The sleep sitch


I have been awake since 2.30am. I used to see posts of mums saying similar things and I thought it couldn't be right. You actually get up and go about your day even though you've been awake since two hours after you went to bed? What. The. Fuck. When we first moved here, and the girls' regular … [Read more...]

A Day in the Life: The Work Edition

photo (1)

Lots of people give me a real blank stare when I answer their question: "so what do you do?". I totally understand. It is a pretty new arena, after all. A blog? What's that? You work for someone else's blog too? What does that entail? Well, today, I thought I'd give a play-by-play of what a … [Read more...]

Aw Grandma, you so crazy!

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Lately I've been getting stopped by old nonnas in the streets, wanting to chat with me about the kids. They are the sweetest things, telling me I'm "so lucky" that I've got two girls, and that their own girls are now 55 years old. They pinch Abby's cheeks and say "bella! bella!" and warn me to watch … [Read more...]

I can’t get no sleep

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And I want it! I want it very much. But with little ones, your sleep is pretty much guaranteed to be disrupted (unless you're the kind of person who posts on clickbait Facebook status updates with "my kids have all slept from 2.5 weeks, if you don't make it an issue it won't be, don't hate me cos … [Read more...]

The day care window


Every time I walk into our day care with my children, I catch sight of myself in this window. Over the years, it has reflected every stage of motherhood I have seen. In August 2011, it was the first day for five-month-old Abby. She used to go one half-day a week while I taught my classes. I had a … [Read more...]

The clueless mum’s guide to a nature table


I like pretending I'm down with the natural parents. We have modelling beeswax and blocks made from sustainable artisan wood sources, our play kitchen is made from eco-friendly materials and painted with non-toxic paint. A lot of our stuff is handmade, homemade, op-shopped and recycled. I really do … [Read more...]

Conversations in cars


I don't know how it happened, but I have the quietest kid in the car. I've heard tales of mums at their wits' end because their monkeys are hootin' and hollerin' and goodness knows what else in the back seat. It may change one day, but I have a kid who barely speaks above a whisper. And it can be … [Read more...]

Your advice on something that’s troubling me, please!


Helllloooo today's prompt! Well I had a long and hard think about this, and really the only thing on my mind right now that I'd like some advice on is mum stuff! Nothing really in particular, just helpful hints, tips and resources that have been useful to all y'all with babes. I like obsessively … [Read more...]

My most popular post – where are we now?

pop tart scones

  Once upon a time, I wrote a post about trying a recipe and modifying it - that recipe was Strawberry Pop Tart Scones, and they are the most popular post on Veggie Mama. Only it was a bit of a one-trick pony, someone had submitted it to Stumbleupon and it went nuts over a month or so, … [Read more...]

Something I found


Are friends! My track record finding and keeping some nice ones had always been pretty hit and miss, so after a while I never bothered. I like my own company anyway, and was never lonely. Then one day about two months before Pepper was born, and Abby was 16 months old, I had an incredible urge to … [Read more...]

Pepper Jane turns one


Oh Pepper! My little Fraggle-haired baby buddy. You have been the single greatest surprise of my life! The day I unexpectedly found out I was pregnant with you, I happened to look over at your older sister. She was 10 months old and the just the cutest thing. She had brought me so much joy, and … [Read more...]

Getting the kids to eat vegetables

getting kids to eat veggies

The last thing I want is for food to be a battle with my kids. And while one is happy to gum whatever I give her, the other exists on a diet that bores me to tears. I was one of those people who provided my child with a vast array of food for them to get used to, and I introduced her to just about … [Read more...]

Hey mamas, I’m right there with ya.


As I got home from work an hour or so ago, I settled down with a cup of coffee and my ipad, intending to check a few emails before heading off to do the groceries. We have been on the Gold Coast for the last four days (two longer than expected, if there hadn't been a washing machine in the … [Read more...]

Things I remember about labour.

newborn abby

Last night when I went to bed, I did so knowing that a friend's waters had broken, and she could go into labour at any minute. And since my two babies kept me up alllllll night long, I had plenty of time to reminisce about their loud and dramatic entrances to the world. I cringe at some memories, … [Read more...]

Bargain-hunting with Big W phase two: funky threads


This is a sponsored post for Big W. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I found out I was having two girls – my thrifty heart mentally counted all the money I would save with two people to get use out of all the clothes I needed to buy! I’m also thinking of having an open wardrobe policy as … [Read more...]