Tell Me Everything // Win a $150 Booktopia Voucher


Veggie Mama the blog has been in existence for four and a half years. Older than both those brats up there. And it's time for me to stop yabbering about my damn self for a second, and find out more about you. I have a wee survey (wee = little, not wee = wee) that I'd love for you to fill out if you have five minutes to spare. There's a $150 … [Read more...]

Things to See + Do on the Sunshine Coast

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I lived on the Sunshine Coast for 12 years, and I never even meant to move there, or stay there long. I was at uni on the Gold Coast in 2002 and my mum had just moved to the Sunshine Coast. I visited a few times, and ended up packing my things and hanging out for a bit in between uni semesters. Three years later I met a boy, and we got married, and … [Read more...]

Keeping it real


Just as my floor is a pile of utter detritus 99% of the time, my kitchen usually comes up trumps more often than not. So yeah, I've got half a box of crackers ground into the carpet at any given moment, but dammit, my benchtops are sparkling. DO NOT ASK ME ABOUT MY BATHROOM.   (do you have a chore that you care about more than … [Read more...]

What’s a Book You Just Can’t Finish?


  I think I've started reading Moby-Dick at least three times. I have finished Moby-Dick never. I don't know why - it's not even that long, and it's actually pretty interesting. But I cannot get to the end of it. Same with Interview With the Vampire. I know I'll love it, but I can't get past the first few pages. A couple of years … [Read more...]

Nutrition information, I’m breaking up with you.


  + If you are using wheat bread, it absolutely must be quality sourdough. + Gluten is bad for everyone, whether you are coeliac or not. Avoid bread. + Our bodies aren't designed to digest grains, which means traditional bread is out. + Sandwiches aren't a nutritious choice for children and should be given sparingly. + Children … [Read more...]

Four tips to survive flying with a hangover


Exhibit one: A young girl tagging along on a band tour. You start drinking on an 8am flight on tour. My drink of choice was gin. Exhibit 2: I have no idea what day of the tour this was. It was clearly pre-children. Exhibit 3: Whatever day it was, eventually turned into a night. Well, it was probably 4pm, I was a bit of a rookie in this … [Read more...]