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Vegetarian Christmas Meal Ideas

I know, I know - you're a vegetarian at Christmas and you don't know what's festive enough to eat when everyone else is chowing down on ham. Or worse - you're a carnivore hosting a vegetarian and you don't know what to do. Relax. I got some vegetarian Christmas meal ideas that don't take long, … [Read More...]

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Just Ace

A few things I think are just ace. With apologies to Grinspoon. How we're almost halfway through December is beyond me. I actually don't know where this year has gone! It hasn't been an easy one, but … [Read More...]

Cabbage and Potato soup with a Jalapeno Lime Twist - I was super-surprised at the ingredients in this one, but it really works.

Potato and Cabbage Soup with a Jalapeno Lime Twist

I don't know where y'all are, but it is STILL freezing in Melbourne. Last night I was huddling under a blanket and I've been walking around with constant cold feet. We can still eat soup here, people. Soup in December. SOUP, I tell you! If you're cold too, you might like to warm up with this Potato … [Read More...]


Small Business Christmas Gift Guide

I normally loathe shopping, especially in an actual store, so I've cultivated the fine art of finding stuff online that I turn to again and again. I do try to buy what I can from friends and people with small businesses, and I'm very fortunate to know some terrifically talented friends! So for … [Read More...]

Honey Wholemeal Pizza Crust - an easy recipe for a spectacular pizza // www.theveggiemama.com

Honey Wholemeal Pizza Dough

Pizza has become a once-a-week staple at VMHQ, and with good reason. Reasons. 1. Breadmaker does all the work. 2. We all eat it (fussies included) 3. It takes hardly any time, and has VEGETABLES (I even make the girls' tomato sauce a hidden veggie one) 4. Pizza. We are also very … [Read More...]



So I've been getting more sleep lately, which is awesome because I'm now almost a functioning member of society, but is also really weird because my dreams are apparently those of someone on the wrong side of some bad drugs. I think I must be catching up on four years of lost REM sleep, because … [Read More...]

Vegetarian thanksgiving meal ideas - you won't go hungry this holiday season! // www.theveggiemama.com

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Meal Ideas

Need vegetarian meal ideas for Thanksgiving? I've got you covered. Want to eat feast delights just because? Got you covered on that too. We may not celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, but I sure do use it as an excuse to make copious amounts of macaroni and cheese with hefty doses of pumpkin … [Read More...]

Ginger Pear Cake - very simple and delicious way of using up pears that are about to turn // www.theveggiemama.com

Recipe: Ginger Pear Cake

Another weekday lunchbox/afternoon tea offering. Simple, delicious, cup of tea mandatory. Unless you're my kids, in which case you'll want milk in a Peter Rabbit cup and then fight over which Peter Rabbit cup you get. You can ice, but I don't bother. I don't even dust gently with icing … [Read More...]

Coal Valley View

Taking Stock

Joining in with Meet Me at Mike’s, not stealing broth. Making : Waves Cooking : Bliss balls (also known as "bribe balls" owing to making them for our Tasmania trip in case of child behaviour emergency) which were actually pretty awesome, Laura Bush's choc-chip cookies (again for travel … [Read More...]


Kid Food: Snacks

Snack time, y'all! Where I eat everything + cheese, and the kids lick a banana and run off to play. Sigh. Fruit kebabs. They wanted me to take the fruit straight off. Then one asked for just a banana on a stick. Homemade apple pie with a Miffy cheese. Nope and nope. We had a bit of apple … [Read More...]


Blueberry Banana Breakfast Smoothie

This is a sponsored post for V8 Fusion Just like every other mother in the Western world in 2014, we do a lot of smoothies around here. Sometimes it’s because there’s a lot of fruit to use up, sometimes it’s just because it’s easy, sometimes it’s because I can bump up the fussy butts’ … [Read More...]


Win a Copy of Green Kitchen Travels Cookbook {x2!} (ended)

Congrats Kathy and Jude! Ohhhh if I was ever to write a cookbook, I think one like Green Kitchen Travels would be my absolute dream. Travel, eat amazing vegetarian food, come home, and translate those experiences into recipes for you. Luise + David from Green Kitchen Stories has made … [Read More...]


Life at Mine

I've got beeswax candles in the city, microphones that look like penises, sneaky chocolate chips, endless lego, adventures in yogurt-making, a kid who goes to the pool and comes back as Elizabeth Bennett, and another kid who falls asleep on coffee tables, and uses her feet as dolls. One foot is the … [Read More...]