An April Retrospective


I have a calendar on my wall that is made up of pictures of our travels to New Zealand last year. I have been looking at it lately, remembering it was Easter Sunday the day after we arrived and we barely registered it. I did eat a chocolate egg though, never fear. I looked back over my posts from … [Read more...]

Six tips for taking your tikes to Tokyo

Tiny tots in Tokyo

If you've been reading here for a while, you most likely have a fair idea that I don't shy away from travelling with toddlers. Or babies. I like to think it can be survived, nay, enjoyed, and it's like my personal mission to shake people by the shoulders and say "IT'S REALLY NOT SO BAD, I PROMISE, … [Read more...]

My favourite travel snacks for kids.

travel snacks for kids

We're a humble bunch, we don't want a great deal. Nothing really... except world travel. Well, that and popcorn. (Priorities, man.) Although our eldest is only two and a half, we have not been afraid to get started on our world-domination plans. So far we have been to Japan, New Zealand, … [Read more...]

What have you done to me, New York City?


Oh god, it's SUCH a cliche, but this city gets under your skin. In a way I'm not quite sure how to explain. I have never forgotten it since I went this time three years ago. June 25, 2010, we headed first to LA, Vegas, and Vancouver on our way to New York City and then Washington, DC. While I … [Read more...]

7 things to remember when travelling with a baby


I remember the first time I took Abby to the shops by myself. It was super-early on because I figured learning how to navigate that was best done sooner rather than later, and it wasn't long before I was cruising aisles like the best of them. Then came two tiny guys to cart around, and I learned to … [Read more...]

VM vs NZ Day Six: Lake Tekapo to Christchurch


Our last day driving was very laid-back. Pepper woke fairly early so she and I went upstairs in our apartment and hung out for a bit while the other two slept. Daybreak is late where we were, so I managed to capture this beautiful sunrise at about 7.30am. I got up when it was still completely dark … [Read more...]

VM vs NZ Day Five: Dunedin to Lake Tekapo


Day one is here.      Day two is here.     Day three is here.    Day four is here. Given we arrived in Dunedin only in time for some room service, a bath and then bed, we decided to leave any sightseeing until the next day. We heard the Otago Peninsula was where the action was at, so we set off for … [Read more...]

VM vs NZ Day Four: Queenstown to Dunedin


Day one is here. // Day two is here. // Day three is here. After another unhurried morning at the hotel, we wandered a bit more through Queenstown before deciding to head out to Dunedin, on the east coast. It was raining and a bit chilly when we left and I wondered what sort of scenery was on offer … [Read more...]

VM vs NZ Day Three: Hanging out in Queenstown + surrounds


Day One is here. Day Two is here. Queenstown is just beautiful. Quaint, narrow streets end seemingly in all directions in majestic mountains. The smell of cosy wood fires are in the air, and shops are tucked in little nooks all over the place. Our third day was meant to be driving to see … [Read more...]

VM vs NZ Day Two: Fox Glacier to Queenstown


If you are new, here is Day One.So after a restless night going to bed at stupid early (given NZ is three hours ahead of us) and the kids rolling around and getting all up in our grill at 4am, we had all managed to go back to sleep. Feet were in people's nostrils, arms pinned under bodies - we … [Read more...]

VM vs NZ: Day one – Christchurch to Fox Glacier


Hello and welcome to our adventures in New Zealand! We covered a lot of the South Island in a week, so I plan to show you day-by-day what we did and where we went. The kids were really good in the car the whole week, and we found the drive easy and also easily broken up. There are so many cool spots … [Read more...]

Roberts family roadtrip: New Zealand


Sooooo a little while ago Veggie Dad surprised me with a trip to New Zealand for my upcoming birthday and I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED. Nothing fans my flames more than travel, and I have been dying to do a driving holiday around the South Island ever since ever. Now that the girls are a little … [Read more...]

Of blog buddy playdates, jumping pillows and ruffled baby butts

I don't often get together with other bloggers, but that is really quite silly because they're a lot of fun. And don't get cranky if you talk to them while tweeting.or taking photos of eh-veh-ree-thing.Like what I packed to keep Abby afloat during the two-hour drive, the date, a trip to Ikea and the … [Read more...]

Kid snacks: date and coconut balls

Back when I was looking for portable, home-made snacks for Abby I went through the usual - slices, biscuits, etc and even though I could make them reasonably healthy, I couldn't make them last longer than a couple of days. I do freeze muffins and things and that helps, but I wanted something that … [Read more...]

I went to Japan and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

If only that were true. In fact, I had to pay extra to cart all my goodies home. Six kilos of bento boxes, Hello Kitty hairbrushes and four hundred and seventy-five pieces of cute stationery. Seriously, the place is a shopping mecca. Everything screams "buy me! now!" and the stores are packed. I … [Read more...]