Caramelised Apple and Cinnamon scrolls (make ‘em heart-shaped for Valentine’s Day!)

apple scrolls

These caramelised apple and cinnamon scrolls are a happy accident. Want to take regular apple and cinnamon scrolls that one step further? Well, have some toddlers who distract you from keeping an eye on the apples stewing on the stove. That should do it! I was having the wonderful Ruth (Gourmet … [Read more...]

Tea with me! #VMteaoftheday


hello there, fellow tea nerds! I thought it would be cool to have a little collaboration - much like Chantelle's Photo A Day, or Nikki's Everyday Style, only with tea! If you're sipping a cup, why not snap a picture and add the hashtag #VMteaoftheday? That's what I'll be doing (on Instagram, … [Read more...]

Savory scones


How much fun are scones! I love them. Truth be told, it took me a long time to come around to savory scones (what's a scone without jam and lashings of whipped cream, ffs?!), but once I did, I didn't look back. Nowadays when I see my dill is getting a bit out of hand, or the chives begin to fold … [Read more...]

Blueberry buckwheat pikelets {gluten-free}


Just a quick one today folks - a healthified version of an old favourite. Meanwhile, I love when I post pictures of these on Instagram, and people be all 'what's a pikelet?' Let's just say little pancake and be done with explaining! Just like all our other pikelets around here, we eat 'em … [Read more...]

Pear, cinnamon and vanilla bean jam


Recently, I made jam. Lots and lots of jam. Jam with SUGAR in it. Old-fashioned jam with sugar. Now I like to eat healthy at the best of times, but I don't see occasional sugar as the enemy, and I don't want always to take lovely treats I really enjoy and find a more nutritious … [Read more...]

The secret to making fluffy banana pikelets

easy, fluffy banana pikelets

Pikelets are one of the first things I learned how to make, besides scones and spaghetti bolognese. Over the years I've experimented until I came up with the fluffiest pikelets ever - because I was sick of the little dough coasters I kept churning out. I kept eating them though, having a layer of … [Read more...]

Bitesize Treats iPhone app: a review

It's no secret that I'm into cute. Frills, flounces, buttons and bows, if it's pink and dainty, I find it irresistible.Same goes for small versions of things - babies, kittens, miniature ornaments and cocktail food. Why have a slice of quiche when you can have a mini-quiche with a baby tomato on … [Read more...]

Where in the World is Veggie Mama?

Over here. At Cupcakes Frocks and Pink, pouring a cup of tea and chatting with the delightful Mrs Kypo and her painfully pretty blog. Come and join the conversation! … [Read more...]

Vintage Lane – Chocolate Mocha Cake from Gold Crest Recipes

Normal and Formal - for every occasion!Vintage Lane is going to be a regular feature on Veggie Mama - to bring you up to speed, go here, or click the "Vintage Lane" tab.Cute, right?This book is part of a collection given to me by my sister, and it was once owned by her husband's grandma. She wrapped … [Read more...]


If it can be served at high tea, you can be dadgum sure I will want to eat it, make it, pet it, love it, and call it my own.Scones fit neatly into that category.I still remember my first attempt in eighth grade home economics... nasty, hard little pebbles of... well, nastiness.Since then I've baked … [Read more...]

Stupidly easy caramel tarts.

Pin ItI almost feel bad posting this, as it's so easy. But everybody needs to know they exist! They are that good.1. Warm some Arnott's Ginger Snap biscuits in a warm oven in each hole of a patty pan/cupcake/mini muffin tin until soft, then push them down with a spoon to create a cup.2. Open a can … [Read more...]

Lemon tarts

Perfect for a tea party!Or a Tea and Wii party!See? dainty little  shortcrust pastry cases with the sweet-tart smoothness of homemade lemon curd.deeeeelicious!Ingredients:Crust: 1 1/2 cups plain flour1/8 teaspoon salt1/2 cup butter, room temperature1/4 cup white sugar1 egg, lightly beatenLemon … [Read more...]

Tea and Wii

Just a little teaser for some recipes coming up soon... I had the lovely Bec and her partner over from Gay Fourth and Multiply over for some wine, some Wii, and some homebaked treats with tea. … [Read more...]

Buttery Scones

There is basically two schools of thought on scones - you're either on the dense, buttery side, or you're on the light and fluffy side.Or you can be me, who is on the side of a magical, mythical scone that is both light and buttery, and exists only in my dreams.For today, indulge in the buttery … [Read more...]