Little things

So many lovely little things have been chipping at the lump of coal I call a heart these days. Eden was right when she said kids burst your heart right open.reading-in-bed
Going in to see Abby in the morning to find she’s been quietly “reading”. This kills me dead on the spot. Reading is my first love and I desperately wanted for my children to like books – they have been the best thing in my life, ever since my mum taught me to read when I was four. I read Abby the entire works of Oscar Wilde when I was pregnant with her, and have read to her ever since she came home from the hospital. If it turns out they’re not big readers, I will get over it, but for now, the sight of this brings me great joy.


Pepper’s name canvas gift from her aunt at Lisa Jane Designs. She could not have got this more perfect if she tried. It is absolutely huge and I can’t wait to hang it. Every time I walk in her room, it makes me smile. (Abby has one here).


An overflowing fruit bowl. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting a big box of organic fruit and veg each week, and stretching my culinary brain to figure out how to use them before they go bad. I learned the hard way that organics disappear right quick if you’re not on your game. It also made me wonder what the hell is sprayed on regular produce to make it last so long? I just never thought about it with any real depth before. Our farmer Gary is just fabulous, so friendly and helpful – I ask him his tips and tricks for my own garden! And their delivery driver Ross is cheerful and always has a kind word for Abby. I just can’t recommend this way of getting your fruit and veg enough. (I buy mine from Kookaburra Organics. Not paid to say that, they just damn well deserve a shoutout!)


Oh that age where they play with their feet. I could eat her. She’s almost rolling over, chubby thighs working overtime but just can’t quite make it. Any day now.


RANDOM THIGH HUGS. the best ever.


Pretty flowers for me because my husband is super-supportive of this here blog and something exciting just happened. And he trotted off and got me a little congratulations bunch and a card. He is the best ever and if I ever figured out how to clone him, I’d be a very rich woman indeed.

little-tea-partiesAnd little tea parties. cuppa teeeeea, mum? yes please.

What’s been making you happy? I hope its a random thigh hug.




  1. cookerandalooker says

    Sounds like a wonderful week Stacey.
    Mine are: finding a gorgeous caterpillar in the garden, the Little Sister pointing out the face parts of everything and anything she can get her hands on, the little tidbits of the Big Sisters day that she shares after a big day at kindy and watching a family of whistling ducks cross the road this morning.

  2. Kel says

    I’d certainly be in line for a clone, do you ship to Melbourne? :)

    Congratulations on the exciting (tease) development on the blog. And thank you for allowing us to follow your adventures.

    What’s been making me happy: occasional lovely texts from friends just to say hi and that they are thinking of me.

    • says

      Yes, I’ll ship to Melbourne! He’ll fit in very well there. And no, thank YOU for coming and reading and being supportive. The readers are the best damn part of this whole gig x

  3. Shari Wakefield says

    I love reading and hope that my little one will love me reading to him or her when they arrive in approximately one month (fingers crossed). Am also excited to here about the development on your blog… don’t leave us waiting too long :)

  4. Katie Rainbird says

    Our children learn by our examples & I’m certain your girls will cherish books & words the way you do. When suitors come calling, they’ll find you in the formal lounge, quietly reading or stitching over a plate of small baked things & cups of tea! They’ll have to be dynamic types to raise the eyebrows of The Miss Veggies!
    This week I had 3 good hair days in a row, that was nice. x

  5. Mother Down Under says

    Ha…my husband and I always talk about cloning our dog…but never each other!

    I too am so excited for your something exciting!

    As for the little things, Toddler C can now say “ug” and give me a big hug.

    I am working on “kiss” and “I love you mom”

    And I made a big batch of homemade mac and cheese that somehow got crusty on the top AND on the bottom. As the crusty bit is the best part I was so happy.

  6. Lizzie B says

    I get an organic box of veggies delivered every fortnight too, and I totally agree about the fun in stretching your brain to decide what to cook! Such a nicer way to get fresh produce!

    What’s making me happy is the recharging-of-the-batteries weekend the boy and I had last weekend down at the beach. Full of lots of little things like picnics and frolicking in the water. Bliss!

  7. Reannon Hope says

    No random thigh hugs ( one of my kids is taller than me with the next not too far behind) but that moment when my 10 year old sits on the lounge & puts his hands on my belly & waits for a kick from the baby- too damn cute!

  8. says

    Random thigh hugs are the best! Even though Miss M is never quite satisfied and wants a ‘up cuddle mummy’ where I pick her up and she lays her head on my shoulder – I could burst with love every time she does that. Plus her infectious laughter just absolutely brightens my day :)

  9. Amy Zempilas says

    I LOVE this post! Im also loving the little things right now, how my daughter is covering my feet with dozens of her bubba’s blankets right now, random kisses and thigh hugs, and how she snuggles in really tight when are reading together. I just want to freeze time, this age is so much fun and little girls are the sweetest!

  10. sar (accidental lentil) says

    We’re right at the same stage as you with random thigh hugs and cupsa teeeea. I also do little lovely heart jumps whenever my toddler says “are you ok?” to one of her toys when she accidentally drops them, then gives them a kiss n cuddle. occasionally she applies this to inanimate objects which is just as cute, with added funny.

  11. Kate @ foxslane says

    Hooray for you!!!
    I am so excited to hear your totally well deserved news.
    I’m happy because my publisher and designer came over today and said really nice things about me. I wish I had random thigh cuddles but I’ll have to make do with almost as tall as me ones (also the best things ever!!) xx

    • says

      Ha I bet your girlies give the best hugs! I am SO excited for your book and am counting the days until it is in my hot little hands and I am pestering the mister to go on a caravanning adventure! I’m so pleased they said nice things to you, they are totally telling the truth x

  12. Caitlin Jeffrey says

    Oh I’m loving the little things too! Like the way my boy has started saying ‘I wan my toot-toot’ for his trains, and his daily face smoodge. It’s like a kiss gone out of control.

  13. Jess says

    Ohhhh… Random thigh hugs. A favorite. Over the last few days the random thigh hug has also been accompanied with a, “I just love you Mama.” or “I just want you Mama.” At which point I loose all focus on tasks at hand and quicker than you can make quaker oats I’m on the floor reading or playing which those very same thigh hugging arms.

  14. Cybele @ BlahBlah says

    Before I was a mother the idea of ‘random thigh hugs’ didn’t sound so appealing, but then the givers of those former random thigh hugs weren’t so cute or little and usually involved too much alcohol. Yay for RTHs x

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