Easy rice paper rolls

easy rice paper rolls

Sure these rice paper rolls are super-simple, but if you’ve never made them before, you might shy away thinking they’re too fiddly.

They’re not. They’re SO not.

All you need is a bit of bench space, some pre-sliced veggies and pre-soaked rice noodles and you’re ready to roll. You could add anything you like to these babies, but I tend to stick to the tried-and-true carrot/cucumber/capsicum trio. I’m thinking next time of maybe adding some marinated tofu batons to give them a bit more oomph, but I truly love the fresh taste of crispy veg and am not usually in the mood to have it overshadowed.

Don’t ask me to pop in non-marinated tofu. I’m just not ready.

Oh and the dipping sauce is the funnest part of this. You could mix together some soy, lime juice, brown sugar and chopped chilli with a little coriander/cilantro, or you could just smother them in kecap manis like we do and roll about moaning over how good it is. I’m really happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but sweet soy sauce is one of the greatest condiments of all time. OF ALL TIME.

Easy Rice Paper Rolls


rice paper wrappers
rice noodles, soaked according to package directions
assorted veg, julienned
fresh herbs – I use coriander/cilantro and mint. And lots of it!


1. I usually soak the rice paper wrappers in a shallow bowl of warm water until pliable. I also just saw on TV this is too much soaking, and you should just splash water on them and spread it around until it soaks in. I’ve not tried it, but it sounds good. Either way should be fine.

*Edited to add: I do the splash/spread water around like I saw on TV alllll the time now. It’s awesome.

2. Line up your noodles, veg and herbs just a little ways up from the bottom of your wrapper, and away from the sides.

Like thus.

Then carefully fold the empty bottom part of the wrapper over the filling and gently fold in the sides. Don’t be afraid to grip your contents fairly firmly with your fingers or you’ll just squash the whole thing and end up wrapping it like Veggie Dad does. Don’t do that.

Continue rolling, ensuring the sides are tucked in and press down the final edge to seal. I like to then rest it on the seal to help it stick together while I make the rest.

Et voila:

Dip. Eat. Moan. Make some more.
You know you want to.


  1. says

    mmmmmmmmmoan. and i saw that thing about the soaking on tv too- looking forward to trying it, might make it less breaky/ fiddly? i love making these, will try them next time with kecap manis(awesome sauce). yum.

  2. says

    these look great – i am going to get over my hesitation with wrapped things – i have on my to do list: sushi, dumplings / potstickers and rice paper rolls – thanks fro the tips!

  3. Accidentallentil says

    these are a summer favourite round at our place! though i LOVE adding sticks of marinated and fried tofu and if you like satay…add a smear of plain smooth peanut butter along with your soy sauce. oh, deliciousness right there.  SO easy. also so great for a group dinner – everyone makes theirs the way they like 'em.

  4. says

    I always dread doing it, until I do it and remember it's not so bad after all! But will totally buy potstickers rather than making them. It's just that finding veg ones is so damn hard!

  5. The Hungry Mum says

    LOVE these babies. We did them a while back & misses 4 & 6 loved the DIY action.  I want one now, actually…

  6. Foxslane says

    YUM!! I always read your gorgeous posts on my phone which wont let me comment (naughty phone!)
    But tonight I'm sitting here on the puter, wanting to tell you that next week (when I get my kitchen back) I will most definitely be helping my girlies make rice paper rolls for their lunches. They will love them and I'm excited.
    Thanks Vegie Mama.xx

  7. Jossie says

    I am ADDICTED to rice paper rolls – OMG – often crave them and have found all the good places to buy them when I am out and about and can't be bothered making them.  Going tonight to the king of rolls – a Laotian chap who makes the best ones so I'll ask him for his technique and post later!  I agree with you about vege and herbs – that's what makes them and then the sauce – yumbo scrumbo!     You know what – hang the eggs – i'm making me some of these lovelies for breakfast – yum!

  8. Jossie says

    Ok – Wahn from Vientiane in Sydney (best eatery ever for anyone down this way – Laos food at its finest – so healthy and he makes the BEST rolls ever) …. well he says who need to soak the paper – but the trick is not for too long and the water can't be too hot – that's what causes the crises!    So go forth and experiment!  xxx

  9. Reannon Hope says

    Now I want these instead of my planned dinner!! I usually add some BBQ chicken to mine but I am like you in the fact I LOVE them with kecap manis- SO FLIPPING GOOD!!!

  10. White Iris says

    Just made these for our New Years Eve snack table. It’s SO nice to have something healthy to add to the spread – and SO TASTY! Easy peasy, just like you said…good stuff!!

  11. kelli says

    i made these for dinner tonight!! they are realllly good! thanks for sharing… looking forward to making them again as well as more of your yumm-o recipes!!!

  12. Kat says

    These worked out great! I’ve always been too scared to make them but this recipe was really easy to do. I think next time I might also put some tofu strips in to add some protein. Thanks!!

  13. Jo says

    You just need to wet them on a shallow plate, don’t soak them. By the time you’ve put your fillings on top, they’ll be soft enough to roll. Don’t try to get it soft first.


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