Chicago Metallic Bakeware giveaway! {ended}

Congratulations Jenny! (Although I’d also like to pour you a very large wine!)chicago-metallic-10

A little while ago, VMHQ was the recipient of some super-fun kitchen goodies to try, and to give away. Chicago Metallic Bakeware has some of the cutest and most useful baking/cooking products I’ve seen, and we had a ball baking up a storm to test everything out.

chicago-metallic-5 chicago--metallic-4-------------------------------------- chicago-metallic-12First on our hit list was the Cupcake Creation Station. An all-in-one device to help you make the prettiest cupcakes on the block.
chicago-metallic chicago-metallic-3 In one handy cupcake-shaped container, you will find piping nozzles, piping bags, and a special scoop to transfer your frosting into the bags.chicago-metallic-2 chicago-metallic-6 chicago-metallic-7

You very cleverly sit the bags in the bottom of the container, use the scoop to fill it with frosting (I gave up after a while and used a spoon, but it’s pretty handy for getting every last drop!), and then attach the nozzle.chicago-metallic-9

And then you sit the cupcake in the lid of the container to pipe the frosting! genius!chicago-metallic-11And then you rope in some adorable toddlers to chow down.

We made a chocolate version of this butter cake (which is my total favourite), and we also made wonderful orange madeleines (using this recipe, Pinned here), in the Chicago Metallic Madeleine pan, and some delightful strawberry-banana muffins in the 24-cup Mini Muffin Pan (recipe to come!). they lived up to their non-stick name, I was very impressed. Nervous, but impressed!

The lovely folk at Chicago Metallic are giving Veggie Mama readers the chance to win a pack of all three items to make your own baking fun!

One winner will receive:

The Cupcake Creation Station (which includes the retractable icing spatula, 4 decorating tips, and 50 plastic piping bags)

The Madeleine Pan: made from durable non-stick steel and dishwasher-safe

and the 24-cup Muffin Pan: non-stick, easy-release, dishwasher-safe.

All you need to do is tell me your most memorable baking moment. Accidentally slam Bindi Irwin’s 4th birthday cake in some elevator doors, like my friend did one time? Had a birthday cake fall completely apart an hour before your daughter’s first birthday party, like I did? (or forget to put flour in a cake and wonder why it didn’t rise, also like me?!). A winner will be judged on the basis of that comment next Tuesday, December 24 at noon Queensland time.

Australian residents only, please. The winner will be notified by email and named on this blog post.

Good luck! I look forward to hearing your stories :)



  1. Lauren Klaus says

    My most memorable baking moment was my first baking moment. I made piklets, forgot to add the sugar and accidentally added a 1/4 of a cup of bicarb rather then a 1/4 of a teaspoon. Was devo when no one would eat any :(

  2. Chrissy says

    My worst baking moment was attempting to make strawberry sponge cake, the first attempt of two cakes I kept opening the oven door so if flopped and when I tried the floppy cake it tasted like bicarb, he second attempt wasn’t much better and the third I attempt I thought I won! Cue terrible looking icing and I was ready to take it to a BBQ. We beyond was keen to eat it, they all took one mouthful screwed up their faces and tried to say it was nice. I tried a bit spat it out and told everyone to stop pretending the bicarb taste was terrible! Not even the dog ate it!

  3. Narelle Rock says

    My memorable moment, was watching my Dad trying to make chocolate bowls using balloons and melted chocolate, the chocolate was a bit too hot, so when he dipped the balloon in it burst sending chocolate all over the walls, cupboards and ceiling, what was even funnier is that he didn’t stop at the first one, he tried another 4 times before giving up!

  4. says

    When we were little we would pop my brother (a toddler) on a shelf in the pantry to jump out at the next person who came to get something. Whilst he was in there, he swapped the sugar with the salt. That Christmas my mother was in charge of making the pavlova – it looked amazing…my nana took a large slice and ate it all. Then my uncle took a piece and literally spat out his first bite – ‘This is so salty’ he said. ‘Oh it wasn’t just my tastebuds’, said my Nan – who proceeded to drink copious amounts of water for the rest of the day.

  5. Jenny Swift says

    I have sadly killed many a saucepan attempting to make caramel. But the worst was when I (crazily) attempted to make a 4-tiered salted caramel and banana cake for my mother-in-law’s birthday, hoping it may finally get me in her good books!

    This time I only slightly burnt the caramel to the base of the saucepan so just tipped off the top layer to use in the cake thinking it’d be fine. The cake looked amazing… but lo and behold when it came to tasting time my mother-in-law’s face screwed up like she’d bitten into a lemon and she angrily proclaimed, “This cake tastes like a pile of burnt ashes! I didn’t realise just how much you detested me Jennifer but now it is clear and in the future I will be the only one to make cakes for this family”

    Eeek! I felt like hiding under the table and never coming out again, needless to say I have NOT made any more cakes for her since…

  6. marypreston says

    In the early days, as a novice cook, I decided to bake a cake. I figured flour was flour. Turns out I was totally wrong. You REALLY do need the Self Raising Flour if you want your cake to be more than a few centimetres high. Funny thing, it tasted pretty good still. I made up some of the height with frosting.

  7. Karly says

    Does it have to be a memorable baking moment becasue it was bad? The first time I made lemon meringue pie with my son helping was the most memorable. We now love cooking together, and when he gets to help make it he actually eats the finished product. (which is super because he’s SUCH a fussy eater)

    • says

      Goodness no, it doesn’t have to be bad to be memorable! They just happen to be the most memorable ones for me. This is way cute though – Im a huge fan of kids in the kitchen AND condensed milk!

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I put salt in a cake once instead of sugar i don’t know how but i did it tasted like shit!!I now lick the salt or sugar before putting it in a recipe!

  9. Melissa says

    Mine has to be the first time I made cupcakes from scratch. I was in high school and was making them for my boyfriend’s birthday. Well, I did something wrong (still not sure what) and the cupcakes came out hard as rocks. Luckily I had enough time to have my mom help me make a new batch, and they came out perfect. But man, I was afraid to bake without some help for quite awhile after that.

  10. The Plumbette says

    Haha. When I was 9 I was running around at a 50th birthday and I didn’t watch where I was going and ran and fell into the 50th birthday cake. I was covered in blue mock cream and horrified I’d stuffed up this guy’s birthday. I was taken to the bathroom to be washed down (there was way too much cream to lick off!) and the guy’s wife used a knife and spatula to try and save the cake. They still put candles on it even though it looked like crap. Tasted good though.

  11. Ariel Rich says

    Once my sister baked cookies with what she thought was white sugar. It was salt. I was her taste tester. Not a great batch

  12. Kasey Evans says

    My attempt at making macrons….First go, I thought the batch I made was looking good until I took them out of the oven & they sunk. Second attempt, they turned out looking like flat pancakes. Third attempt were half decend & I ended up winning a prize for them at the local show.

  13. Soni says

    It was my most painful baking moment ever… I was making toffee with my mum and when she wasn’t looking I stuck my fingers in the boiling toffee to taste it. OUCHIES! I grew humongous blisters on each of those fingers and it was a miserable week or two until they healed.

  14. Karla Oleinikoff says

    My most memorable moment was when I attempted to make my Grandmothers recipe for Chocolate Steamed Pudding. I was so nervous when the first bite was being taken, and so relieved when it was pronounced almost as good as hers.

  15. Natalie yeoman says

    The most memorable is my mom trying to make my grandmas cake and she went to put flowers on the cake and they looked like balls we laughed so hard my grandmas still said how pretty the caked looked tho

  16. JBMarigold says

    A rocket cake for the four year old son’s birthday fell to pieces in front of everyone. I told the little boys it was a moon crash landing rocket… My most memorable disaster was a winner!

  17. Sharon says

    My most memorable moment was when I learn’t how to make a cake in High School. I treasured that day and loved cooking from then on. I adored my cooking teacher and went to cookery lessons each week with so much enthusiasm. Thank you!

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