Two under two – how did I do it?

at home with two sleeping

I dunno, man... how does anyone do it? One foot in front of the other and all that. But seeing as a couple of people who are expecting number two have asked how I found it, I thought I'd share. Five months down the track (I KNOW, shut up) I can say that it has gotten way easier. That magic three … [Read more...]

Summer weekending


I'm intrigued by the word "weekending". Like it's a verb. Like it's a rich person's verb. "What are you up to this weekend, Genine?" "Oh, we're weekending at that little place in the Hamptons. You know, the usual." Sure Genine, we get the picture. But our weekending usually involves … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday: Corn fritters


Happy Monday morning guys! So sorry this post is late, the blog’s server decided to have a tantrum. Maybe it doesn’t like Mondays either? Thank you too for all who read and left such lovely comments on my Remarkables news – I am thrilled and so humbled by the support of my friends. Together, we … [Read more...]

Little things


So many lovely little things have been chipping at the lump of coal I call a heart these days. Eden was right when she said kids burst your heart right open. Going in to see Abby in the morning to find she's been quietly "reading". This kills me dead on the spot. Reading is my first love and I … [Read more...]

Summer meal ideas

no oven dinners

Because seriously - who wants to put the oven on? Or even take too long cooking things? Not me, but I'm pretty lazy. Anyhow, if you're pressed for time, or just want a relaxed approach to dinner when everyone's hot and frazzled and tired, here's a few ideas that don't take long, don't need too … [Read more...]

Guest post: Why can’t fashion be eco-friendly?

Howdy! Do you love ASOS? Who doesn't?! Today I have a guest post from them with a heads up on how to choose proper eco-friendly fashion and not being swayed by the fake claims. Go forth and spend wisely!Nowadays, the words 'eco-friendly', 'organic' and 'sustainable' get thrown around a lot, but is … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Salad sandwich… no meat.

Ooh hello! Today we have Mrs Sabbatical, also known as Emily, with her "turning vegetarian" story. This post cracked me up. Her everyday experiences are a lot like mine - but we're fierce and funky and your freaking out or poking fun when we turn up to your barbecues with veggie burgers AIN'T NO … [Read more...]

Guest post: A meaty education. Otherwise entitled “holy cow look at the size of that steak!”

Howdy y'all! Please welcome Bettina from Lovely Little One with a cautionary tale of eating in the country... When I first moved to the country in 2007 there were a lot of things that surprised and amused me; the serious way they approached show competitions, very small kids on sheep at the … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Vegetarian Fitness 101

 Pin ItHowdy y'all! please welcome cute British mother-daughter team Bibi and Janey from Veggie Runners giving us the heads up on being fit while also being veg.Anyone remember that weird old stereotype of the sickly vegetarians who survive only on chips and chocolate? It was probably never true in … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday: Warm beet salad

 Pin ItThis is the result of the first time I ever grew beets. I was super-excited!They came out so well, and I was so pleased. I really wasn't sure what to expect as for some reason they just seemed like they'd be difficult. Perhaps it was because of that one time I tried to grow carrots. And they … [Read more...]

Guest Post: a rainbow of baby purees!

 Pin ItHi Veggie Mama readers!It's Talia from The Climbing Tree here, sharing a rainbow of veggie purees with you!Baby purees don't really need cooking instructions, so I'm just outlining the ingredients for each, and have basic instructions below for all the different combos listed. To be totally … [Read more...]

Guest Post – a tale of fertility, naturopaths and doing away with jocks forever

Please welcome Breanne, who is bravely sharing the story of her struggle to get pregnant. It's it's sad, it's funny, it's insightful - and best of all, it's not over yet.In light of Stacey's upcoming birth, I thought it would only be fitting to talk about the wonders of becoming a mother.I was … [Read more...]


Pepper Jane Roberts8lb 10ozSeptember 23, 201211.39pmOuch. … [Read more...]

No tea party baby shower is complete without Iced VoVos

I wasn't really going to do any baby showering, but my sister asked last week if I wanted to have a little get-together, mostly for an excuse to eat some goodies.I told her I'd do anything if she just made me some lemon coconut slice.Sure I could make it myself, but that's not the point.I brought … [Read more...]

Guest post: The Veggie Mama vs Omnivore Family Dilemma

Howdy! Please welcome Kelly from Natsukashii today. She relentlessly analyses life in general there, and lately has been chronicling her foray into veganism. She is even a graduate of Deakin University's Master of Arts (Writing and Literature) program. This makes me a little envious.Being vegetarian … [Read more...]