Taking Stock

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This post contains affiliate links. Joining in with Meet Me at Mike's. Making : A poncho from some alpaca yarn I got from Bendigo Woollen Mills on my roadtrip with Kate from Foxs Lane.Cooking : Apple and Cinnamon tea cake, Raspberry Jam cake, Jammy Pecan and Oat Biscuits from Wholefood for Children, Spinach Alfredo Pizza, cheese … [Read more...]

A stroll down memory lane


In April 1980, one small girl child was born to a couple of teenagers in the small town of Rushworth, Victoria. Ok, the mum (who was married, just in case you're thinking she was Teen Mom-ing MTV-style) went into labour in Rushworth, had the baby get stuck millions of hours later, had a caesarean in the next big town, and went back to Rushworth in … [Read more...]

The one blog post the whole internet needs to read


It was about this time last year when I read a post that changed my life. And I think everyone should read it. It's called "Quit Pointing Your Avocado at Me", and I recommend it to everybody any chance I get. It's very easy to see things that aren't there in the words other people write, the things that they say, and the avocados they feed … [Read more...]

The crushing realisation

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Somewhere in the last few years of this blog, I got really, really boring. Like, eye-wateringly boring. I even just read over some recent posts and threw up a little in my mouth. When did I start giving a fuck about light? AND PLEASANT WEATHER? Is it because I had children? And stopped sleeping/being a functioning member of society? Have I … [Read more...]

Life at Mine


It's been chilly, but a lot of fun. Husband has been on school holidays, and there have been plenty of people in PJs until well into the afternoon. Especially when someone wants yogurt at 4.19am. Ack. The light is incredible. It's so funny that this is so much earlier than I'm used to. But pretty all the same. My supermarket sells … [Read more...]

Secret Junk Food Business

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A little while ago, Mrs Woog posted on her Facebook page that she loved a sneaky Continental packet pasta for lunch on the odd occasion. She took it a step further and asked what her readers loved that was a bit shameful - and shared them in this post. I'm the first to admit I love secret shame food. I ate the shit out of those pastas growing … [Read more...]

So This is Winter


Y'all, I've made it through my first month of winter! I feel a little bit like Garth does here - awkward, proud, bad-haired. I can't really blame the hair on winter, but I can blame my disgraceful penchant for layering like a hobo, and I will. In my mind, there would be icy winds. My hands would freeze within seconds of leaving the confines of … [Read more...]

Why I write


Oh look! It's my turn to answer some questions about what drives my writing. I follow in the footsteps of the divine Tessa from Down That Little Lane... Creativity. I don't even know what my genre is? Is there a "sassmouth on the internet" genre? I don't know. I think it's just because it's what automatically happens in my body. I … [Read more...]