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  1. Am soo making these for a picnic/bbq on Saturday!
    I am already a reader, so it was really cool when this came up as the 5th hit when googling “rum balls without the rum”!!!

  2. My friend makes these and they are delicious. Unfortunately she’s not kind enough to share her recipe. So after googling them and trying different variations of this recipe I have gotten close but still cannot get them quite as good as I remember my friend’s truffles to be. Will be trying this one soon..thanks in advance..:-)

  3. I made my first double batch (which is actually 4x the above recipe) on Sunday and they may not last the week… I agree completely on the gross fruit exclusion however I love the real rum taste and use a good spiced Barbados style rum. This year I subbed in ginger snaps for half the biscuit component and GAME CHANGER! I know apparently make Dark and Stormy balls 🙂


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