Homemade Vegetarian Sausage Rolls

homemade vegetarian sausage rolls: they taste like the real thing, only better!

Sometimes there is just nothing cuter than a guy in love. I’m such a sap that when I hear or see people being kind and generous to their special someones, but what gets my heart a-melting is when he or she is proud of their partner. I feel sorry for anyone Veggie Dad has cornered on a club-going Friday night, tipsily detailing everything I’ve ever done as if it is the second coming of cheesus.

A staunch veg friend of mine emailed me recently with a recipe he wanted to pass on from his girlfriend. “All props to her, I’m just the middleman”, he says. My heart melts. How sweet that he took the time to send me something I might like because his girlfriend made it and he was so enthused by what she’d done he had to share.

I posted a picture on both Instagram and Twitter when I made these vegetarian sausage rolls, and was immediately awash with people wanting to know how to make it. I knew it would be a hit! I love a good sausage roll, but they can be very dodgy, and veg ones are no exception. This one, true to most recipes like this, looks and sounds like a drunk three-year-old randomly dumped the ingredients into a blender. However, it works. I don’t know how, but soldier on – the end results justify the means!

Here is Tara’s recipe – and if you make it, let me know how you go and I will pass it on! Thanks Tara <3

Homemade Vegetarian Sausage Rolls


3 eggs
1 cup cottage cheese
½ cup crushed walnuts
2 ½ tabs. Soy sauce
1 medium onion
1 ½ cups breadcrumbs
1 ½ cups rolled oats
1tsp dry vegie stock
2 tbs. Grated Parmesan-style cheese
3 sheets frozen puff pastry


1. Blend walnuts, eggs, cottage cheese, onion and soy sauce together.
2. Mix rolled oats, breadcrumbs, seasoning and Parmesan cheese together. Add blended mix.
3. Cut pastry sheets in half and spoon a layer of mixture down the middle of each sheet.
4. Roll up the sheets and seal with milk.
5. Cut each roll into four and brush with milk or melted butter.
6. Place on a greased tray (I just used baking paper) and bake at 180 degrees Celsius fan forced for about 30 minutes.



  1. flyingdrunkenmonkey says

    Oh they look good! I think I'll have to give them a go :) I've never actually had veg “sausage” rolls.

  2. Eva says

    Cute! These are pretty gluten-y, but I've had my eye on some brown rice pastry on the Foodo website, so this might be a good excuse to buy some and see if I can make them work!

      • Jane says

        Have you tried swapping the nuts for chickpeas, and did it work? I make a similar recipe (from Eltham Valley Pecans) and I wanted to make them nut-free to try out in the school canteen.

  3. says

    YES!! I have been waiting for this recipe since salivating over your photo on instagram. Thank you, I will be enjoying these next weekend. xo

  4. Kylie says

    Wow! These are amazing. Just made them today with my daughter. We had no walnuts, so substituted almonds, and no oats (my husband had fed the last to our chickens as we had run out of food!) so used a 5 grain porridge mix that I whizzed up. These are amazing! A must for anyone to try!

  5. Jess says

    Since getting food poisoning from mince, meat is pretty much off the cards & mince is ALWAYS off the cards so finding alternatives to things I used to love makes me so happy!! These were AMAZING! And so easy. 
    I'm taking them to a work morning tea & I'm sure they'll go down a treat. Yet another successful recipe from this blog. Thank you :)

  6. Rebecca322 says

    I like you was sceptical ,but I have just made a batch of sausage rolls but instead of cottage cheese I used a veggie friendly fetta. Well let me tell you ,they taste fantastic. Highly recommended.

  7. SLX says

    Awesome! Kids loved them and they were so like how I remembered sausage rolls to be like (been veggie for 10 years now). I didn’t quite have enough cottage cheese so added a little feta also. Am thinking I might add a little pepper and fresh herbs next time to see how it goes. Thanks for a great recipe.

    • says

      Yes I am going to do the same… I seem to remember I liked a peppery-sort of filling when I wasn’t veg, and thought about doing that last time! Fresh rosemary would be fantastic in these. And feta! Genius. I make them for kids birthday parties and everyone loves them – they’re a great way for other people to try veg food and not be scared!

    • says

      Hm, that is a good question. Try soft tofu instead of the cottage cheese? You might need to add more breadcrumbs if it is a bit watery. And any vegan cheese for the parmesan :)

  8. Kat says

    Thank you so much for this recipe!! Everyone goes crazy for them and are always surprised when I tell them they were made without meat! I’ve tried a few different veg roll recipes and this is by far the best one I’ve come across.

  9. Nicole says

    WOW!!! As a vegetarian I was actually disturbed by how much these looked and tasted like the sausage rolls from my memory! Fantastic recipe…I’m sure the meat eating hoards at my sons upcoming birthday will have NO IDEA these are not meat! Mwwaaahahaha

  10. Bec86 says

    As someone who recently gave up meat I can say I quite enjoyed these. I might mix in some grated vege and BBQ sauce next time but I would definitely make them again. Thanks for sharing the recipe, I’m really enjoying exploring vegetarian options and this one is a win :)

  11. Emily says

    These really do taste great! i made them a few months ago and they were enjoyed by meat eating friends and my children, as well as my vegetarian husband. Just about to make them again for my 12 year old daughter who has recently made the decision to go vegetarian also! Thank you!!

  12. Jessie says

    Looks like a lovely recipe, might I just add that parmesan is not vegetarian, you can get parmesan alternatives which are named ‘Italian Hard Cheese’ as for the cheese to be legally named ‘Parmesan’ it has to be made in a certain way, with calf rennet in it!

    • says

      Yes, thank you, I do know that! I wrote this post three years ago, but will amend the wording. After I found out about the law, I started writing Parmesan-style cheese, but this was before that. We are in Australia, so the Parmesan alternatives of which you speak aren’t available to us. We do get some similar cheeses made with non-animal rennet, so I leave it up to the reader’s discretion to use the options they have access to, depending on where they live. I hope that makes sense! :-)

  13. TryingtobetheperfectMum says

    This recipe is beautiful, just made 72 of them (once chopped) for my daughters birthday party. So simple and easy to whip up. Thanks for the recipe!

  14. Elizabeth@thebackyardlemontree says

    These look like just the thing to make for my nephews first birthday party. They look completely like real sausage rolls.

  15. Jeff says

    Just made these for my daughter, I got a10 out of 10 for them and she’s a fussy one. Tried them myself and you can’t tell them apart from the meat sausage rolls apart from the fact they’re better then the meat ones you can buy. Easy to make and very delicious, highly Recomend these. Thanks

    • says

      Thanks for the great feedback! So pleased you liked them. I think they’re much better than meat ones, but I’m biased, haha. You really can’t tell, can you!

  16. Kirsten says

    Not sure if anyone has suggested this but I have just made a double batch (with the help of a friend) and we used pepitas as a substitute for the walnuts. I’ve just devoured four of them… Totes yum.

  17. Georgie Sesto says

    I didn’t add walnuts, but I added 1 grated carrot and 1 grated zucchini. They were really really delicious. Especially right out of the oven with some tomatoe sauce. I heated the left overs the next day in the panini press and they were almost just as good. The panini press made the pastry nice and flaky :)

  18. Bracken Bear 59 says

    Made these yesterday for my vegetarian sister who is joining us for xmas. I tried them out on my meat eater of a husband, to see his reaction! Guess what he told me to make these from now on. Said they were SOO much better than the meat ones. You cannot tell the difference and the taste is just AMAZING! Will be a regular for us from now on.
    Great work Veggie Mama.
    Happy Xmas to all

    • says

      hahaha I love that reaction! I’ve seen people’s faces when they bite into them. So bloody good! Excellent for hiding veg, too. So glad you love them – and I hope you had a great christmas.

  19. Simone says

    Before I became vegetarian I used to be totally addicted to sausage rolls. This recipe makes me so nostalgic, as they taste just like the ones I remember. My kids love them! Sometimes I add carrots and/or zucchini (like others have mentioned) and it doesn’t alter the taste but adds extra goodness. Thanks so much for this recipe!

  20. Regina B says

    I just made this one tonight and I’m very surprised that the texture is very close to the original sausage roll. I might put some extra ingredients to boost the flavour. Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  21. Kaila Ahern says

    I just made these but I added 1 carrot. I made them in my TMX & then in the oven as per usual. They are amazing. I have never had vegetarian sausage rolls, couldn’t even stand the thought of them but I am so glad I tried them. Delicious. Thankyou!

  22. Rachel says

    Excited by the good reviews, I made some of these last night. Wow… not enough tomato sauce in the world could make me want to finish eating one, the smell and taste of the oats is overpowering, what a disappointment :( Maybe because I’m not a vegetarian and I’m not used to this sort of thing? I’ve been trying to figure out what the people writing the good reviews could have done differently, but my oats were just garden variety oats, how could you go wrong with such a simple recipe? Such a shame, in the bin they go :(

  23. Rachel says

    Excited by the good reviews, I made some of these last night. Wow… not enough tomato sauce in the world could make me want to finish eating one, the smell and taste of the oats is overpowering, what a disappointment :( Maybe because I’m not a vegetarian and I’m not used to this sort of thing? I’ve been trying to figure out what the people writing the good reviews could have done differently, but my oats were just garden variety oats, how could you go wrong with such a simple recipe? Such a shame, in the bin they go :(

    Posting this again as the first post I made has disappeared.

    • says

      Sorry you had such a bad experience! They’re usually such a hit, even with the non-vegetarians who usually pester me for the recipe after they’ve eaten them at a party. Perhaps quick oats would be better for you? They’re smaller and merge with the rest of the filling quite well, particularly if you don’t have a food processor. I agree a smelly oaty roll would be gross, but they’ve never come out that way for me! Thanks for the feedback though, that’s always useful :-)

      • Rachel says

        Well, I had another go this morning after deciding the taste reminded me of raw oatmeal cookie mix. I had 6 rolls in total so cooked up the rest, and cooked them for longer…. I think that was the trick, they needed more cooking! They only smelled faintly of oats, and it didn’t come through in the taste so much. Glad I gave it a second go :) I would try them again with maybe some blended olives and sundried tomatoes or maybe some herbs or something to give it a flavour hit. The vegetarian at work who I made them for was really touched by the effort, so all in all I’ll tick this off as a ‘success in progress’, thank you!

        • says

          Ah that’s awesome! And very sweet of you to feed the office veg – it’s always so appreciated! I’m known to chuck in a fair bit more soy sauce and stock powder to up the taste factor, but I do love that they are similar to a stock standard sausage roll. Meanwhile the thought of eating raw oatmeal cookie mix is insanely gross! So sorry you had to go through that!

          • Jane says

            I’m surprised you need to add more soy sauce to this recipe. I have made this recipe (below, from Eltham Valley Pantry although their website appears to have shut down) and it only has 1 Tbsp of soy sauce, and non veggo men at BBQs have scoffed them not even realising they are veggo! Any suggestions on whether it will work to replace the nuts with something else to make them school canteen-friendly? Pecan Cottage Rolls
            3 eggs
            1 small onion
            1 cup cottage cheese
            ½ cup dry breadcrumbs
            3 sheets puff pastry
            ¾ cup of pecans or pecan bits
            1 tablespoon soy sauce
            ½ cup finely grated carrot
            1 cup oats
            1 tablespoon milk

            • says

              Hello! I’ve not made any substitutions (only the extra soy sauce every now and then though it’s not totally necessary!) but I’ve heard of people using sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds, and even brown rice. Good luck!

  24. Donna says

    I have made these several times and they’ve even been scoffed down and the plate licked clean by the meat-eaters in the family. Thank you for a recipe us veggies can enjoy and even tinker with depending on pantry items!! :-) :-)

  25. Jessica Bagnall says

    Made these today as a had a sudden craving for sausage rolls!! and they were amazing! added carrot, zucchini and beetroot. Instead of bread crumbs i used almond meal. My partner was very pleased!


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