Vintage Lane: Easter hot cross buns from the Women’s Weekly recipe cards

I love this funny little box of recipes from days gone by.WHO was it eating all the aspic? WHY was it so popular?You get lulled into a false sense of security with the delicious chocolate layer sponge and rock buns at the start.But you still have a fair idea that the "slimmers" section is not going … [Read more...]

Vintage Lane – Cherry Afternoon Tea Cakes from the WMU Cookery Book

How sweet are these little babies? I made them from this gorgeous WMU Cookery Book from 1952. I can't remember where I got it from, but it's become one of my favourites. This is the 18th edition, printed in Brisbane. First page is this charming advertisement for a hotel - with hot and … [Read more...]

Lemon Coconut Slice

Well, as promised, we're back to tea parties and pretty things! Thanks for allowing me that moment, and for being so kind about it all.Quick, someone put the kettle on!In the early '80s, Veggie Mama was a very little girl. A little girl that was addicted to lemon coconut slice.I'm not sure if it's … [Read more...]

Mock Whitefish and Tried Favourites Cookery Book – Vintage Lane

This is one of my most treasured cookery books in my vintage collection. Given to me by a friend's grandma many years ago, it sparked my interest in collecting such books. There are tons of recipes that are easy to make and I truly love the funny little pieces of advice they found it so important to … [Read more...]

Vintage Lane – Raspberry Buns from Nana’s War Cookbook

Warning: this post is going to contain a lot of pictures. Because this recipe book is so cool. I honestly wish it was in better condition :(As I've mentioned before, I couldn't make it to my grandmother's funeral, so my mother packed up some of her old cookbooks and aprons and brought them back for … [Read more...]

Vintage Lane – Cherry Ripe Slice from the Harston CWA Recipe Book

Pin ItThis little gem of a cookbook was once owned by my great-grandmother, and was given to me after my nana died. I couldn't make the interstate funeral, so my mother brought me back some of her aprons and all the cookbooks she could find. This one has all the recipes for slices and baked goodies … [Read more...]

Vintage Lane – Chocolate Mocha Cake from Gold Crest Recipes

Normal and Formal - for every occasion!Vintage Lane is going to be a regular feature on Veggie Mama - to bring you up to speed, go here, or click the "Vintage Lane" tab.Cute, right?This book is part of a collection given to me by my sister, and it was once owned by her husband's grandma. She wrapped … [Read more...]

A Walk Down Vintage Lane – The Ladies Handbook

One of my favourite things to do besides cook is read. And the older the book, the better. My two loves often combine in antique or vintage cookbooks, which provide a lot of joy, but not a lot of recipes (beef tea, anyone?). I adore the old ads, the sensible advice, the ingenious use of staple … [Read more...]

Entertaining without a what now?

Darn. There goes the gourmet 14-course candle-lit supper for 12 I was planning. Sorry guys! … [Read more...]

Care of the vintage invalid.

While reading The American Frugal Housewife (1828), I came across a few gems. In fact... the book is full of them!This would have to be my favourite so far: "A good quantity of old cheese is the best thing to eat, when distressed by eating too much fruit, or oppressed with any kind of food. … [Read more...]

Vintage Values

I know it's oh-so-unfeminist, but I love it.Considering my husband is the only person that eats my baked treats, it's not too far off the mark for my home...Courtesy of my American Woman's Cookbook, 1944. … [Read more...]