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Such a hooker

I have a terrible habit of never sticking to crochet projects until they’re done, unless there is a deadline. I just can’t resist the urge to make something new (especially if it will work up quickly) and so here I find myself in the last few weeks trying to remember which thing is what and…

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PicMonkey Collage

Taking Stock

Joining in with Meet Me at Mikes, not stealing brothqqqqqqqq1qqa. Extra letters courtesy of the 3yo banging a Little Live Pet on the keyboard, which I only noticed once I pressed “publish”. Making : An absolute mess – I tried sewing with fake fur yesterday. I’m still picking it out of my eyelashes. I’m also slogging away…

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The most mum day ever

Today I took the vacuum cleaner in to be fixed, which seems about the most responsible adult thing I’ve ever done. Young’uns buy or borrow vacuum cleaners, but it seems like only grown ups who make a (considerable) investment in household appliances and then spend money on the service and maintenance of said items. Truth…

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The Secret to the Best Homemade Playdough Ever

When Smalls first started at kindergarten, she was still in full playdough phase. Truth be told she still is, but it was at peak excitement at the start of the year. I’d often walk her over to the playdough area on dropoff and she would happily sit and squish, waving me off with a distracted…

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Degrassi Junior High

The 42 Best Bits of Degrassi Junior High

Everybody’s favourite Canadians were an after-school institution for me. Who didn’t marvel at Spike’s hair, giggle at Joey Jeremiah’s class clown antics, and wonder about French kissing boys a la Heather and Erica? I sure did. I also learned about mono and adoption and epilepsy and how to sneak cooler clothes out of the house when…

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Greek-Style Spinach and Cheese Rolls

Congrats Reannon!Hot damn do I love pastry. Funnily enough, not necessarily sweet pastries, but anything hot wrapped in flaky pastry that I can cover in sauce and I’m a happy lass. Spinach and feta pastries are a veg staple the world over, and yes – can get boring pretty quick. I find a boost of…

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How to make the best full-flavoured vegetable stock

Because when it comes to stock, sometimes us veggies get the short end of the stick, for real. With only vegetables, salt and water (ok and some herbs and spices if we’re feeling jaunty), the vegetable stock that flavours all the dishes of our life often just tastes like vegetables and salt and water. This…

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Veggie Mama Loves

It is so hot crumpet with butter weather. If you wanna make your own too, try this recipe! I know, I’ve changed it up again. I blame the full solstice moon or whatever the hell is going on. I CAN DO WHAT I WANT MOON, OK?! At least it’s not (quite) as bad (I don’t…

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