Spinach Alfredo Pizza

pizza with alfredo sauce

I have a brand-new obsession, and it takes the form of a creamy, cheesy sauce on a crispy-yet-chewy pizza. Holy hallelujah, it is insane. I'm a bit iffy with pizza, I think owing to the fact I don't really like tomato-based sauces. And when everyone's slapping that shit all over pizza, you can imagine I can really take it or leave it. But one … [Read more...]

Roasted pumpkin and fennel lasagna


  Now, far be it for me to dictate how to live your life, but please don't make this lasagna with butternut pumpkin. I'm going to go so far as to say don't make anything with butternut pumpkin ever, because it's a bit... lacking in flavour, to be polite. Ok, fuck politeness, eating butternut pumpkin is like eating a picture of butternut … [Read more...]

Eggplant, haloumi and pumpkin parmigiana


You know how you're staring into the bottom of your fridge knowing that there's stuff you need to use up, but none of it really goes together? That's how this dish was born. Only it really, really goes together. Allow me to explain. Obviously, haloumi goes with everything. So when I considered making an eggplant parmigiana bake, I had a … [Read more...]

Mushroom-chive wontons


Hello and welcome to wonton hour. Today we'll be making wontons with a soy-mushroom-chive filling, absolutely delicious little morsels of goodness. These are great on their own with some dipping sauce, or floating in a gingery broth with lots of crispy carrot and Asian greens. I froze the lot and kept them for quick lunches during … [Read more...]

Stuff your face at Smith & Daughters


In my wasted youth, a friend of mine and I used to sit at hardcore shows or house parties and have conversations entirely comprised of Ricky Gervais quotes. He grew up and went overseas and met an equally-talented but slightly more beautiful (sorry Callum) lass called Mo. I grew up and started this blog while watching re-runs of The Office and … [Read more...]

Five dinner ideas from Pinterest


Pinterest is glorious. Not only for seeing pictures of overstyled houses and kids birthday parties fit for millionaire children, but as the one-stop-shop for putting stuff I don't know where to put anywhere else. Back in the day, I used to cut and paste recipes into word documents (or I'd borrow books from the library and type them out) and keep … [Read more...]

The Quick Lunch: Green soba noodle stirfry for one


You know what I suck at? Eating lunch. Like, a proper lunch. Often the girls have rest time from 11.30 onwards, and I use that time to work. So I don't eat until they get up (sometimes hours later) and by then I'm so hungry I'm about to punch my own self in the face. And then I don't want anything, because everything takes too long to make and I … [Read more...]