Travelling Solo with Kids

travelling with kids: Wanaka park

So next week I will be taking the girls (aged two and three) by myself on a little road trip to Tasmania. Veggie Dad has some other travel to do, so it will just be the girls and me, boarding the Spirit of Tasmania for some work I'm doing with them, and getting to know the only state in Australia I've never visited. I am super-excited, because … [Read more...]

Things to See + Do on the Sunshine Coast

photo 1

I lived on the Sunshine Coast for 12 years, and I never even meant to move there, or stay there long. I was at uni on the Gold Coast in 2002 and my mum had just moved to the Sunshine Coast. I visited a few times, and ended up packing my things and hanging out for a bit in between uni semesters. Three years later I met a boy, and we got married, and … [Read more...]

A stroll down memory lane


In April 1980, one small girl child was born to a couple of teenagers in the small town of Rushworth, Victoria. Ok, the mum (who was married, just in case you're thinking she was Teen Mom-ing MTV-style) went into labour in Rushworth, had the baby get stuck millions of hours later, had a caesarean in the next big town, and went back to Rushworth in … [Read more...]

A little country getaway


With travel on the brain, (let's be honest, it's never off my brain), I wanted to show you some of the cute place we stayed at last month, where we snuggled up near the fire, drank lots of wine (we were smack in the middle of wine country), ate easter eggs, and asked each other Trivial Pursuit questions (which of course I won). It was … [Read more...]

My Travel Essentials


I'm heading off in a week and I love this pre-travel period. The countdown is on, the whole holiday stretches out before you full of excitement and fun, and everything has that "I'm going away in a week" feeling. Soon enough it will be all over and I'll be in the depths of post-holiday blues, scrubbing the toilet and scaling a mountain of washing. … [Read more...]

An April Retrospective

An April Retrospective

I have a calendar on my wall that is made up of pictures of our travels to New Zealand last year. I have been looking at it lately, remembering it was Easter Sunday the day after we arrived and we barely registered it. I did eat a chocolate egg though, never fear. I looked back over my posts from that week, and found the one I wrote on this day … [Read more...]

Six tips for taking your tikes to Tokyo

Tiny tots in Tokyo

If you've been reading here for a while, you most likely have a fair idea that I don't shy away from travelling with toddlers. Or babies. I like to think it can be survived, nay, enjoyed, and it's like my personal mission to shake people by the shoulders and say "IT'S REALLY NOT SO BAD, I PROMISE, JUST DO IT!" (or maybe that's just lack of sleep … [Read more...]

My favourite travel snacks for kids.

travel snacks for kids

We're a humble bunch, we don't want a great deal. Nothing really... except world travel. Well, that and popcorn. (Priorities, man.) Although our eldest is only two and a half, we have not been afraid to get started on our world-domination plans. So far we have been to Japan, New Zealand, Melbourne, Sydney, The Whitsundays, and a bunch of little … [Read more...]