Mushroom-chive wontons


Hello and welcome to wonton hour. Today we'll be making wontons with a soy-mushroom-chive filling, absolutely delicious little morsels of goodness. These are great on their own with some dipping sauce, or floating in a gingery broth with lots of crispy carrot and Asian greens. I froze … [Read more...]

Stuff your face at Smith & Daughters


In my wasted youth, a friend of mine and I used to sit at hardcore shows or house parties and have conversations entirely comprised of Ricky Gervais quotes. He grew up and went overseas and met an equally-talented but slightly more beautiful (sorry Callum) lass called Mo. I grew up and started this … [Read more...]

What am I making with my organic veg boxes? Come on in, I’ll show you.


I get my veggie boxes from Whole Larder Love, and a few people lately have asked me what I've been making from the contents. It's a bit fun, like a Masterchef Mystery Box, but gianter and with more cabbage. I must admit, I've been thinking in all sorts of traditional recipe ways when I open the … [Read more...]

Five dinner ideas from Pinterest


Pinterest is glorious. Not only for seeing pictures of overstyled houses and kids birthday parties fit for millionaire children, but as the one-stop-shop for putting stuff I don't know where to put anywhere else. Back in the day, I used to cut and paste recipes into word documents (or I'd borrow … [Read more...]

The Quick Lunch: Green soba noodle stirfry for one


You know what I suck at? Eating lunch. Like, a proper lunch. Often the girls have rest time from 11.30 onwards, and I use that time to work. So I don't eat until they get up (sometimes hours later) and by then I'm so hungry I'm about to punch my own self in the face. And then I don't want anything, … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday: Five vegan dinner ideas


The internet is my number-one source of dinner inspiration, and sometimes I like to have a little theme going on. Sometimes I just find one site and go a little bit nuts over their amazing choices, and try one of everything. The Post-Punk Kitchen is one of those such sites. Isa is the coolest … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday: sweet potato and eggplant stack with balsamic reduction


It's getting pretttty hot here, folks! So I find I'm turning  more and more to non-oven options for dinner. I bought a ridged cast-iron grill pan from Aldi a few months ago, and it is AMAZING for grilling veggies on, so I've been doing it every chance I get. Such a bargain, and it makes such a … [Read more...]

Ideas for your organics box: part 2


Remember last time when I went nuts in the kitchen and cooked like, a week's worth of meals because I was worried the stuff in my organics box would go bad before I could get to it all? Well I keep it up as much as I can, because there's nothing worse than paying so much for wonderful produce only … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday – Greek-style risoni salad


Hello there my fine Meatless Monday friends! I hope you didn't feel too neglected in the daily slog that was the 31 days challenge. I had nary a molecule of motivation left in me to write after I got through all that, so the food fell by the wayside somewhat. Well, no more! I briefly considered … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday – Roasted pumpkin, fennel and haloumi salad


You guys!! Look at this!! Today instead of my amateur photography, you get PURE AWESOMENESS from the incredibly talented Lauren Merrick. You may remember her from such blogs as Baby Mac (that header!) and The Beetleshack (that everything!). She has funky prints (on carbon-neutral paper, no less) … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday: Spinach and ricotta cannelloni

spinach and ricotta cannelloni

Man, I love me a kitchen shortcut! This spinach and ricotta cannelloni is one of my favourite cheats although I cannot remember where I got the idea. I've never stuffed cannelloni, I've never piped anything - instead, I roll the filling in fresh lasagna sheets and tip the sauce all over the top. … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday: wholemeal tomato pasta for fussy toddlers


You can imagine my excitement when, after a few small successful attempts at feeding Abby spaghetti, she sat down to eat this dish and actually looked like she was enjoying it. Mind you, I hid the excitement and acted like it was no big deal, in the hopes that she would just START EATING NORMALLY … [Read more...]

A few ideas for your winter veggie box


Howdy, gang! As I was unpacking my organics box the other day, I had to think quickly about what was to be done with all of it. Organic veggies don't last long, and it's horrible to waste them, so I mentally put them in order of what needed to be used first and started prepping some of them for … [Read more...]

Our Growing Edge: the roundup


Hey gang! Did you cross a culinary experience off your bucket list this month? Plenty of people around the world did, so let's peek into their kitchens, shall we? First up, in a move that will please nutella-lovers everywhere, Nom Nom Ally has made a healthy homemade … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday: Vegan San Choi Bau


  Here's something I'd always wanted to make, but shoved it into the "one day" category (a lot of things are in there, I'm afraid to look! I slam the door and run...). It involved having iceberg lettuce to hand, which I rarely buy, and also sorting out a minced meat substitute for the … [Read more...]