Sneaky Snippets


Oh hi. It's getting cold. And while Mercury or whatever-the-fuck has been messing with my head lately, its been on the whole pretty rad around here. I may or may not be coming out of my creativity coma, and while the littlest fella has been under the weather, I've enjoyed the enforced couch time. I did have somewhat of an existential funk for a bit … [Read more...]

Rah! Win a leopard-print onesie for your tiny tot


If your kids are anything like mine, they are on the floor a lot. I see it as a sign of a day well-spent if my kids can get as messy as they possibly can - but then I am a little bit wigged out that the pants I just bought them yesterday are ruined. HOW cute is this little waterproof onesie/pants situation to solve that very dilemma?! Now … [Read more...]

My Favourite Rik Mayall Young Ones Quotes


It's a sad situation here folks, as we mourn the loss of Rik Mayall. He was such an important part of my teen years that it would be remiss of me to let this moment pass by without doing what I do best: quoting his ridiculously funny lines ad nauseam. While Drop Dead Fred and Grim Tales and all his works were big parts of my life, it was The Young … [Read more...]

A little country getaway


With travel on the brain, (let's be honest, it's never off my brain), I wanted to show you some of the cute place we stayed at last month, where we snuggled up near the fire, drank lots of wine (we were smack in the middle of wine country), ate easter eggs, and asked each other Trivial Pursuit questions (which of course I won). It was … [Read more...]

Laundry Life

Laundry Life. The Veggie Mama.

You should have seen how devastated my mother-in-law looked recently when she spent all day getting through our mountain of laundry, only to have me throw a freshly-messed kid shirt into the empty basket she was triumphantly replacing in the bathroom. It doesn't end. It's never going to end. I moved out of home very young, and by 20 I'd been … [Read more...]

Send a little love to your mama friends this mothers day and you could win a $200 gift card with big w {ended}

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 2.45.32 pm

This is a sponsored post for BIG W Congrats to Clareeliza! As a rookie mum, I still haven’t got the hang of what’s supposed to happen around here for Mother’s Day. And as a result, I like to think that we can do whatever we like to celebrate the day, regardless of tradition. Although, you get in between me and that Mother’s Day sleep-in - … [Read more...]

RECIPE: Quinoa “Meatballs”

Quinoa Meatballs // The Veggie Mama.

This is a recipe borne from cooking quinoa with too much water to the "you idiot, this is gluggy" stage, rather than the lovely fluffy grains I'm used to. Crossed with the ideas that came after these veggie-packed kiddo quinoa bites that were such a hit with my girls. We had them with some sauce and a salad and called it a day, but they would be … [Read more...]