VM vs Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peel – my experience (and 40% off for you!)


Amid ageing hitting me like a ton of thirty-something bricks recently, my soon-to-be sister-in-law was telling me about her job at the Australian Skin Clinic in Melbourne as an aesthetician, and the kinds of results she was seeing on her clients undergoing anti-ageing treatments. While it was … [Read more...]

What am I making with my organic veg boxes? Come on in, I’ll show you.


I get my veggie boxes from Whole Larder Love, and a few people lately have asked me what I've been making from the contents. It's a bit fun, like a Masterchef Mystery Box, but gianter and with more cabbage. I must admit, I've been thinking in all sorts of traditional recipe ways when I open the … [Read more...]

Does your home need jewellery? (Who am I kidding, of course it does). A giveaway with Down That Little Lane


LOOK AT THAT PLANTER!!!For real. Look at it. How effing cute! And if any of the other organically-designed home beads from Down That Little Lane seller andyANDmolly designs strike your fancy, then do please pop over to enter the giveaway here. (but do hurry, it ends in TWO DAYS). andyANDmolly … [Read more...]

Let’s talk about Snickers Popcorn

photo 1

A little while ago, I posted this picture on Instagram. It was the day of my brother-in-law's engagement party, and goddamn it, I was making Snickers popcorn! At the request of the bride, but also at the request of my tastebuds. The pictures attracted a lot of comment, mostly from people wanting … [Read more...]

Kid food: snacks

Snack ideas for kids

We were getting back into the swing of things snack-wise before the move, and I relished the chance to get creative with kid food. Then we moved, and I was throwing peanut butter sandwiches and handfuls of sultanas at them at regular intervals. I think it's time to step it up a notch! Anyway, … [Read more...]

Five dinner ideas from Pinterest


Pinterest is glorious. Not only for seeing pictures of overstyled houses and kids birthday parties fit for millionaire children, but as the one-stop-shop for putting stuff I don't know where to put anywhere else. Back in the day, I used to cut and paste recipes into word documents (or I'd borrow … [Read more...]

Toddler Activity: outdoor fun with Alphabet Jump


My kids love getting out and about outside, and I like it too now that the youngest isn't crawling about in the dirt constantly. She's up and almost running, doing whatever her sister is doing and being terribly adorable all the while. One of the things that Abby has loved to do lately (now that … [Read more...]

Best Breakfasts: Toasted Coconut Buckwheat


Much like my uselessness when it comes to lunches, I'm a bit of a breakfast bore. And before we get into nine straight months of porridge territory, I'm striving to fit in the remnants-of-summer breakfasts while I still can. My first foray into buckwheat for breakfast was courtesy of Loving … [Read more...]

Veggie Mama vs Certificate IV in Marketing. Bring it.


This is a sponsored post for Open Training Institute. The other day we were driving though Brunswick when Matt pointed out the university there. “Oh, I can’t look!”, I said, squeezing my eyes shut. “It’ll just make me want to go.” Not your average reaction, I imagine. I can’t help it, I am … [Read more...]

Free crochet pattern: Little pompom bags

crochet handbag for kids with pompoms

I love this bag. So little, so cute, so pom-pommy. Much like my earlier kiddie crochet handbag, this one is a cinch to make. It takes no time at all, and the only real difference is the flap over the top, rather than leaving it open. Let me know how you go! You will need: 4.0mm crochet … [Read more...]

26 reasons I love my new garden


Ermagherd, you guys. I feel slightly guilty for reaping the benefits of someone else's clearly hard work - but boy does this garden give me all the good feels! It's still going to take a bit of work on our part to tidy it up, but for now... feast your eyes. And this isn't … [Read more...]

Just Ace


  As I write, there is a horrific loop of music on the TV thanks to ABC 2 going off-air for the night and inviting us back for more fun and frolic from 6am. While there have been a few things I've thought are just ace lately (hence the title of the post... deep), this for sure is not one of … [Read more...]

The Quick Lunch: Green soba noodle stirfry for one


You know what I suck at? Eating lunch. Like, a proper lunch. Often the girls have rest time from 11.30 onwards, and I use that time to work. So I don't eat until they get up (sometimes hours later) and by then I'm so hungry I'm about to punch my own self in the face. And then I don't want anything, … [Read more...]

Snapshots of my Melbourne Month

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 2.34.35 pm

So last Saturday marked a month since I moved to Melbourne. It has been SUCH a good move. I can't imagine living anywhere but here (except maybe overseas), so while I feel brand new and fresh-eyed, I also feel right at home. I've been thinking back over all the things I've done in these early … [Read more...]

Let’s talk about ageing.


I remember it very clearly. It was about five years ago, and I was putting on my makeup for work. Well, at least I was trying to, when I noticed that the creases in my cheek from my pillow still hadn't smoothed out, and I'd been up for nearly an hour. "Oh my goddddddd", I half-wailed to my … [Read more...]