Let’s talk about Snickers Popcorn

photo 1

A little while ago, I posted this picture on Instagram. It was the day of my brother-in-law's engagement party, and goddamn it, I was making Snickers popcorn! At the request of the bride, but also at the request of my tastebuds. The pictures attracted a lot of comment, mostly from people wanting … [Read more...]

Samosas for president


This is a sponsored post for Woolworths I’m a bit of a cooking show connoisseur, truth be told, and I actually very seriously considered entering Recipe To Riches back when they did a call-out for contestants. I spent a little while trying to figure out what I could make a huge batch of that would … [Read more...]


the best egg sandwich of all time 2

  A little while ago on Facebook, I declared that my lunch that day was the best egg sandwich of all time. OF ALL TIME. Intrigued by the boldness of my claim, somebody asked me what my technique was, as we all secretly think our way is the best way of sandwich-making (my husband likes the … [Read more...]

Our Growing Edge: the roundup


Hey gang! Did you cross a culinary experience off your bucket list this month? Plenty of people around the world did, so let's peek into their kitchens, shall we? First up, in a move that will please nutella-lovers everywhere, Nom Nom Ally has made a healthy homemade … [Read more...]

Baked brie with garlic and fig jam


I can't believe it took me so long to try this simple but sinful dish for myself. Ooey gooey cheese? What's not to love? It did seem a bit decadent for one person's lunch, but I had just been watching a documentary on French cheesemaking and the host tucked into a little melty wheel of brie with … [Read more...]

Wholemeal cheddar crackers – only three ingredients!


As much as I love baking, I'm not very good at eating the finished product. I had a violent sweet tooth with both pregnancies that has only abated now, so for a while there I was experimenting with making healthier versions of cookies and muffins, but now I'm swarming straight back to savoury and I … [Read more...]

Lemon Tahini Dip + Woolworths Macro Eggplant and Lentil Balls with Chilli – yum!


This  is a sponsored post for Woolworths I have to say, that as a vegetarian, the choice of ready-made meals and grab-and-go prepared items have been pretty thin on the ground for the last few years although it's getting better. While I like making my own items, it is unarguably handy to have … [Read more...]

Easy peasy rice paper rolls

The easiest rice paper rolls ever!

Sure these rice paper rolls are super-simple, but if you've never made them before, you might shy away thinking they're too fiddly. They're not. They're SO not. All you need is a bit of bench space, some pre-sliced veggies and pre-soaked rice noodles and you're ready to roll. You could add … [Read more...]

The secret to making fluffy banana pikelets

easy, fluffy banana pikelets

Pikelets are one of the first things I learned how to make, besides scones and spaghetti bolognese. Over the years I've experimented until I came up with the fluffiest pikelets ever - because I was sick of the little dough coasters I kept churning out. I kept eating them though, having a layer of … [Read more...]

Homemade Vegetarian Sausage Rolls

veggie sausage rolls, meatless sausage rolls

Sometimes there is just nothing cuter than a guy in love. I'm such a sap that when I hear or see people being kind and generous to their special someones, but what gets my heart a-melting is when he or she is proud of their partner. I feel sorry for anyone Veggie Dad has cornered on a club-going … [Read more...]

Masterchef Hummus

Masterchef hommus

It's no secret I love Masterchef... I don't watch a lot of television (too many books in the world, not enough time) but last season, I was hooked. I dominated the remote every day at 7.30pm and woe betide anyone who came near. This year is no different, and just about everything shown in the … [Read more...]