Well, that’s really rather remarkable!

“But what I’d really like is to do Wayne’s World for a living. It might happen…”


Well get ready buttmonkeys, you might be on the move.

I’ve spoken before about why I started this blog, and how even though I wanted to break into a career of writing online, I never really envisioned it would be in this space that I would be able to do that. I thought it would serve as a resume of sorts and I would write “properly” somewhere else. But over the last three years, it has become apparent that I love this blog too much to keep it as a hobby while I gave the best of myself elsewhere. As emails and offers began appearing in my inbox, I realised there was more to blogging than I at first thought. And while I navigated my way through those early partnerships, I realised the potential of blogging and what it could afford those of us who had fallen down the rabbit hole and wanted to stay at the tea party. Anyone who’s ever dipped a toe in the blog waters soon realises how much it can require of you, and how much it can make you happy.

I love to write here. I love to share recipes, my life, my feeble attempts at gardening and the fun things I make. I love the community we’ve built here, how we share and come together to learn and chat and support each other. And I have been very fortunate in that sometimes people have taken this seriously and wanted to work with me in valuing this space. I’m excited that today, I get to take that one step further as I become the newest member of The Remarkables Group, a group of kids who couldn’t keep their stories off the internet and who now are leading the way into blogging an income from their kitchen tables. While we never envisioned this is where we would end up, we have all grabbed the opportunity to fund our passions this way as they presented themselves. I am just so thrilled!

You might have noticed with the bloggers who have gone before me that not much has changed. You’ll find that here too. I asked several months ago what your thoughts were about sponsored content on this blog, and the response was overwhelmingly positive, for which I was very grateful. It’s still going to be 100% me around here, just now with a little help from my friends. And hopefully yours too.


“Exqueeze me? Baking powder? I thought you said you were going to pay us for doing Wayne’s World.”

I have known for some time I was going to be asked to join The Remarkables, and there hasn’t been a think I haven’t thunk in that time to make sure it was the best decision. I’ve asked other bloggers what they thought; I asked colleagues, friends, family, my husband and the kids, but they just smiled at me and Abby asked for a sandwich. Everyone has told me to go for it (except Abby but I assume it was a supportive sandwich request), to take this opportunity to fund what I have spent so long in creating. And like a lovely friend said the other day, it reminded her “of actors who do blockbusters to fund their arthouse films/socially conscious projects”… and I could have hugged her. Thank you Louisa for that rad analogy!

wayne pizza

“Contract or no, I will not bow to any sponsor.”

Lorraine and I spent a lot of time discussing what I would be comfortable with sharing on this space, and what I thought would be of the most benefit to you – the reader. Because as I always say, a blog is nothing without its readers. If you have any issues, concerns or worries, DO please let me know. Anonymously if you want, I don’t mind. Like I said, not much will change as I have worked with brands before – but behind the scenes it means that someone else now has the pleasure of dealing with my emails and negotiations and I can just get on with the business of writing, cooking, photographing and dreaming up new ways to make this site a resource for all folk who want to follow my journey into more conscious living and who want to make some changes for themselves. Or those who just need some dinner inspiration, or a kindred mum spirit. Whatever. Whoever. And it means that I can send more money to Foundation 18, and to Cate who has big plans for opening a second orphanage, and who late last year established an Elder Care program, providing assistance to elderly Balinese who are at risk of dying from starvation. (if you have not read this post, READ IT NOW. Take a hanky. This is what blogging can do.)


“It’s like people only do these things because they get paid. And that’s just really sad.”

I’m just going to keep doing what I do. And I’m planning on taking you all with me. Thank you again for coming here every day and being so unfailingly fabulous. This success would mean nothing if you were not all here to share it with me. I owe you some cake! I’ll take requests below ;-)

Above all though, I’m thrilled it just means that the balance of my working mum life gets tipped a whole lot more in this direction:
Biggie-+-smalls excellent

PS: confused about all the Wayne’s World biz? This will explain. Or just amuse, either way!


    • says

      That whole “sellout” clip was the first thing I thought of – feeble public access from-my-basement tv show gets funded and all of a sudden they’re asked to hawk reebok products. So funny! Wayne’s World can be used in so many situations :)

  1. says

    Congratulations! This is most excellent news.


    Mumma asks what Abby thinks -> Abby request sandwich -> Abby likes sandwiches -> Therefore Abby likes what Mumma says!

  2. Lara at This Charming Mum says

    Well done. As a relatively new blogger, I’m finding it fascinating to watch the industry morph and grow. I look forward to seeing what you Remarkable bloggers get up to. And I really love the acting analogy – sometimes you just have to play the mainstream game in order to continue doing what you love. Good luck!

    • says

      It has been phenomenal to see how it has grown even in the few short years I’ve been doing it. It’s such an intriguing industry, and I’m so proud to be part of it. I hope it is as kind to you as it has been to me! xx

  3. Reannon Hope says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you used Wayne’s World analogies!!
    You’re awesome Stacey. I love that you have taken the time to think about how this move will affect not only you & the blog but your readers too. We love you heaps & I know I’m not the only one that is super pleased for you. You deserve this!

    Party on Wayne!

    • says

      Aw dude – I woulda quit long ago if I was just talking to myself. This really is a community now and I wouldn’t dream of doing something this big without considering the impact on you guys. My aim is that you will just keep getting what you need (and a couple of little surprises) from Veggie Mama and enjoying yourselves here. Thank you for being part of it all! I am truly grateful x

    • says

      Gosh I was so surprised when I realised how much time I was putting into it – but I loved it so much it didn’t really feel like work! And how good is WW… I foresee it on my tv tonight ;-)

  4. says

    *tears! I’m such a sook, happy tears for you. A big, HUGE and fabulous acknowledgement that you are resonating with so many, and helping to change the world for the better. Well done you, I seriously couldn’t be more thrilled for you. I’m kinda new to your blog, have been following you on insta for such a long time. So glad I’ve found you, your words are such a pleasure to read. Thanks for sharing your world with us x

  5. says

    I used to have a pirated old vhs copy of this movie. I watched it so many times I actually wore the poor thing out. I must get a dvd copy and introduce it to the kids. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    • says

      I did too! My dad made it for me. Actually…. I think I still have it! But I watch the DVD now although I don’t know why I bother, I could sit here and recite the whole movie from memory pretty much ;-)

  6. Mother Down Under says

    See, this is why this is going to be awesome…you announcement post is the best ever because it is completely you and I have no doubt that you will continue to be completely you in the future.
    Congratulations again!
    You so deserve it and I am so happy for you!

    Now, if you could dance around the kitchen to Foxy Lady while making me some sort of coconut cake…partytime, excellent!

  7. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Congratulations Babes you deserve it,so much and I love just stopping by for a browse,I would like a cherry tea cake please,pretty please xx

  8. HMC says

    And how fabulous is your photo on ‘The Remarkables’ website darling!
    Woooot. Can someone please tell me why this woman is not yet on my TELEVISION??? Lurrrrrrve it x

    • says

      Can you believe that’s a selfie? I actually needed it for something else a while ago and had to go outside and use go-go-Gadget arms to take it with my DSLR… every single attempt but that one was a fail! Much love to you, burger x

  9. Jo (down to earth mother) says

    Stacey, that’s awesome, congratulations. How many times have
    we herd life coaches and inspirational peeps of that sort say “If you do what
    you’re passionate about, the money will come”? It may not be megabucks, although
    I do wish that for you, but it will always be enough. Reading of your fab news
    made me realise that this is something I am striving for too, and you are an
    inspiration. You’ve also given me a great opportunity to practise what
    Buddhists call compassionate joy, the antithesis of envy! Keep up the great
    work, think about getting an assistant and enjoy your connected, balance life x

    • says

      What a fabulous comment, thank you! I think you’re totally right – Oprah says success is hard work meets opportunity, and I like to think that’s what I’ve done. I wish you all the luck in the world on your journey too… and if you ever need a hand, i’m only an email away!

  10. says

    Who knew you could get more awesome? The coolest chick on the internet, now with bonus buttmonkeys. Congratulations, good luck and omg at Abby’s little ponytail cc

  11. says

    That is such awesome news Stacey! There is nothing better than to be able to make a living from doing something that you love and even better when it helps you spend more time with your gorgeous kiddo’s. You and your blog are wonderful – very deserving. Well done :-) xo

  12. Belinda says

    This is the best news, congratulations Stacey! I had a hunch when you grammed those flowers from your husband. Well deserved. Party on Wayne! x

  13. Melinda @ Shop Me Chic says

    I already said it on Twitter but… Congratulations again! This is one of my favourite blogs to hang out at and I think the Remarkables are lucky to have you join their fabulous team x


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