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  1. I’m about to start a veggie garden, a herb garden and a flower garden. My cat doesn’t come out the back on account of the German Shepherd so it won’t be doing anything in the gardens. Our chickens will hopefully provide the fertiliser. Yes. the whole Trump thing is terrifying. Who’d have imagined this could happen? Gah! Any advice on the veggie gardens is welcome.

    • Water them well, check them for bugs often, and remember to feed them… I’ve learned the hard way on all three! I wonder if I can fit a German Shepherd on my balcony?

  2. My mint hates me too! I keep ripping the fucker out but it just keeps coming back!!! I typed all my toms today. Sooooo much fruit on there already, I just need it to warm up & ripen. Tomato season is my favourite!!!
    And my theory in Trump is, surely he’ll fuck up & be impeached before the 4 years are up? It feels like an episode of the Simpsons….

    • My mint just won’t frigging grow! I’ve never been able to grow it, it drives me nuts.
      Fingers crossed for impeachment… I’d say it isn’t likely but that’s what I said about him being president in the first place haha

  3. I read this post while I was waiting in the queue at the City Council to renew my vehicle license yesterday – all eyes were on me as I laughed out loud. Over and over. You’re very funny, thanks for the humour! And sorry about Trump. What can I say – maybe we can fast forward the next four years……

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