The Veggie Mama Community – Posts we’re proud of.

The Veggie Mama Community

To be entirely grammatically correct, that headline should really say "posts of which we are proud"... but it doesn't have quite the same ring to it! So do please accept my apology and my occasional need to kick syntax rules in the face. I'm a rebel, goddammit. This gang we have here is growing at warp speed (and I'm a bit excited, I love you … [Read more...]

Giveaway: Cosima Skincare Pure Radiance Rich Hydrating Creme

Radiance rich

Competition has ended. congrats to Mary and Roslyn!Hi there! Do I have a goodie for you today or what! I've been using this gorgeous natural and organic hydrating creme from Cosima Skincare for almost a month now, and it is utterly divine. So smooth, rich and creamy (without being greasy, SUCH a bonus) and leaves my skin soft and nourished. The … [Read more...]

Our Growing Edge – a month of culinary fun!


Do you have a food-related something you've always wanted to try? Wanted to have a go at making your own butter, or perhaps eating a scorpion? Well, Our Growing Edge was created to boost us out of our culinary comfort zones and actually tackle that which has been kept at the bottom of our to-do lists for far too long. I am terrified of the … [Read more...]

Summer meal ideas

no oven dinners

Because seriously - who wants to put the oven on? Or even take too long cooking things? Not me, but I'm pretty lazy. Anyhow, if you're pressed for time, or just want a relaxed approach to dinner when everyone's hot and frazzled and tired, here's a few ideas that don't take long, don't need too much heat, or can be done on the barbecue … [Read more...]

A Very Veggie Christmas

Christmas tree peace 2011

oh em gee, look what I made for you guuyyyyys! Click to view A Very Veggie Christmas on GLOSSI.COM Mah first magazine! Packed full of my favourite holiday recipes. Except for the desserts, the damn thing isn't big enough to fit them. It took me half the day and the place is trashed but YAY! All ready for anyone who needs a veg recipe for … [Read more...]