Love babywearing but find it too hot? I can help!

Heads up: I was given a Breeze Baby sling for review purposes.

Update: Congratulations to Emily for winning!

Pepper was a September baby, and I have been carrying her all summer. Before she was born I decided to forgo a double pram and use a variety of carriers to suit our needs on different days. Far and away the one I’ve used the most is the Ergo, but the newborn insert left us both quite overheated if we were out and about without airconditioning.

I first found out about the Breeze Baby sling when I saw Babes in Arms post a picture on Instagram of a woman standing in water with a beautiful, light mesh sling containing a very cute baby. I thought it was a brilliant idea – a breatheable sling for summer that can also serve as a way of carrying baby in a pool or the ocean. As I live in sunny Queensland, and have a wriggly baby who loves water (plus a toddler who insists on going swimming every time she sees any kind of liquid and who needs both my hands free), I immediately put it on my shopping list. Fortunately for me (and one of you!) I was sent one to try after our Instagram chat, and was offered one for a giveaway.

It is just the silkiest material, and very light yet strong. I didn’t find it too difficult to work out how to put Pepper in it, but she’s at that age where she should be carried in the kangaroo position (3-6 months, good head and neck control but not sitting up by themselves yet) and I find it a bit awkward. I am SO looking forward when she can be carried in the hip position and the sling will keep her snugly there and my hands will be free. For now though, it has revolutionised our pool visits and beach walks – not to mention trips to the shops during the day. She absolutely loves facing forward and will struggle in chest-facing carriers to turn around despite my best efforts to keep her a snuggly newborn forever!


She’s such a curious little thing, very much interested in the world around her. This day she was very happy to sit bundled up and watch the children splashing in the water and enjoying themselves. Neither of us felt too hot and I’m sure Pepper benefited from the quick-drying mesh material letting the cool breeze through. I do think if I was to use a carrier every day I would need a little bit more back support, given my poor core muscles have disappeared with two babies so close together, but for summer trips out and about I haven’t found the sling to be too much of an issue. It is recommended that parents graduate from a sling like this to the Ergobaby carriers (or use them in conjunction with, like I do) as it offers symmetrical weight distribution for older, heavier babies. I just have heavy babies anyway and am much of a weakling when carrying them!


Pepper just loves it. As you can see, she won’t even sit sideways – she wants to watch the action and she’ll twist and turn until she gets there. The Breeze Baby makes it very easy for her to do that. These are usable from birth, and there are a variety of ways you can carry your child throughout their sling days (this one will hold up to 15kg). There are also instructional videos showing how to perform each carry.

There are well-documented benefits of babywearing, both for the baby and the mother. It has been invaluable to me to get two kids under two under control! It is easier for me personally to have one in a pram or walking and the other carried than it would be for me to wrestle with a double-pram, and I genuinely enjoy having the little one in close kissing range! I do know some people would prefer not to carry, but I have found it works for us. And it keeps my hands free for running after her older sister!


If you’re sweating through a babywearing summer (or have one on the way for the next heatwave), I’d love for you to enter the Breeze Baby giveaway. To be honest, it is usable in any weather, but especially beneficial when it is warmer. it also is certified non-toxic and machine-washable, and has been safety and load-tested in the US to comply with international standards.

If this sounds like something you’d like, then do leave a comment telling me of a babywearing experience. Whether you have or haven’t, why you have or haven’t, or if there is a funny story to tell. Hopefully not one like mine where Pepper hurled so much in one while I was in KMart I had to get my mum to go buy me a new outfit! If you love it, why do you love it? Or perhaps you’ve never tried it but want to? Let me know! You can also enter to win for someone you know who would benefit from the sling. A great baby shower gift!

Can I also strongly suggest you follow their Facebook page – they have been very generous in their giveaway and I’d like for us to show our support for them. Not only that, but they post other competitions, giveaways, information and have a wondefully inclusive community of like-minded mums and dads.

The contest will end next Wednesday February 20 at midnight Queensland time. It is a game of skill. And do please ensure you are contactable in your entry! There will be one winner who will be able to choose what colour Breeze Baby they would like, valued at $79.

Good luck!


  1. Michelle Lisle says

    Hi Stacey…well i’ve never tried a sling or carrier before as they just weren’t really around when I had my oldest 22yrs ago. However Francis came into the world safe and sound on the 1st feb this year and is doing wonderfully……we have been going through a heatwave here and I have been looking at different carriers as it’ would make shopping life so much easier than waiting every week for hubby to get home so one of us can push the trolley and the other push the pram. Also being that we live only a couple of hundred metres from the beach and love to spend as much time there as possible the sling would make those trips much more fun for all. I don’t like the idea of carrying my baby down to the beach just in arms with nothing to protect him should I happen to fall or get knocked over by a wave. The sling looks like a great way to have freedom of hands and fun while out with both kids and knowing bub is tucked in safe would be such a relief…..I know my hubby would love to use it too as he’s just so addicted to his newborn son and loves to have as many cuddles as well and this would be perfect for him to use to take the baby into the water while I spent some time building sandcastles with our four year old…hope I’m in with a chance…xo

  2. Lornie says

    Hi Stacey, my little bean is still in my tum at the moment, but knowing the benefits of having your little one close to you a sling is high on my list of things to get. Not having a bub yet I don’t have any stories to share, but maybe I will have a similar vomit story to tell in future if I win this comp!

  3. says


    I have one daughter, and another child due next Spring. With my daughter Indigo, I only had a Swedish Brand-Name Baby Dangler, given to me by a well-meaning relative, and couldn’t afford to try out a whole host of different things to work out what worked best for me and my baby. I ended up simply carrying Indigo ninety percent of the time, as did my partner, instead of using the Dangler. This is pretty hard on you when your baby wants to be held ALL THE TIME, so I’d love the opportunity to try something different and potentially more successful as a babywearing item!

  4. katie dowd says

    Hi Stacey, my daughter Sophie is just a few weeks younger then Pepper :) I also have a nearly 4 year old son – he was never interested in being “worn” but Sophie loves it! (so much so its the only way i can get her to sleep) at the moment we are using the baby bjorn miracle but would love to get an ergo (also live in sunny qld so waiting for the weather to cool down). This sling look a-m-a-z-i-n-g and would be fantastic for using during mr nearly 4’s swimming lessons – as i still need to get in with him and need my hands free. I did where the bjorn in once – too an extremely long time to dry and added a few extra kgs to carry – great for losing the baby weight though :P

  5. says

    I have just today ventured out on my own with my three week old daughter. First stop was my mother in laws school where she teachers, she wanted to introduce her to the prep students and show her off to the teachers being the first Grandchild. I had to do groceries and general running around after but didn’t want to use the pram so thought I’d bring the Baby Bjorn with me. I decided to try and put it together before I left school so I could put it straight on and avoid fidgeting around while leaving her in a hit car when I got to the shops. I was standing in the library baffled by the instructions to put the thing together! My mother in law then asked a 6 year old if he was good at Lego and could he help. He put the thing together in two minutes and I’d been struggling for twenty!

  6. tanja o'keefe says

    Hi Stacey, I have a very active, water LOVING (or I should say water OBSESSED!!!) 2yr old that will be a big sister in May. I have been trying to think of what I could do/use to ensure that she/we keep her water activities up (in the pool/ocean) ones her baby brother is born. & WHOLLA I read your f/b blog. Thank you for the wonderful item idea/positions etc & competition (Fingers and toes crossed XXX).
    L Tanja O’Keefe

  7. says

    I alternated between a Bjorn and an Ergo with Poppy and borrowed my friend’s hugabub a few times too. Love the Ergo the best! This mesh one looks perfect for my new home town’s hot weather and beach lifestyle, will definitely be checking it out. ps. Looking good mama! :)

  8. says

    Oh my godthisisawesome!!! Big fan of baby wearing.i see a new native sling for my now6 year old from age birth- to 1 year old. Romi tries to leap out of the sling (it feels like) so I use a baby bjorn. But this makes us both sweat like beasts! This is such a great idea with the mesh!! I love it!!!

  9. says

    I loved carrying my babies but what suprised me more was how much my husband enjoyed it. It’s always a nightmare when we go shopping as he always ends up an aisle or two behind me as he gets bailed up by an admiring (older) lady. Would love to win one – just found out we’re expecting a suprise 3rd baby (or as I prefer to say, a “bonus baby”) in spring and have been wondering if I should buy the newborn insert for our ergo.

    BTW, just discovered your blog last week while looking for new vegie recipes for my kids. I couldn’t believe my luck – crocheting and vegie food! My great loves!! Gradually working my way through your older posts and loving it. Hope I’ve posted this correctly – this is my first time commenting on a blog.

    • says

      Jen I just wanted to say I am thrilled you picked my blog to be the first one you ever commented on! I feel very special. I also hope to bring more rad giveaways in the future, so you might find yourself lucky there! xx

  10. says

    Well this is so meant to be! I have been eyeing these off for the last few months, however haven’t quite had the dollars to buy one! We have an Ergo baby carrier which dear friends of ours gifted to us at our baby blessing. I love and adore it, yet it gets quite hot and stuffy in summer which is a draw back. My most memorable baby wearing experience actually belongs to my partner,(bless his big German head!) every Saturday we visit the local farmers markets to get our weekly groceries and I always wear our daughter in the carrier, this occasion however my partner must have been suffering from a case of carrier envy as he wanted to wear her instead, as I was getting our little one out of the car I hear my partner shout proudly “Yep, all good to go! This is easy as!” . . I turn around and he has attempted to secure the carrier upside down over his body . . . Had to admire his enthusiasm! Xxx Em

  11. Bec says

    Hmm no funny story here, but it’s stinking hot in Collinsville, and there’s not many footpaths to push a stroller around on (or shops!). We just went on our first big outing in town to visit people and I carried him in my arms – and now he’s all sweaty :( QLD summer sucks! That’s all :)

  12. says

    I am pregnant with my second child. With my first I used a hug-a-bub for the first few months, and loved it! But it wasn’t long before he got too big to carry comfortably with the hug-a-bub. With this baby I think it will be even more important to be ‘hands-free’ while I juggle a baby AND a toddler. I’m planning on buying an ergo baby, but being that i’m due in September, I am a bit worried about how the heat will affect us. I would love to try the baby breeze.

  13. May Lee says

    I am pregnant with my first in Rockhampton and would love to have a baby carrier that won’t douse me and my baby in sweat the second we put it on. I didn’t realise the ergobaby newborn insert was hot, so thanks for the heads up and I will probably avoid that one.

  14. Steph says

    Hi Stacy how great do you both look in the breeze baby?! I have 3 chickens* and each one I have worn in a different carrier. My eldest was so excited to become a big sister that when she was 5 she wore her 2 wk old brother in the hug-a-bub I used for her. We walked down to the shops together and she couldn’t have been any prouder if she tried and everyone was just in owe. So baby wearing is not only beneficial for parents but a beautiful gift a sibling can enjoy and share. She has since continued to carry her younger sister as well.

    *by chickens I mean children :o)

    Xo Steph

  15. Jemimah says

    One of my baby wearing experiences involves picking my three year old up from preschool, but we have to walk home so she hops in the pram and my 6 month old goes in my ergo so we can make it home. My 6 month old loves being in the ergo, but only if Daddy is carrying her . I think part of the issue is my chest gets in the way, babywearing never worked for me with my eldest as like with my 6 month old the chest gets in the way. So whenever we walk home the poor little monkey ends up getting bounced around and knocked a bit in the face, needless to say she objects strongly to my carrying her like this.

  16. says

    I have 2 gorgeous girls and like you love to wear no 2 in order to keep hands free whilst running around after no 1. I love baby wearing and tried to get my daughter to sleep recently in the pram when we went on a trip to the aquarium. With no such luck I put her into the sling, she watched the sharks go over her head and as soon as we left the tunnel instantly fell asleep! I love having her so close!

  17. Sabrina J says

    I love babywearing!
    One particular day comes to mind, I had my (then) 10m old daughter on my back in a wrap and I had someone come up to comment on how comfortable and snuggly she looked and how convienient it was that I had her there so I could do the shopping in peace, It was amazing! Living in a small country town its hard to be one of the only babywearers, so it was nice to have a compliment for once. :)
    I would love love love a Royal Blue breeze baby to give to my cousin who is expecting a baby boy.. So that I can share my love of babywearing with her <3

  18. says

    I always get nice comments on my green ergo carrier! Once I was going through the checkouts at the shop and the checkout chick was telling me how it reminded her of her mother who used to wrap her and her siblings as a child growing up in Africa. It was nice to put a smile on her face.

  19. Karly says

    I bought a second hand baby carrier when my guy was a bub. It had buckles on the back that would dig in when he was sitting in the front so I used it only when I was downstairs in the laundry or grabbing something from the car.

    My sister is pregnant and I’m sharing with her my list of dos and don’ts. A comfy baby sling would be the perfect “do as I say, not as I did” gift.

  20. says

    I have a great hug-a-bub carrier that I used for my first and now second child. I was at the shops a few weeks ago and felt a drip on my leg and thought that little miss was dribbling on me. Then a drip on my foot and then another and then I glimpse a splash on the store floor. You can see where this is heading can’t you. It wasn’t dribble. I had walked the full length of this store all the way to the back leaving a trail of dripping newborn poo! How embarrassing. And to make matters worse little miss and I were both covered in poo and we had only just arrived at the shops too.
    Little Miss is 6 months old and is very clingy to me at the moment and it is far far far too hot on the Gold Coast for me to have her in the sling snuggled up against me. But this one looks fabulous. So cool and light. And would be great to wear at the rock pools while I chase around my 3 year old.

  21. Bron says

    First of all your Pepper is beautiful! My Pepper is 4.5 and a delight too! When my Pep was 9 months old we backpacked from south to north in Vietnam. I carried her through the hills of Sapa in a sling on a motorbike and breastfed in her sling with hill tribes. We are heading to Cambodia in April where it is super hot and this sling would suit my youngest perfectly to explore the temples of Angkor xx

  22. Tara says

    I have an ergo which I LOVE but it is soooo hot in summer. This sling looks amazing and I would love one and I would also like to look as good as you while I’m wearing that sling!

  23. Ashley says

    Love the look of this sling. I have an ergo and a sollybaby which I adore but get more than saturated in in the heat of summer. Have also had unfortunate saturation with the “yellow stuff” newborns make against my skin. Icky but another benefit of baby wearing is that accidents are well hidden and you can jump in the shower, mama, baby, clothes and carrier when you safely make it home. Fingers crossed as would love this. Xx

  24. Di says

    I had a babysling, but for the life of me couldn’t figure out how to tie it up securely, so gave it to my sister in law. And she loves it. Now I need my own, so she can show me how to use it properly!

  25. says

    I bought a baby bjorn with my first daughter which is great for shopping and doing dashes in and out of the shops but it isn’t breathable and made me work up a sweat carrying her in QLD even though the air conditioning was on. I would LOVE to get a Breeze Baby sling as I am having my second daughter tomorrow and with it being breathable and used in different positions, means bub can be with me at all times while I wrangle around with my 2.5 toddler!

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