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  1. This looks amazing! And as someone who was also a compulsive Enid Blyton reader, I’m totally sold over 🙂
    With the ginger, are you using ground (dried), or fresh grated? x

  2. Looks great, when your girls get a bit older you should definitely introduce them to the Famous Five they have made a big comeback amongst seven to nine-year-olds. My son absolutely loved reading them.

  3. Hehe I think I’ll choose the lemonade… one dog is enough at our house! I love these sorts of cake – simple and delicious. Perfect with a cuppa!

    • It’s a sugarcane by product, Tina, less refined than golden syrup. It’s usually called treacle, I think… mostly call it molasses for when you feed it to horses and such. I think you could substitute golden syrup or honey or rice malt syrup but it doesn’t have quite the same depth of flavour.

      • Thanks girl! Treacle is the UK, molasses is the US. I’d go golden syrup for this recipe (but I love using molasses as it’s quite high in iron. Plus it tastes like real gingerbread!)

  4. I just wanted to write and say thank you for this recipe! I absolutely love it. I used freshly grated ginger (as it’s what I had) and it turned out great. It’s a new family favourite!

  5. I have made this twice in less that a week, a) because it tastes so good and b) on night shift you sometimes just need cake!


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