So I've been getting more sleep lately, which is awesome because I'm now almost a functioning member of society, but is also really weird because my dreams are apparently those of someone on the wrong side of some bad drugs. I think I must be catching up on four years of lost REM sleep, because every night is like a party in my head, only nobody's … [Read more...]

Taking Stock

Coal Valley View

Joining in with Meet Me at Mike’s, not stealing broth. Making : Waves Cooking : Bliss balls (also known as "bribe balls" owing to making them for our Tasmania trip in case of child behaviour emergency) which were actually pretty awesome, Laura Bush's choc-chip cookies (again for travel emergencies), which appears to be my go-to choc-chip cookie … [Read more...]

Life at Mine


I've got beeswax candles in the city, microphones that look like penises, sneaky chocolate chips, endless lego, adventures in yogurt-making, a kid who goes to the pool and comes back as Elizabeth Bennett, and another kid who falls asleep on coffee tables, and uses her feet as dolls. One foot is the baby, the other is the daddy. She makes them talk … [Read more...]

Kids Live Here


They LOVE this movie. I LOVE this movie. There is popcorn and kittens. Winning all round. Let's not mention the kitten "surprises" I keep finding in odd places. I'm not winning that one. What's the movie du jour at your place? … [Read more...]

The One Thing I Would Change About my Wedding

one thing I would change about my wedding

Our wedding was simple, and fun. We had an awesome day, everyone partied, and really, we were more focused on what was to come after, rather than stressing about the what colour the bonbonniere was. We didn't even have bonbonniere. Back in the day, we were the first ones to get engaged in our friendship group. And our friendship group was 99.9% … [Read more...]

What She Said Podcast 001: Getting To Know You

What She Said Podcast

We are SUPER-excited to bring you the What She Said podcast - where Rachel from A Mother Far From Home and I discuss the A to Z of lifestyle and parenting. In our very first episode we discuss our blogs, why we blog, who we are, where we live, and all things in between finding out the gender of babies before birth, what kinds of podcasts we love, … [Read more...]

Reader, I married him


Reader, I married him. Seven years ago today. We were married in our back yard (which sounds SO unfashionable, but we had a waterfront property, so I think that redeems us), just a couple of punk kids exchanging rings and trying not to let my veil whip anyone in the front row. I had a blast, and I still do, every day. Wu-Tang … [Read more...]

Just Ace: Fairtrade Chocolate, Christmas, Shithead Comments, and My Kids Trying to Strangle Each Other

Balgownie Estate

With apologies to Grinspoon... October went by so damn fast, I got whiplash. How is it nearly November? What even happened? While I've no idea what's gone on, I do know there was awesome things in it. October, you pretty good. I am addicted to Costco chocolate chips. I read this post at The Art of Simple, and I KNOW I should buy fair-trade, … [Read more...]