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  1. This is my favourite type of cake and I’m so impressed you managed to deviate with a cake recipe. Maybe I’ve been cursed by a CWA lady in the past. I’m not sure about decorating with Angelica but my mum used to give it to us when we had colds x

    • Haha I’ve been tinkering with these recipes since I was 10 years old so I kind of know what works and what’s going to be an abysmal failure these days!

  2. Good to know those old cake recipes work well as master recipes that you can adapt to what ever takes your fancy. Perfect cake baking weather at the moment too!!

  3. Gee Stacey, not sure why one would deviate from the original recipe – what a winner! And can we take a moment to appreciate the name Wynwode?

    But seriously, a slice of your cake would go down a treat this minute, being morning tea time an all. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Codfat and Angelica eh? Now there are two things you are probably not going to hear of much on Master Chef.
    (And non faffing cakes are the best kind…who needs extra faffing in life?)

  5. Non-faffing cakes are winners here too. And now I know what we’re having for morning tea tomorrow. Thank you very much!

  6. Ummm…Yum Yum! They look so yummy! You know what? I LOVE food and things like that VERY much! The cakes makes me goes hungry every time when went through this blog XP

  7. I do this all the time, changing a recipe to suit what’s drooping in the fridge. With my tea cake I add extra apple to the top and a crumble which makes it delicious for a dessert with a dash of cream or custard or both!


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