Crochet weekend project: baby pinafore {alternatively titled “How Not to Read a Pattern”}

In a second fail for this week, I attempted to crochet a dress without actually paying attention to what I was doing.

I had Pinned a lovely little pinafore about a year ago and when looking for a quick project, I remembered this one. I thought it would be a nice, easy, brainless crochet-on-the-couch-in-the-evening type thing to take a break from a bigger blanket I am making.

Well, I made it. And it looks sort of like the original picture, but to me is too long and narrow to fit a 6-9 month old baby.


It also looks wonky. Really, really wonky. Why? Well, allow me enlighten you!


This is why you should pay attention to how many stitches are supposed to make up each row, not just reading the row instructions and winging it.

Exhibit left is What Should Not Be Done When Reading a Pattern. I was meant to decrease at the start and end of a row, then single crochet in four rows. Then repeat.

As you can see, I did that but didn’t count the total number of stitches, so kept decreasing too early. It looks ridiculous.

Exhibit right (the back of the dress) is what it is meant to look like.

Dear Stacey, please always regularly check as you’re going along that your project is as it should be.


I also just could not get the hang of the ribbed edging (the original pattern was a knit one, and this one was converted into crochet), so I did a row of double crochet around the outside, and a final sc row.

It is too late now to pull it all apart, so I shall wait until Pepper is old enough to wear it, and adjust accordingly. I’m thinking of crocheting panels into the sides of the skirt to make it wider. The bib part I just don’t know. I also didn’t do the straps as the pattern suggested, it said to ensure they were at least 11inches and that just seemed way too long, especially considering their picture did not look like mine did. so I hurriedly did some straps and again will adjust when I see how long they need to be.


So don’t let me put you off, if you are looking for a sweet little project to do over the weekend, have a go. I’m sure if I had crocheted it correctly, it would be rad. I would really like it in toddler size, so will have another go at it one day!

(the original is at the pinned post I mentioned earlier, or here.)

Good luck!



  1. says

    It looks like you’re just helping to give Pepper the illusion of the coveted hourglass figure. Seems fine.

    For real though, I love when you do crochet posts, it reminds me that I promised myself last time that I was going to get really good at crochet & make heaps of stuff. Maybe this time is the time I follow through!

  2. Katie Rainbird says

    I don’t speak crochet, but this all sounds a bit dramatic. I think best you just pop some of that gnocci in the oven, it doesn’t matter how many pieces are in a row! x

  3. Reannon Hope says

    Go on you for trying! I wouldn’t even dare try & crochet a hat, blankets are as far as I will go & even then they are wonky donkey style ;)

  4. says

    I’d wait to see how it fits once on. Sometimes you can be surprised that way. I love crochet, but my first love is knitting. Crochet can be a bit hit and miss for me. But I think if you want to make homemade stuff, the flops are just a natural part of it, and I like to convince myself everyone has them

    • says

      Ha we totally do! I often make mistakes, but can usually rectify as I go along, not look at the finished item and go OMG WTF?! That’s the thing about crochet for me is that I know how to undo and go back. Knitting I can’t even pick up a dropped stitch so I sit in abject terror and total concentration lest I make a mistake… so stressful! But yeah there’s nothing left to do but wait and see how it fits her and make the necessary adjustments.

  5. Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo says

    I bow to your fabulousness. I wish I could crotchet, alas my brain is not wired that way.

    • says

      I still can’t believe I found the time! And then I made an owl hat for a friend’s baby shower. I probably should have been cleaning the bathroom, but what the hey!

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