Three-Cheese Scrolls


I got a bit overexcited when I received a breadmaker as a Christmas gift. While I still haven't nailed a good loaf of bread in it, I have been totally putting it through its paces kneading endless amounts of dough for me. We've been making pizza on the regular, and these scrolls too. I've taken them … [Read more...]

Caramelised Apple and Cinnamon scrolls (make ‘em heart-shaped for Valentine’s Day!)

apple scrolls

These caramelised apple and cinnamon scrolls are a happy accident. Want to take regular apple and cinnamon scrolls that one step further? Well, have some toddlers who distract you from keeping an eye on the apples stewing on the stove. That should do it! I was having the wonderful Ruth (Gourmet … [Read more...]

Tea with me! #VMteaoftheday


hello there, fellow tea nerds! I thought it would be cool to have a little collaboration - much like Chantelle's Photo A Day, or Nikki's Everyday Style, only with tea! If you're sipping a cup, why not snap a picture and add the hashtag #VMteaoftheday? That's what I'll be doing (on Instagram, … [Read more...]

Little lemon cakes and some wholefood rebellion


Did you ever get made fun of in the playground for what was in your lunchbox? I did. We were pretty poor, so I didn't get anything exciting... ever. Peanut butter sandwich and two biscuits, or a no-frills muesli bar. Frozen cordial occasionally in my water bottle. Sometimes $2 for the tuckshop. I … [Read more...]

Savory scones


How much fun are scones! I love them. Truth be told, it took me a long time to come around to savory scones (what's a scone without jam and lashings of whipped cream, ffs?!), but once I did, I didn't look back. Nowadays when I see my dill is getting a bit out of hand, or the chives begin to fold … [Read more...]

Blueberry buckwheat pikelets {gluten-free}


Just a quick one today folks - a healthified version of an old favourite. Meanwhile, I love when I post pictures of these on Instagram, and people be all 'what's a pikelet?' Let's just say little pancake and be done with explaining! Just like all our other pikelets around here, we eat 'em … [Read more...]

Cakes I’m loving right now.

sa carrot cake close

This. This right here is Katie180's rhubarb and yogurt loaf. Only I didn't have no rhubarb, so I swirled in a bit of Pepper's apple and plum puree. It all started when the delightful Katie let me crash on her couch the night of the Kidspot Voices Masterclass/Launch Party. I had to be up and out … [Read more...]

Healthy banana, date and coconut muffins {dairy-free!}


This is a sponsored post for Choosi Health Insurance.  Having kids has made me think about our health a hell of a lot more than before they were born. I mean, I was reasonably healthy, I exercised and did yoga and ate mostly well, but I also didn’t think much of it. When Abby started eating … [Read more...]

A moment to myself – and a $500 giveaway for you!


This competition is now closed. Thank you to all who entered, and congratulations to Cynthia, Eleise, Shae, Kerry and Peta, who won a coffee gift pack, and Lila, who won the Amazon gift card! This is a sponsored post for Moccona I will take any moment to relax when I get it. I often create … [Read more...]

Wholemeal banana and peach muffins: egg-free and refined-sugar-free!


Oh yeah, and vegan. Lately I've been going back through all my old favourites and my mind has been boggling at what refined crap I used to eat like it ain't no thang. Well, ever since I had babies and they started to eat the food I made, I wanted to do better by them. I was afraid of baking with … [Read more...]

Drink some tea, save some animals.

Australian Afternoon tea closeup

 Update: Congratulations to winners Katie, Seana, Kat, Sarah, and Michelle! This post is sponsored by Nuffnang. No-one is as fussy about tea as me. They can’t be, surely. Over 25 years I have honed my tea concoction to a fine art. There is a delicate balance of tea to milk, and nothing makes my … [Read more...]

Omenakakku – Finnish apple cake

finnish apple cake 2

  I have a crush. Her name is Peggy. She blogs at Cake Crumbs and Beach Sand. She has Finnish heritage. She once baked me an apple cake because I asked her to. We have never met.   Peggy's blog is pure delight. It is pretty, it is heart-meltingly well-written, and … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Lime Curd Donuts

doughnuts in bowl

Please welcome Clare! She has made us delicious donuts! She is a (relatively) newbie blogger over at The Life of Clare, sharing her food adventures. Look how awesome she is already! I've been sharing lime recipes on my blog.  We have an over abundant lime tree and I've been thinking of any … [Read more...]

Vintage Lane – Cherry Afternoon Tea Cakes from the WMU Cookery Book

How sweet are these little babies? I made them from this gorgeous WMU Cookery Book from 1952. I can't remember where I got it from, but it's become one of my favourites. This is the 18th edition, printed in Brisbane. First page is this charming advertisement for a hotel - with hot and … [Read more...]

Decadent Chocolate Mud Cake

It is a truth universally acknowledged that all home cooks should be armed with a good mud cake recipe.  Even me, someone who isn't much of a fan of cake. To me, they're too cake-y (heh), oftentimes dry and lacking in flavour. I also didn't find mud cakes all that palatable - too dense, usually … [Read more...]