Taking Stock


Joining in with Meet Me at Mike’s, not stealing broth. Making : a crochet poncho and some dishcloths. Cooking : Jam, a pretty rad lasagne, lemon millet muffins, the best banana cake EVER, veggie sausage rolls, and blackberry pie. Drinking : Yorkshire tea. Reading : The Hawke Memoirs by Bob Hawke. Part of my challenge to read all those books on … [Read more...]

Taking Stock

Tiny Feet

Joining in with Meet Me at Mike’s, not stealing broth. Making : Nada Cooking : Risotto, lots of pasta, banana pikelets, apple pie, chocolate custard, and soup. Drinking : more herbal tea Reading : Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine, and The Wind in the Willows to the kids. Wanting : To never have to vacuum carpeted stairs again as … [Read more...]

The story of the 12 towels

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 7.46.45 am

The other day I was reading this post by Brooke at Slow Your Home. I had just donated the bulk of our towels to our day care centre, who had specifically requested them. But it was one of those things I'd never thought to donate because towels are useful, you know? They're not dust-gathering trinkets. And while we didn't even have 12 towels, we did … [Read more...]

These are the Golden Days

Image credit: oliverstwistytales.com.au

The other day I was buying one of Smalls's birthday presents, and I couldn't resist getting myself a little something too. This These are the Golden Days print sums up pretty much exactly how I feel about parenting my two- and three-year-old right now. They are hilarious. And totally adorable. One serious, verbose, sensitive, kind, and … [Read more...]

Just Ace

Just Ace

A few things I think are just ace lately. With apologies to Grinspoon. Sooooo nobody told me that pyjamas that feature leggings are far superior to baggy trousers (not these baggy trousers though, just so you know). I bought a set from H&M and was so disappointed when I put them on and found them rather legging-like. Then when I got into bed … [Read more...]

Baked Cheese Ravioli with Broccoli and Spinach

spinach gnocchi bake

It shouldn't be news to anybody that reads my blog regularly that I love baked anything with cheese. Sometimes I feel sorry for those on a diet or who are looking for low fat dishes ... I often don't have those! However, if some kind of pasta bake with veggies in it is what you're looking for, I have the answer. Ingredients: 1 packet  frozen … [Read more...]

Artichoke Ravioli with Tomatoes

Oh boy. ohboyohboyohboyohboy. I know tons of people that clip recipes and save them for "someday", but never end up making them. Actually, the first thing people ask me when I tell them I have thousands of recipes saved is "yeah, but do you actually make them?" and then are genuinely surprised when I say yes. Part of the reason for this blog is … [Read more...]