Hire me!

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As a journalist and freelance writer, I am published mostly in lifestyle magazines in print and online. It is my favourite genre and I’d be thrilled to write something for you. I am also available for other publications, topics and styles. Except fiction, I’m pretty useless at that.

I am also an academic, university tutor, and guest lecturer in the areas of media law and online journalism. If you think I could help you in either area (or journalism/writing/speaking in general), please get in touch via email: stacey (at) theveggiemama (dot) com.

If you’re looking to eat better, or even just add more veggies to your diet (five a day? ain’t nobody got time for that!) well then I can help you too. If you’ve bookmarked my recipes and overhauled your shopping list but still can’t make the change a consistent one, then I can help. I am a Working Mums Masterclass Mentor in that very area – putting veggies front and centre for you, your kids and even your “men eat meat, not rabbit food” husband. I’m offering 45-minute Skype or phone sessions to aid and abet your veggie agenda. Or even if you just want to vent…I am exceptional at empathy! Check it out here.