Five reasons I think day spa vouchers are the best gift ever

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I once worked with a kindly older gentleman, who one day mentioned that every year for his wife’s birthday, he bought her 12 gift vouchers for massages.

“Really?” I said. “Every year?”

“Every year,” he said.

“She doesn’t get sick of that?” I asked.

“Well we’re getting older now and we don’t want as many things any more. So a few years ago she asked me for a year’s worth of massages and now that’s what I do,” he said.

Effing genius, I thought. I love being pampered at day spas and often for Valentine’s Day or our anniversary, Matt would surprise me with a voucher. My mother-in-law has also treated me to some visits over the years, and they’re always a pleaser.

Recently I spent a few hours at Beautiful You day spa in Redcliffe with a bunch of other bloggers and had ample time to figure out why I love it so. Here are my top 5 reasons you should ask for vouchers when someone says “what do you want for your birthday?” and you have no idea; or you are stuck getting something for someone you love.

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It’s fancy.

How often do you get to lounge around in robes with people massaging your feet? A place where there are candles everywhere, everything smells good and you’re treated like royalty. Even if it’s just an hour, I need some fancy in my life. In a robe, you forget you showed up to the appointment with mashed pumpkin on your shirt and a matchbox car in your pocket.

It’s quiet, therefore relaxing.

Even if it takes you the entire hour to wind down, it’s a place where you’re forced to chill out. I know I need forcing at times! A bit of peace and quiet is pretty high on my list of priorities these days. I once went to a studio and not a day spa for a massage and the guy was nice, but his stomach rumbled the entire time. So much for tranquility! I’ve had other experiences with overly chatty pregnancy massage practitioners, and once I was in a room next to the waxing room…

It gives you a boost.

You walk out of there blissed to the eyeballs, shiny hair flowing in the breeze, perfect pins strutting the street. You want to immediately stop washing your hair in baby shampoo and expired conditioner and actually take care of your skin and various bits. You don’t want to eat any rubbish because it will be floating around in your now toxin-free body. How long this lasts is debatable, but I’m keen to try the one-a-month idea!

It’s not a physical item.

While I don’t mind a nice doohickey or whatsit from time to time (especially if it’s a book!), sometimes I just dont want anything. One more thing that needs dusting, or a spot found for it, or it’s not a vintage teacup so … yeah. This doesn’t need wrapping either, and could probably take the place of a card (although I quite like those), so for those doing the “less is more” approach to life, it’s perfect.

Experience > object

We are BIG on experiences here. You might forget that one vase you got for your birthday that one time, but if you get a weekend away or something you go and do, I find it so much more fun. This totally falls into that category – something to go and physically enjoy. Unless you get the stomach growler, then you just get a funny anecdote.

So there you have it. A bunch of reasons why day spas are at the top of my list at all times. I’m giving the mister a nice nudge for our upcoming anniversary…

Are you into day spas? Or are you someone who will kick a person in the face if they go anywhere near your feet?

*I was a guest thanks to Beautiful You Hair and Beauty Day Spa and Blog Power Events. I was treated to a Blue Lagoon Hydrotherapy Spa, Pure Fiji hand and body massage, Pureology shampoo and personalised hand treatment, Image Signature Peel face lift, and a mini spa pedicure. You bet your booties I felt a million dollars after all that!



  1. says

    Love a day spa! I’ve had a few vouchers over the years & I am always super grateful because its not something I’d ever do for myself. I could totally go for a massage, haircut & facial right now ! Its 3.45am I’m up feeding with a baby who is fussing at the boob & I’m feeling tired & haggered. I’d love to feel fresh & blissed out!

  2. Jay - Moodie Foodie says

    Oh I totally agree. I always ask for a facial for Mummy’s Day or my birthday – a guilt-free indulgence just for me, no one else allowed xox

  3. MotherDownUnder says

    I said to Daddy R long before he was a daddy that he could buy me an Ella Bache gift voucher for every birthday and every Christmas for the rest of my life and I would be happy.
    I need to remind him of this.

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says

    NOPE I would live there if I could! You are very wise for your age Stacey at your age I wasn’t really interested in all that chilling out and pampering but now I love it ,you can relax and no one is calling MUM what’s for dinner or where is my blah blah ,yep big kids still do it.I am turning 50 this year and that’s what I want to do for my birthday go to a spa for as long as possible and take my stressed out hard working sister and my daughter if she wants to come,i love having my feet massaged and getting a facial and feeling blissfully relaxed at the end of it.Yep we don’t always need things do we.

  5. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    I love the idea….. but you need to be very careful unfortunately. My daughter gave me a voucher for a pedicure for a birthday one year. I promptly forgot about it until it was nearly my birthday again. When I rang the day spa I was told that their vouchers expired after 6 months. Bad luck. I was SO angry (small country town and all). When I scoured their webpage seething with anger I found that they had obviously not updated it and it said a 12 month expiry. They had to accept it (and have since changed their webpage) but it made me so cross

    • says

      Oh yes, the same thing happened to me! I had a voucher for a place that expired after 6 months, but I was so busy with baby I didn’t get around to booking it, let alone looking at the voucher! Luckily for me they honoured the voucher anyway and were totally lovely about it. Customer service is everything, huh!

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