Shy People Problems

obsessed much?

The other day, I was reading an article about problems British people have when interacting with their fellow man. I could not stop laughing. If you've got all the time in the world, you can read the original reddit thread, but there's something about seeing those quotes superimposed on funny pictures that just made it 100x better. I … [Read more...]

Tell Me Everything // Win a $150 Booktopia Voucher


Veggie Mama the blog has been in existence for four and a half years. Older than both those brats up there. And it's time for me to stop yabbering about my damn self for a second, and find out more about you. I have a wee survey (wee = little, not wee = wee) that I'd love for you to fill out if you have five minutes to spare. There's a $150 … [Read more...]

Things to See + Do on the Sunshine Coast

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I lived on the Sunshine Coast for 12 years, and I never even meant to move there, or stay there long. I was at uni on the Gold Coast in 2002 and my mum had just moved to the Sunshine Coast. I visited a few times, and ended up packing my things and hanging out for a bit in between uni semesters. Three years later I met a boy, and we got married, and … [Read more...]

Keeping it real


Just as my floor is a pile of utter detritus 99% of the time, my kitchen usually comes up trumps more often than not. So yeah, I've got half a box of crackers ground into the carpet at any given moment, but dammit, my benchtops are sparkling. DO NOT ASK ME ABOUT MY BATHROOM.   (do you have a chore that you care about more than … [Read more...]

What’s a Book You Just Can’t Finish?


  I think I've started reading Moby-Dick at least three times. I have finished Moby-Dick never. I don't know why - it's not even that long, and it's actually pretty interesting. But I cannot get to the end of it. Same with Interview With the Vampire. I know I'll love it, but I can't get past the first few pages. A couple of years … [Read more...]

Nutrition information, I’m breaking up with you.


  + If you are using wheat bread, it absolutely must be quality sourdough. + Gluten is bad for everyone, whether you are coeliac or not. Avoid bread. + Our bodies aren't designed to digest grains, which means traditional bread is out. + Sandwiches aren't a nutritious choice for children and should be given sparingly. + Children … [Read more...]