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    I cannot explain how excited I am about the fact Gilmore Girls is coming back. I’m trying very hard to avoid seeing set photos and the like because I don’t want to have anything spoiled, and I also just know I will bawl when they talk about Richard having died. I think a watching party will be required, complete with pizza, chinese food, pop tarts and all the candy possible. Can’t. Wait.

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    I am a complete tragic, I just adore this show! I bought DVD’s from America because at on stage they weren’t airing over here, I used to search Lorelie’s jackets on the web because I loved them so much & my best friend & I even contempleted buying merch from the show-TRAGICS!!!!
    I’m also intrigued but how it was supposed to end so I’ll have to go look it up because dont think I’ve eer read anything about it.
    And finally, Sookie better come back because seriously, it just wont be the same without her.

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      Do you know I spent a good hour after this comment browsing etsy and amazon for merch! haha oh man.

      Did see a selfie melissa posted with micheeeelll so am excited! she’s back fo sho

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    SO EXCITED. I am Team Logan and I was actually Team Chris, not Team Luke. Though I loved Luke, I just wanted their little family reunited with Chris as the dad. I think they made him seem like an idiot when they tried out the marriage thing, not at all how he acted throughout the show.

    That said…. oh I am so ready to see how it will end. Is Sookie coming back?

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      yeah that bit where they made the whole marriage thing all weird was sad. It was one of those things I think they did without the original writers and it showed. It didn’t have to be like that. but lorelai secretly loves luke, and your nuclear family wishes (how very moral of you!) I think are not going to be enough. Team Luke forever! haha. I’ve been watching the early episodes and he’s just so thoughtful and caring to her in his adorable gruff way. Sigh.


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