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  1. We all have those days but tomorrow is another day. Your little girl is so adorable. I loved that book too….terrible, horrible no good very bad day. Make some soup and have a cup of tea☺

  2. If I lived closer I would have made you a cup of tea. Hopefully your days have got better 🙂

  3. Tonight I ate all 6 remaining squares of secret squirrel Lindt I found in top of pantry. No regrets. What a shitty week, thank feck it’s over. Wonder what it was?? But glad it wasn’t only me!

  4. Some days are crap and self soothing is the only way…. and whatever works… hope the nest days that come along bring a little joie de vivre… but there’s strength in just surviving some days too.

  5. I ate chicken soup for dinner last night because I have had a stress-caused muscle spasm in my neck all day. Coddling ourselves is very important now we’re grown up and no one else will do it for us. Leaving yukky stuff til when you can do it with wine is a brilliant strategy. I love the word, coddling.

  6. Sometimes you need to just go fuck it and put yourself first. Cause you NEED to. Schedule in a day of tea and reading in bed ALL DAMN DAY I demand it.

    Not only do you deserve it, your girls need you to do it. Love your ugly face off.

    • Yeah but who’s going to make their sandwiches and find their lost ponies and the thousands of other things they need me to do all goddamn day long? ahh wait long… day…. LONG DAY CARE that’s genius I’m doing it

  7. Don’t be hating on yourself for eating eggs for breakfast! They are super healthy. Jamie Oliver is all about calling eggs the ultimate super food. Everything you need is in an egg to start the day. Although, it is nice to let the world know that even the most awesomest people have crappy days {cause I sure do think you live a pretty rockin’ life}.

    • Ha no I love eggs! I eat them almost every day for breakfast. But they can take a lot of time and sometimes I’m in a hurry and skip it. This time I wasn’t going to rush even though I should have x

  8. Oh, I am so glad you were kind to yourself. Sometimes you really just have to say, “Fuck it” and indulge. I hope you feel better now. I feel like I’ve been fighting a funk for weeks, but I think I’m coming out of it and I am so excited about that xx

    • I thought this was a couple-of-days thing… but it won’t go away! Although this morning was nice. I feel a “fuck it” entire week coming on.

      Hope you’re feeling better?

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