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I’m  baaaaaaack!

I hope you read that in a Carol Anne/Poltergeist voice. I ain’t in your TV, but I’m in your computer, telling you that you need to eat some sushi.

Every time I go overseas, I end up craving something weird toward the end. And even though we ate like kings in New Zealand, and it was food we were used to, that old craving thing struck again. This time, it was sushi. Never mind I actually ate sushi while I was there, it wasn’t enough. So I had to come home and make some. (PS next time you need sushi in Queenstown, Kappa Sushi is your man. Fo shiz.) I have to go with these cravings and I don’t question them. Except that time I was in a small ski village in Japan and was desperately craving a fresh tomato. In the middle of winter. Believe it or not, I got that fresh tomato on our very last night, in Tokyo. It was every bit as delicious as I was hoping.

Moving on – I’m pretty straitlaced when it comes to sushi fillings. Obviously we’re quite restricted in traditional items, but things like sundried tomato in them just freak me out. I can’t do it. I stick to avocado, cucumber, tempura, teriyaki tofu and sometimes some salad-y type stuff. I have accepted and even embraced the cream cheese biz, and I feel Kewpie mayo is pretty much mandatory (except if you’re vegan, obvs), but I can’t say I get too adventurous in the sushi department. If you’ve come across something rad, then do please let me know! I’d like to branch out, but I’m ascairt.

For my sushi, I just make the rice according to the packet directions, adding rice vinegar I don’t know the name of because the label is totally in a foreign language. I roll up sticks of avocado, cream cheese and cucumber with a smidge of Kewpie mayo, and serve with wasabi and a light soy. I am totally a wasabi person. Are you? Teriyaki tofu is a close second (when I have tofu in the fridge, which admittedly isn’t very often) – coat in teriyaki sauce, fry, coat in more teriyaki sauce. The place near me deep-fries theirs and it is glorious. I was chatting with a friend once trying to figure out why their tofu was so damn good, and the guy rolling the sushi pipes up and says “it’s because we give our tofu a hug before we fry it!”… as if that’s not adorable. Well whatever they do, I would run over my own mother to get to that stuff. Amazing.

Oh, and my secret to rolling? The Sushezi! Veggie Dad bought me one for Christmas many moons ago and I love it. It makes a lot of sushi very quickly and always nice and round. I do like to mix it up with rolling my own, but sometimes this thing is just too handy.


Get thee to some sushi. You won’t regret it.



  1. Lizzie B says

    My housemate makes her sushi with quinoa instead of rice – it’s pretty delicious!
    I’m a wasabi person too, and definitely a kewpie mayo person! I think I need to get my hands on one of those sushezis – looks so handy!

    Hope my homeland treated you well xx

    • says

      SO well! I loved every single bit of it. So glad we went!
      I’m terribly afraid to change the rice to quinoa… it just doesn’t seem right, but I bet it’s great! And better for you.

      • NoKnifeSkills says

        I converted over by starting out with the quinoa mixed in with rice, then increased the ratio till now I am completely over to Millet and Quinoa instead of rice at all.

  2. says

    I’m spoilt. Went back to Australia in February, tried to eat sushi, gagged at how soggy and bland it was! Thank goodness for inari…

  3. flyingdrunkenmonkey says

    Mmm sushi. Only one month to go and I’ll be able to have some! Yes, I could probably make my own but I’m way too lazy. And Lily hasn’t had any for ages because I feel weird buying it for her and get jealous. She loves plain avo or cucumber and will sometimes be adventurous and have teriyaki chicken. My birthday is actually a few weeks after the baby is due and I’m hoping it doesn’t come late so I can go to Sake Restaurant in Sydney for my birthday. Best Japanese food in Sydney.

    I’ve linked up a recipe today – Roasted Capsicum & Tomato Soup with Pea Puree and Goat’s Cheese. I remember when I posted a photo of it originally (back in 2011!) you wanted the recipe and I finally got around to posting it :)

  4. sar (accidental lentil) says

    i love sushi with tofu fried in some soy sauce with a smear of peanut butter! yes, natural smooth pb with no sugar or salt in it, plus soy sauce, equals simplest satay tofu ever. otherwise cucumber and avo wins.

  5. Ally @ Om Nom Ally says

    Thanks for hosting Meatless Monday, it’s always great to take part. Love, love, love your vegetarian sushi – I’m pretty straight-laced too with my sushi, and these look very fresh and delicious :)

  6. Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo says

    I have never had sushi.

    True story.

    Every time I see it, there is a tuna filled one lurking close by. And I can think of much better ways to die than hidden tuna.

  7. says

    Yum, yum, yum!! Sushi has been my main cravings while we’ve been away. I just can’t get enough of it! I ate japanese nearly every day we were in Milan, as they have much better options than Rome!
    Anyway, have you tried boiled sweet potato in it? This is definitely one of my favourites! I usually do sweet potato, cucumber, kewpie, and ginger. And chicken, but obviously you don’t want that in yours!!

  8. NoKnifeSkills says

    OMG I only bought yesterday from Daiso a sushi making gadget! It is amazing!!!! Best store for kids lunchbox dividers and sauce containers too. I think I’m an addict now its just around the corner…. eek!


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