Imperfect mothering

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A little while ago, Rachel from A Mother Far From Home emailed me and asked me some curly questions about my parenting. She was going to compile them so her readers could feel a little reassured that we're all just trying to do our best, and that nobody is perfect. I'm so imperfect I couldn't even get my reply email back to her on time! I … [Read more...]

Kids Live Here


Tiny tyrants have taken over the house. It's kinda fun. But I'm not gonna lie, I can't wait until they can pick up their own tipped-out pencils twelve times a day. What's it like at yours? What are you sick to death of doing for the eight-millionth time?   … [Read more...]


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When I worked in vacation care, the parents (mostly mums) would come and drop their kiddos to us and I'd ask the little ones what they'd like to do that day. Painting? Colouring? Play dough, musical statues, popsicle stick craft, you name it, we could do it. It sounded like a hell of a lot of fun (and it was) and sometimes I felt a little sorry for … [Read more...]

The Fussy Eater: How far we’ve come

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While I'm not sold on labelling kids, the truth of the matter is, my kid is not an enthusiastic eater. Ever since that day when she was 13 months old and refused her lunch, she has been wary of new food. For the longest time, she point-blank refused to eat anything except peanut butter sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, and weetbix. I kept trying new … [Read more...]



Oh how I adore this age. I feel like I was born to mother a three-year-old. Where imaginative play really takes off, and the little tackers have enough attention span and interest for glitter and glue. It's a time of cubby houses and understanding movies, to sit and read and absorb books, and to interact with peers. They can eat without … [Read more...]

Keeping it real


The floor stays like this for much longer than I like to admit in polite company. Crushed crackers make friends with play dough smushed into the floor. Forgotten cups of water, blocks flung far and wide (I bought them from here, they have the periodic table of elements on them and I AM OBSESSED), and other art and craft paraphernalia every which … [Read more...]



I originally was going to write this post when Pepper was about 14 months old and I finally realised I had two toddlers on my hands. Abby was two and a half, and Pepper was walking, climbing, talking, laughing - really just not a baby anymore. It was liberating and interesting and while I had a minor "last baby" mourn the week before she turned … [Read more...]