Caramelised Apple and Cinnamon scrolls (make ‘em heart-shaped for Valentine’s Day!)

apple scrolls

These caramelised apple and cinnamon scrolls are a happy accident. Want to take regular apple and cinnamon scrolls that one step further? Well, have some toddlers who distract you from keeping an eye on the apples stewing on the stove. That should do it! I was having the wonderful Ruth (Gourmet … [Read more...]

A very veggie Valentine’s Day

goat cheese risotto

We totally do Valentine's Day here at VMHQ. Any excuse for a food theme! But really, although we give gifts and show our love and appreciation the rest of the year when it isn't expected, it doesn't hurt to have one extra day to make an effort. My husband is a good dude, and I'll spoil him if I damn … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day: Heart-Shaped Sponge Cake

A few days ago, my oven door broke off. Yes, off. A tragedy. Was my oven unaware that it was approaching Valentine's Day and Veggie Mama being unable to bake cute treats for Valentine's Day equals severe trauma?Trauma. Capital T.Veggie Mama does not do store-bought.Plan B must be devised. Enter … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day: Roasted Heirloom Tomato on Goat Cheese Risotto

Valentine's Day is always a Big Deal in our house. Sure we show our love all through the year, and you shouldn't need a reason to give a present and all that, but we sort of see the day as just another excuse to be kind and show our consideration and gratitude to each other. With presents. And food. … [Read more...]