Golden rice salad


This golden rice salad is a nice change from my usual bowl of brown rice, and is rather sunshiny now that it's getting warmer again. The yellow is from turmeric, which is amazingly good for you, but doesn't impart much of a flavour. Never fear, everything else makes up for it! In this salad, I mixed cooked brown rice with roasted sweet potato … [Read more...]

A few ideas for your winter veggie box

organics box

Howdy, gang! As I was unpacking my organics box the other day, I had to think quickly about what was to be done with all of it. Organic veggies don't last long, and it's horrible to waste them, so I mentally put them in order of what needed to be used first and started prepping some of them for dinners during the week. Then I thought some of you … [Read more...]

Summer meal ideas

no oven dinners

Because seriously - who wants to put the oven on? Or even take too long cooking things? Not me, but I'm pretty lazy. Anyhow, if you're pressed for time, or just want a relaxed approach to dinner when everyone's hot and frazzled and tired, here's a few ideas that don't take long, don't need too much heat, or can be done on the barbecue … [Read more...]

Guest Post: I’m the only vegetarian in my family.

Howdy y'all! Today we have Sheri guest posting, all the way from Canada! She blogs at What The Boy Ate about her picky-eatin' son, life as a stay at home mom, and being the only veggie in her family, which I know some of you struggle with yourselves... Enjoy! Hello Veggie Mama readers, I am honoured to be able to write a guest post while … [Read more...]

Veggie meal plan

fresh egg fettuccine

 Pin It I get asked quite a lot if there are recipes to go with my meal plans, and usually there aren't - simply because I don't often make the same thing twice, and I'm usually experimenting with something that will eventually end up on the blog most weeks. So I decided to make a meal plan of all the things I've already made whose recipes … [Read more...]

Veggie meal plan


 Pin It It's about that time of year where lots of this happens: Rugging up, watching fun things (in this case, River Cottage Spring!) and a hell of a lot of crochet. I've got the biggest to-do list and I've not even made anything for my own baby yet! Must get cracking as I've only got 8 or so weeks left. But I'm getting very, very, … [Read more...]