it's one of the quickest, too. I generally have some cooked brown rice or quinoa, and a slab or two of tofu hidden around somewhere. It really is only limited by your imagination, but I tend to put it together like … [Read more...]

Banana strawberry muffins

banana strawberry muffins

Hot damn do I love a muffin! Not the cakey ones, the muffiny ones (you know what I mean, right?). They're so handy for using up ripe bananas, and so portable. They're also pretty hard to screw up, and easy to make with the kids. I change it up all the time, and seeing as we had a glut of … [Read more...]


the best egg sandwich of all time 2

  A little while ago on Facebook, I declared that my lunch that day was the best egg sandwich of all time. OF ALL TIME. Intrigued by the boldness of my claim, somebody asked me what my technique was, as we all secretly think our way is the best way of sandwich-making (my husband likes the … [Read more...]

Savory scones


How much fun are scones! I love them. Truth be told, it took me a long time to come around to savory scones (what's a scone without jam and lashings of whipped cream, ffs?!), but once I did, I didn't look back. Nowadays when I see my dill is getting a bit out of hand, or the chives begin to fold … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday – sweet chilli grilled tofu wrap


I love wraps 90,000,000 times more than sandwiches, no matter how hard I try. Even though they drip all over me and occasionally split as I greedily stuff it full of crunchy salad goodness. I'll always forgive them! They know not what they do. Lately I've been experimenting with different protein … [Read more...]

My favourite travel snacks for kids.

travel snacks for kids

We're a humble bunch, we don't want a great deal. Nothing really... except world travel. Well, that and popcorn. (Priorities, man.) Although our eldest is only two and a half, we have not been afraid to get started on our world-domination plans. So far we have been to Japan, New Zealand, … [Read more...]

Blueberry buckwheat pikelets {gluten-free}


Just a quick one today folks - a healthified version of an old favourite. Meanwhile, I love when I post pictures of these on Instagram, and people be all 'what's a pikelet?' Let's just say little pancake and be done with explaining! Just like all our other pikelets around here, we eat 'em … [Read more...]