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stuff I love

I feel as though the last two weeks have whirled by in a total rush – school and its time parameters have taken some getting used to! Actually, mostly by me. The schoolkid herself has taken to it like a duck to water, and I’m the one struggling to be somewhere, fully dressed and on time by 9am. And that’s despite being a morning person! Oy.

Still, plenty of things have caught my eye and so I will share the stuff I’ve been loving lately…


I bought many, many Clarissa Dickson Wright books recently after becoming re-obsessed with the Two Fat Ladies, and I’ve been getting stuck into A History of English Food (which is excellent) and A Greener Life, a homesteady-style “modern country compendium” that she wrote with her Clarissa and the Countryman co-star Johnny Scott. Clarissa is an absolute riot, totally unapologetic and un-PC and I love her good old English stock ways. The amazing Food: a 20th Century Anthology (a collection of “the very best” writing about food with essays from tons of famous writers and cooks) and both her biographies are on the shelf waiting for me next.

I also picked up Murder on The Orient Express by Agatha Christie a little while ago and that’s been my before-bed/wine-in-the-bath read for the last couple of weeks. Still can’t believe I haven’t read it until now.

I’m also very addicted to the Duchess Kate and From Berkshire to Buckingham blogs. They’re my weekend morning cup of tea treat – I never miss a post! In fact, I’ve read every post from their beginnings to now. I’m a complete tragic.


This massaged kale salad from Nutrition Stripped. I know. Raw kale. But I surprisingly very much liked it! The vegan felafel with tzaziki was good too.

Also will be busting out Nigella’s chocohotopots for tomorrow’s Valentine’s dinner dessert.


The new X Files! Ermgagherd. Lunchbox and I look forward to every single episode, and I look forward to sitting on the couch with a glass of wine and some salted dark chocolate almonds. So far it’s done the series justice (we re-watched the entire series about three years ago) and I’ll be super-sad when it’s finally over.

Speaking of re-watching, news of the upcoming Gilmore Girls episodes has got me all aflutter and I’ve started watching it again for a third time, although I’m of two minds about that… more in a post next week #emotions.

I’m also all about watching My Kitchen Rules at the moment because I love a. cooking shows and b. awkward personal tensions played out on screen, and the resulting memes that occur.


I made a pretty epic 90s one-hit-wonder playlist on Spotify so I could chat with Carly about it for an upcoming Sweet Teen Club podcast episode, but it’s been my go-to every day! So many good kitchen belters in that lineup.

Speaking of podcasts, I loved this episode of Women of the Hour podcast about work and productivity, and I love Clarissa Dickson Wright’s episode of Desert Island Discs (actually I love that whole program).


Several things from Bohemian Traders (they had a pretty awesome sale on recently and I swooped!). Some dresses, some pants and the Charlie shirt got added to cart. The Black pleated yoke dress is still available on sale, fyi (I also interviewed Emily yesterday for the Kickass Chicks series, I love peeking behind the curtain of everyone’s success, haha).

I’ve also got some great jeans on eBay lately, because I like to be warm and buy quality but give extreme side eye to paying $300 straight up, Captain Frugal Stacey just has such a hard time with those kinds of prices. I looked on eBay for the ones I wanted and a nice young lass had bought the wrong size for her and was selling them brand new and unworn. Bargain.


  • My brand-new-to-me Diana mug
  • When Uber teamed up with Australian Red Cross to come and collect people’s clothing donations – you just ordered an uber and they turned up to take your bags off your hands! So good. I donated three bags and although I purge my wardrobe often, I had no idea there was that much stuff still in there.
  • The new ecostore bubble bath – I had a little pack sent to me recently to try and the kids really enjoyed it. The bubble bath smells so good and makes pretty legit bubbles. Everything has new packaging too, which is cool.
  • A new little potted succulent from Fitzroy Nursery
  • Some beeswax candles the girls and I made, I’m hoping they’ll ease my slow descent into I’m-not-ready-for-autumn hell. (we get the little packs from Spiral Garden).
  • My new sewing machine, MAKE ALL OF THE THINGS!
  • Buying a case of gorgeous wine from Vinomofo for the Mr for Valentine’s Day and having it arrive early! I was worried it wouldn’t get here on time, but it did, and I’m stoked. He will be too. He’s so bloody hard to buy for, but will put a couple of bottles of red to good use!

Caught my eye

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 5.39.14 pmMelissa (aka super_little_lion) made my southern fried tofu and posted it on Instagram with the #veggiemamafood hashtag – how good do these little golden nuggets look! I love seeing how you guys make stuff, the thought of everyone out there eating delicious things totally makes my day.

On this Day

slow roasted tomato on top of a creamy, cheesy goat cheese risotto - a great vegetarian main (especially for valentine's day!)

2011Goat Cheese Risotto with Roasted Heirloom Tomato

2012Baked Sweet Potato Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing (and there was a post announcing my second pregnancy on the 14th but for some reason the internet ate it – I’m so sad!)

2013Little Things … oh those kiddies were so little :)

2014Caramelised Apple and Cinnamon Scrolls

2015Blueberry Chocolate Chip Muffins


Have a great weekend, folks <3


  1. says

    I love these kinds of posts!
    I am loving th X Files too but last week I had to flick between it & Molly- god Molly was good!
    Also am very excited about Gilmore Girls but 1. Dont have Netflix so thats a bit crap & 2. No Sookie!!! I just dont see how that will work.
    And as you know I am loving your podcast but for some reason still cant get a review to appear on iTunes. Sorry!

    • says

      Yeah Molly was great! I kept watching a bit too, one of my friends is in it. I reckon Sookie will show up on Gilmore Girls, don’t you worry. I am working my way through my actual DVD collection, but I would totally get Netflix just for the new episodes! I did see your review, thank you SO much, that’s so rad of you to take the time <3

  2. says

    Hi there! Thank you for the lovely shout-out! I am so happy to know you enjoy the blog and come by regularly. Since it is Saturday morning and I have a post half finished, you have inspired me to put that last push in and get it up. :) Have a great weekend! Warmly, Jane Barr

    • says

      Well hello Jane! Thank you for stopping by and saying hi. And thanks for a new post for me to read! I’ve been meaning to email and thank you for all your hard work, I hate the thought of how much time it would take me to round up all the news you do. I also appreciate you spending the time you do on your blog, as I know you’re busy in “real life” – I can relate! But I’m glad you stayed on (and congrats on the expansion of Kate’s Clothes! That’s a fun one).

  3. says

    I love this – especially the “on this day” part! I’m just getting into podcasts, currently life hacking my way though Carly and Kelly’s Straight and Curly. Have just binge watched the latest series of “The Bridge” and now I feel a bit bereft now that it’s finished. I need more scandidrama in my life! Hope your weekend was full of wonderful!

    • says

      Well there you go, I’ve never watched Scandidrama! I didn’t even know it was a thing. And I love Straight and Curly, I’m always interested in how people actually go about productivity without losing all willpower about two days in. Podcasts are great though, they’re always there when I’m folding the washing or washing the dishes or driving… it’s so nice to have someone keep you company in your ears!

    • says

      Oh my gosh, I cannot sing What’s Up in front of anyone else, that’s a LOT of yelling that my wimpy voice just can not belt out appropriately! I hope you like the playlist, there’ll be a few changes after the episode is released, I seriously just cannot do Sucker DJ one more time

  4. says

    The X-Files! Ermagerd indeed. I missed Sunday night’s ep (thankful for catch up TV) but the week before I was just about beside myself. The X-Files with added Rhys Darby! So good. I did have a lovely friend tell me, ‘Oh I remember how much you loved that show at uni.’ Seems I haven’t grown up much in 20 odd years.
    I’m loving your Things I Love Saturday! x

    • says

      How funny was he in that! It was such a departure from the story arc, I loved it. I was hoping they’d do a monster of the week. And the Tim Armstrong cameo in the Trashman episode! X Files pulling out all the stops. Thanks for your kind words too, lady. Hope you’re well!

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