What to Get the Person Who Has Everything

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I don’t know about y’all, but my husband is the hardest person to buy for.

He doesn’t want much, and if he does it’s probably a t shirt of a band you could only hear in 1987 and they hand painted two shirts while drunk in a basement one night.

He of course is wonderful whenever we get him anything, but I think forever about an appropriate gift for his birthday, then Father’s Day is almost straight after and I’m out of good ideas. Then Christmas rolls around before I know it and I’m in danger of getting him a gift card and calling it a day.

One thing that never fails to please, though, is nice wine. We go through quite a bit of it at VMHQ – he looks for the most expensive wine we can afford, and I look for how cheap I can get a good wine, haha. We both love Vinomofo for that reason – excellent wine that is reasonably priced, and gets delivered to your door almost before you’ve ordered it, it’s that quick (keep reading to find out how you can win a case of wine for yourself!).

The only wine sold at Vinomofo are the wines that head honchos Justin and Andre love and drink themselves. They’re not into bullshit or snobbery, just good wine, and people enjoying it together. I’ve never had a wine I didn’t like from their site, and love having a membership (which is free!) that gives you the inside scoop on huge deals and discounts running every single day.

The labels on the own-brand wines made in collaboration with some of Australia’s best wine makers are also pretty kickass:

unnamedBisou Bisou Sparkling

unnamed (2)Arcadia Bohemia Chardonnay

unnamed (4)Old Money Cab Sav

unnamed (3)Fanny Limehead Riesling

unnamed (6)Deus ex Liquida Shiraz

There is seriously so much wine to choose from – chardonnay and prosecco right through to vintage reds (which we’ve been getting stuck right into – SO GOOD) and everything in between.

I also think these things are super-rad:

  • If you’re unhappy with the wine for any reason, they will replace it, credit it or refund it – your choice. They will even come and pick it up from you and pay the return costs.
  • Everything in the wine is clearly labelled on each page, from the alcohol content to allergens, preservatives, and whether its corked or capped
  • Each wine has not only matching meal ideas but recipes too
  • Curated songs and playlists to accompany the wines
  • Recommendations of other wine based on your choices
  • Free shipping on three or more cases
  • $25 welcome credit for all new customers
  • They’re also funny af. Which is basically more important than anything else.

They also have awesome subscriptions like a case of 9 mixed wines every 9 weeks for $99 (valued at $225), a dozen hand-selected premium wines every three months starting at $159 for whites (valued at more than $300), with no lock-in contracts (yay!) and proper selection of wine – not just selling off what they haven’t been able to sell so far.

You can check them out for yourself here, and keep up to date with their articles and recommendations here. At the moment Veggie Mama readers can also win a case of free wine just for signing up! This ends on April 1, 2016 so you better hustle.

They’re on Facebook here, Twitter here, Pinterest here (because why not!), Instagram here (where they choose a Mofo of the Week from everyone who has shared a picture of their wine and tagged them – you get free shipping on your next order, $25 credit and a t-shirt that doesn’t suck!). Also if you’re in need of a laugh, check out their social list here and cast your eye upon the Google Plus section…

If you’re struggling to get that special something for that special someone, try a case of wine – if nothing else you’ve just saved them a couple of trips to the shops and heaven knows, we all love that.

What’s your favourite wine? Are you hard to buy for? Do you have a husband like mine? Here, have a drink. 



  1. says

    I don’t want to cast up, but my husband is harder to buy for than yours. He doesn’t read, doesn’t play computer games and is way too fussy to buy clothes for. Maybe Vinomofo is the answer? I’m a sucker for wines that have cool names? I’m one of those people that only choose bottles with the coolest names or the funkiest label – it works every time! Totally checking these guys out!

    • says

      Oh if you like wine with cool names and cool labels, you’ve come to the right place, haha. And opening each mixed box is like a present in itself, sometimes you never know what you’re going to get! Your husband does sound super difficult to buy for – I mean, fair enough they don’t want/need anything but I like getting a little something from time to time and I pride myself on getting just the right thing. My husband reads but in the last 11 years I’ve bought him so many books he hasn’t read yet he could almost build an igloo out of them, his clothing taste is very specific, and doesn’t play video games. He likes music, wine and coffee and I know nothing about all three :)

  2. says

    I think my husband is up there as the hardest to buy for. He doesn’t ever need anything and always right before his birthday or Christmas /Fathers Day he, who never shops, goes out and gets every possible idea I’ve thought of himself! I’ve started reading the books I’ve got for him that he’s never read! I’m loving the labels on these wines, selection is limited where we live so Vinomofo sounds perfect, will be signing up.

    • says

      Ah, excellent choice Vicki! You won’t be disappointed. I just can’t quite get over how fast we can get through a case… it’s slightly alarming. Such good wine. It’s so funny you say that your husband buys stuff right around gift giving time because mine does the same, there’s always some random parcel at the door and I’m like “shit, there goes another one”

  3. says

    My mother is the hardest person to buy for that I know. She’s allergic to all perfumy stuff and doesn’t wear jewellery, goes regularly to a library and doesn’t watch tv. She drinks a bit but one bottle would last her a week. Vinomofo sounds great for me though. Must investigate :)

  4. says

    My husband likes the home brew that his father makes in terms of wine – so when I’m looking for a gift it’s normally bouquet beers. Or Geelong gear – but I can only go out with him so many times wearing a jersey.

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