My Parenting Style, Summed up in One Image

Smalls is two today. And as I was going through the photos of her first birthday party (it was a Peter Rabbit theme complete with carrot cake because of course), I came across this one I forgot. I had tried to order cupcakes from a friend who is much better at decorating them than I am, but she … [Read More...]

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Taking Stock

Joining in with Meet Me at Mike’s, not stealing broth. Making : Still on the poncho from last month. Cooking : ancho lentil tacos, cake, cake, cake, cake, and endless varieties of spaghetti. I've … [Read More...]


Spring Fling

About two weeks ago, something happened to me. I think it had everything to do with spring, and having basically hibernated through my first Melbourne winter. I NEEDED TO … [Read More...]


Life at Mine

I have been making lots of puddings. And buying all the books in the land. AND EATING ALL THE BUTTER SHUT UP Sharing my yoga mat with everybody. Getting obsessed with Yorkshire Tea. It's not often I deviate from loose leaf but hi … [Read More...]


Best Banana Cake

And I don't say that lightly. I ate about six pieces, and kept mumbling it was the best banana cake I've ever had. And you know what makes it so good? *ducks from half the internet* - it's sugar. White sugar is what gives the edges that crispy, chewy … [Read More...]